Guitar based Mega Man 2 tribute by Krzysztof Słowikowski

Guitar based Mega Man 2 tribute by Krzysztof Słowikowski

Head bang to this fast paced heavy metal tribute to the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. Been quite a minute since the last time I got to write about an entire tribute to the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. There are many artists, bands, and remixers that have taken on the wall to wall classic that is the MM2 OST. There is plenty of room for more interpretations of this VGM standard though.

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Acoustic guitar renditions of classic VGM by Kain White

Acoustic guitar renditions of classic VGM by Kain White

Stirring acoustic arrangements of several classic game themes, including Ace Attorney, a few Final Fantasy titles, Super Mario RPG, all capped off with a few haunting Zelda remixes.

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Another report of video game rock based on the music of Alex Mauer in 11-6-16 pt2 from c&sstockreports

It's another Temp Sound Soutions Tuesday, and you know what that means! Temp Sound Solutions, Tuesday!

More incredible sounds from the mind of Shawn Phase of c&sstockreports with a new list of all the tracks he deems worthy of inclusion. For 11-6-16 it's a tribute to the endearing chiptune compositions of Alex Mauer. I love the music of Shawn Phase, clearly, but I am also a sucker for the incredible works of Alex Mauer. Combined though, they upgrade their forms like a musical Voltron. 

all songs written by alex mauer.
— c&sstockreports

Capcom chiptune rock megamix '6-5-16 pt2' by c&sstockreports

This year, I have decided that the final Tuesday of the month on here will now be known as "Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday!"

This means I'll be talking about at least one temp sound solutions article every month. Near the end of every month I will highlight a classic tss album from his extensive back catalogue, or discuss the sure to be incredible new tunes shawn phase unleashes in 2017. 

This month we are playing catch up by talking about a 2016 release from c&sstockreports. Each c&sstockreports album features about twenty solid minutes of hard hitting drum work and incredible renditions of just some of whatever ridiculous amount of tracks Shawn Phase has nailed since the last album. 

6-5B features tons of Capcom classics, all getting the shawn phase treatment with over 20 minutes of intense drum work that will power you through even the toughest trials and most trying moments. Make sure you grab the high quality version from the c&sstockreports Bandcamp page for only $4!

Capcom cluster—-k. Gonna be a lot of Capcom songs in here dig what I’m sayin’? All that stuff from your youth.
— Shawn Phase

Listen to half hour drum & chiptune medley 10-2A by c&sstockreports

Shawn Phase lays it down with a half hour of intense drum work, remixing tracks from Coda, Blitz Lunar, and more! An epic, swirling soundscape of various original chiptune sounds. There is nothing like the pure sound of chiptunes with the irreplaceable sound of live drums.
all original tunes in this A side…
— Shawn Phase

Darkman007's metal guitar tribute to classic games, 'Sounds from The Past'

Darkman007 covers classic NES, Genesis, and even a ZX Spectrum game in this hard hitting album. Ten tracks of classic game tunes including Battletoads, Vectorman, Dr. Mario and more. The full album can be downloaded for $8 on Darkman's Bandcamp page.

Youtube -

Start recording the album on January 18th 2016. This album means a lot to me, it’s like a starter for further creative development after almost 2 years of musical emptiness. Moreover, playing such tunes automatically increase their skills in the sense of a tool, in particular guitars, because all quite unconventional and ingeniously simple.

But unusually for the same progressive rock. For example, it should be noted reefs that turned the recording Dr. Mario or Mission Impossible. These tunes have given me a new sense of the guitar. It is excellent!


Include cover art and scetch!
— Darkman007

The Sun Sagas - A Musical Tribute to the Golden Sun Series from PokérusVGM

Paying homage to a life changing classic

I've been beating around the bush every time it comes time to talk about this album. The fact is, Golden Sun holds a very special place in my heart, as it was one of the first Nintendo games I got into after a brief hiatus from video games in my younger days. Once I dove back into the GS series, all my beloved memories of childhood, leveling up and fighting epic bosses in classic RPGs like Chrono Trigger and FFVI. The Golden Sun series kept that tradition alive for the handheld set, with three wonderful classics from Nintendo & Camelot.

Pokerus apparently feels the same way about the series, and has created nearly two dozen metal rearrangements from the series, originally composed by the eminent Motoi Sakuraba.

“The Sun Sagas” is an entire tribute to some of the best tracks from the Golden Sun Series Soundtrack composed by the Mighty Motoi Sakuraba.

