New Disasterpeace tracks from High Strangeness soundtrack

Steve Jenkins, (the guy who runs the STFUAJPGM podcast, mentioned earlier on GM4A here) has another great project in the works: a retro-styled indie game called High Strangeness, which is being developed using funds gained through, the same website which was used to help create Kind of Bloop.

Since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of making my own video game. Now, armed with current technology I (with a few friends who have graciously donated their time and efforts) am hoping to do just that. For over a year we've been working on what some might call a 'retro game' inspired by the sights and sounds of the original Nintendo, and Super Nintendo video game consoles.

The game is planned to be released on PC and X-box Live in 2010. However, we can already take a sneak peek at the soundtrack to the game, currently being written by chiptune extraordinaire, Disasterpeace - download the preview ZIP of tracks here. You can also view a preview video over at the official game website. Look out for more news on this promising project in the future.