Hyde209 creates an alternate reality of music in 'Mario & Sonic - Twisted Worlds'

Fall down the rabbit hole of a world without the Master System, a world without the Genesis, a world, without Blast Processing

Hyde209 remixes the classic Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack in four wavew of glory. The classic FM chip soundtrack gets a full NES reimagining in Volume 1 of Hyde209's Mario & Sonic - Twisted Worlds.

This my take on how the Sonic 1 soundtrack would sound if it was made for the 8-bit NES instead of the SEGA 16-bit. Enjoy ^^
— Hyde209

Listen to metal Super Metroid tribute Intergalactic Warrior by Hyde209

Possibly my favorite track from the 2013 release Super Metroid Memories. The album is a must have for any Super Metroid fan, there's nothing more to say than that. Just bang your head to this metal monstrosity.