Recorded between August 2014 and May 2015, this album pays tribute to one of the games I played most in my childhood, helping me to escape from the real world problems and that kind of stuff. This music is so important to me, so I made this to say thank you to all of those beautiful memories from the past.

I really hope you like it! :D
— Pokerus

CVIII no Densetsu or whatever by Kirby Pufocia

A horrible night for curses and junk

this is a long labor of love.

someone said, “it worked”
someone else said “now we are all sons of bitches”

tl;dr - i got tired of deciding between the US and JPN versions of this soundtrack, so i made one using the bones of broth. both, i mean.

this is the result of several hundreds of hours staring at a computer screen blasting nes music into my ears, adjusting sliders, cutting and pasting, drooling, and sending the results out to countless people to tell me what sounds bad because this album made me deaf.

welcome to this page, i have written a lot of long, stupid, rambling words about almost every track, which you’ll find in each individual “info” page. if you care at all about the technical aspects then by all means! there’s also jokes if you don’t! i wrote a lot of words. please somebody read them.

thanks for listening. CV is a trademark of konami, or whatever. you probably knew that.
— Kirby Pufocia

Amazing tribute to Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, at the same time, A Mana Trigger album by SRMusic


A stunning series of arrangements of music from the classic role playing games Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana. The album is masterfully done, and will move you to your nostalgic core as you think about some of the greatest moments in those two games as Sébastien Ridé performs classic themes on piano. 

My personal favorites are any time something from Chrono Trigger is played, as I am not nearly as familiar with the catalogue of music from the Secret of Mana series. I expect several people to scold me for that fact after this post.

If you enjoy the album as much as I did, you can purchase it via loudr starting at $5.

Take a drink: Megalixir debut album mini review


For headbanging VG remixes, inquire within this album. Right from the jump, the wall of sound crashes against my eardrums as my face is rocked by the outer space metal of the NES classic Ducktales "Moon theme".

After some damn fine double bass pedal, balls to the wall metal in "Blackthorne" and "Moves" comes a soft, laid back rendition of music from the most underrated game in existence in every aspect, Kirby's Avalanche. Just as I am lulled into a sense of complacency with this track, the group bursts forth with a ton of energy, morphing the nostalgic tones into a cascade of drum crashes and wailing guitars. This track is easily one of my favorite live renditions of any song ever. Live double pedal drums? Obscure video games? It's like a feast for my ears and my brain. 

As if this band had to do anything more to get into my good graces, they also choose to end their album with a faded out, drum driven remix of "Tal Tal Heights" from The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening (GB). This finale hits all the perfect notes for a closing track, and is the perfect motivation to hit play on this album again.

What is even more mind blowing, is that this album is free to download. Grab the album free on the Megalixir bandcamp page.

Watch Schematist perform piano arrangement of Final Fantasy 7's Cosmo Canyon


There are some songs I can listen to forever, and the beautiful and relaxing music of Cosmo Canyon from PSX classic Final Fantasy VII is certainly one of them. 

Watch Schematist perform a moving, somber arrangement of the beloved theme originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

This arrangement was heavily inspired by Overclocked Remix and Reuben Kee's piece titled "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon (rest in peace Reuben). I feel this is one of the most touching pieces in the game, I hope you enjoy it. originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Arranged by Calbert Warner

Listen to piano cover of the Market theme from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time by TPR Piano

A chilling piano arrangement of the carefree tune.

A chilling piano based adventure in the Hyrule market from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I think this track will be an instant classic for anyone who is a fan of the game.

Get Infected: A review of Infection #03, an album of VG Metal by Pokérus


I originally discovered Chilean artist Pokérus about a year ago when I discovered some impressive remixes via the PokérusVGM youtube. Shortly afterward this website went into decay, keeping me from properly keeping up with the heavy metal sounds of Pokerus. Now, with this brand new album release, I am finally able to share a fuller range of thoughts about the music of Pokérus.

The album starts off with PS2 cult classic RPG Tales of the Abyss, and surprisingly, starts off incredibly somber thanks to the vocals of guest singer Mari. Little did I know that "Tears of the Abyss Pt. 1" isn't simply an odd intro for a metal album, but fantastic foreshadowing of the breadth of styles this album actually encompasses. The intro track melds perfectly into the hard hitting metal you are here to hear in "Necromancer Approaching," a cover of music from long running PC game Ragnarok Online

At this point I have to commend Pokerus on the niche games he decided to include in this album, which is best represented in this cover of music from the best fighting game series ever (absolutely no hyperbole). The intro song to Rival Schools United by Fate is given a blodd pumping, heavy metal facelift, Besides the grand musical arrangement, "Atsui Kodou" also benefits greatly from the vocal work of featured singer Iris. 

