Nerdapalooza 2009 Venue announced and tickets on sale now

So Hex of Nerdapalooza has just today announced that tickets are now on sale for Nerdapalooza 2009. Tickets are currently on sale with All Weekend passes priced at $30 and one day passes at $20. You can purchase your tickets at

The event takes place at:
Holiday Inn - Orlando International Drive Resort
6515 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32819

So since the concert this year is going to be held at a hotel, this means discounts for those who stay at the hotel during the show should be announced soon as well.

For more info about Nerdapalooza 2009 check out the Official Nerdapalooza Blog. More info should be hitting that page soon as things develop!

Artists confirmed for the concert so far include:
Schaffer the Darklord
Marc with a C
My Parents Favorite Music
Krondor Krew
Rocket Propelled Geeks

Nerdapalooza News radio show - Tonight 9PM EST

Well Hex ws supposed to hook me up with info to toss everyone about the new radio show between him and mCRT. I assume the show is being called the Nerdapalooza News show, thanks to a handful of info I've scrounged up. Perhaps Hex left me in the dark because he's still mad at me? Well I will hit you up with the info I do have, straight from Hex Warrior.

Radio show today! rocket propelled radio is the home to radio. I'll figure out how to podcast it, and get it up for those that can't listen in today 9 PM EASTERN! No idea if there will be chat or what phone number to call yet. but you should listen in!!

So there you are...wait, 9PM eastern...that's 6PM PST! It starts in like twenty minutes! Hurry up and tune in!

[UPDATE] Looks like it's on now, and it's still called NerPSID =D

Nerdcore sells out for cash money, among other things

Here is the incontrovertible proof that YTCracker has turned his back on the community and begun a trend of selling out for the green. Check this hot new freestyle and see how he is practically laughing at us about the absurd piles of cash he's hoarding.

Then come the other artists trying to ride YT's coattails.

That's not the least of it though, as many nerdcore artists have sold out for more than just cash.