After a kick in the face with so much hard rocking, things get relaxed for a moment with the acoustic vibe of "Wood Wheels," a lovely, guitar driven rearrangement of the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart 64. Sticking with the Nintendo train, the following track sets us right on that metal path with a fusion of music, sound effects, and banging instruments in "Dungeons to Explore", a remix of my beloved dungeon music from Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past.

An engrossing Chrono Trigger cover follows, with a long, windtorn piece. This is followed up with the freflowing mixture of violin and guitar in the oft overlooked Final Fantasy IV. Also included on the album are covers of Phoenix Wright, Sonic The Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Pokemon Emerald. Each one just as good as the few I had the chance to cover. 

I wish I had the time to take on each track one by one, but time is limited since I want to get this review up and spread the word on this album (not to mention my most verbose reviews can reach well over 2K words, which is something I am trying to avoid these days). I hope to do in the future as one off posts, so keep following GM4A for future Pokérus

I would be completely in the wrong though if I failed to mention the closing track on this album, the fifteen minute medley paying tribute to the Masahiro Sakurai directed Kirby Super Star for the SNES. The track starts with a slow burn, but it is worth the wait as ir morphs into a dark rendition of the already dark "Marx' theme". The medley slowly morphs into a slowed down jazz rendition of music from Gourmet Race before switching things up again with a panoply of drums that swings us right back to the boss battle theme we started with. From there the song further breaks down into an incredible mess of Kirby tracks and the foreboding voice of Marx himself as he is taken down by the spherical pink hero. This song absolutely encapsulates the sheer threat of Marx on the world of Popstar, as well as my own fear of him from back when I fought him as a kid.

Download the album free over on the Pokérus bandcamp album page. Also be sure to check out the impressive full album artwork by Mikoto-Chan.

Brian Cubria's Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1 available to purchase


Incredible piano arrangements from a variety of games, all rearranged with great care in Brian Cubria's Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1. Little flourishes and references in each song will warrant intense repeated listening for fans of games such as Final Fantasy VII, Shadow of the Colossus, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and personal favorite, the intro stage theme from Mega Man X.

I do have to admit, my favorite track just tends to be the one I'm listening to, since they are all so impressive.

The album is available for $50 MXN (according to Bandcamp, about $4 USD) and is definitely worth the price. You can also find more of Brian Roke's music via his SoundCloud page.

Lucas King releases full length piano medley "Best Of Super Nintendo Music"


Incredible full length piano medley featuring classic music from 14 different sixteen bit masterpieces. Class up the joint with these somber renditions of Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, Street Fighter II, and even Mortal Kombat. The sixteen bit journey if a full length 40 minute medley that is worth every note.

Sidenote: I love that a Super Famicom controller is used on the image for this "Super Nintendo" music album, but of course, i'm a bit of a nerd for such minor details.

Listen to this Zelda A Link to the Past - Hyrule Castle Theme by guitarist Psyrus

Awesome guitar rendition of the foreboding but adventurous Hyrule Castle theme from Link to the Past. This song was Legend of Zelda's way of telling you it's time to stop hiding under the covers from the lightning and to become an adventure seeking, princess saving hero.

Watch as Claire Plays an Ocarina of Time Medley on piano

A beautiful medley of songs from the also beautiful Claire W. of the PrettyPrettyPianist Youtube. The songs are from a pillar of gaming perfection, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. This medley is only five minutes long but travels throughout Hyrule with precise, flowing rhythms. This is just one of many amazing piano renditions available on her youtube page.

All of what you see on my channel is played by ear unless otherwise noted :) A medley of 8 songs from LOZ: OOT which in my opinion is the pinnacle of game music scoring. I want to be your best friend if you can name all 8.

DJ Jazzy Jeff, ?uestlove, and Jeremy Ellis in Super Mario DJ Battle


My life is nothing if not a surprising series of failures, because of that, I can not embed this amazing video. Head over to ABC Philadelphia Channel 6 Action News for the breaking story of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Jeremy Ellis busting some Super Mario based beats along with ?uestlove of The Roots drumming along, and it bumps as hard as you imagine. 

Put your headphones on and enjoy the dueling of old school turntablism personified by DJ Jazzy Jeff against the sample pad stylings of Jeremy Ellis. Of course, the best thing about it is the live drums. More live drums in everything, I believe. This is likely the reason I'm such a huge Shawn Phase fan.