Cross Platform Music website launches

Cross Platform Music is a website for "Nerdcore. Chiptunes. Geek Rock. Wizard Rock. Klingon Metal. Dementia." and whatever other nerdy genre's you can imagine! The site was recently launched by my good friends Hex and Spork. They have also asked me to be an occasional contributor to their new internet endeavor. The website is already quite active for only being around for a few short days. The forums are already lively, there are several fine articles up, and there is sure to be more to come!

Definitely head over and check it out, sign up for the forums, and be part of a fun and growing community! Just head right over to

Nerdapalooza News radio show - Tonight 9PM EST

Well Hex ws supposed to hook me up with info to toss everyone about the new radio show between him and mCRT. I assume the show is being called the Nerdapalooza News show, thanks to a handful of info I've scrounged up. Perhaps Hex left me in the dark because he's still mad at me? Well I will hit you up with the info I do have, straight from Hex Warrior.

Radio show today! rocket propelled radio is the home to radio. I'll figure out how to podcast it, and get it up for those that can't listen in today 9 PM EASTERN! No idea if there will be chat or what phone number to call yet. but you should listen in!!

So there you are...wait, 9PM eastern...that's 6PM PST! It starts in like twenty minutes! Hurry up and tune in!

[UPDATE] Looks like it's on now, and it's still called NerPSID =D

Hex announces top ten of 100 Biggest Nerd Artists in 2007, nerds collectively leave edge of seat.

Hex Warrior has finally put an end to his list of greatest nerd artists of 2007, lucky for him I have been too entrenched in Advance Wars Days of Ruin to argue with this final list of his. If you still have the strength to argue though, head over to his myspace blog and read the final top ten nerd acts of 2007!

Prime cuts in the top ten in my opinion, The OneUps, who are always awesome, and did have one insanely stellar year in 2007, finally getting recognized for the musical geniuses they are. Not to mention Armcannon, who have been tearing everything up in the hard rocking way that only they could, as well as their insanely most awesome new album Legvacuum. If you feel the need to be mad about more than ten bands though, always remember to check out the other three installments of Hex's 100 artist countdown.

Hex announces 40-11 in his 100 Biggest Nerd Artists in 2007 countdown

So Hex has finally gotten around to proceeding with his top 100 after a brief delay. This week it's number 40-11. He has already covered 100-71, as well as 70-41. Read the latest countdown at his Nerdapalooza Blog.

There are some big names on the list this, like Shael Riley, ZeaLouS1, Dual Core, and more. Almost all the bands I imagined would make hex's top ten (or my own personal top ten if I made such a list) have practically all been exhausted, so seems like there should be some big surprises in his final top ten.

Hex continues list for 2007's Biggest Nerd Artists

Looks like Hex has gotten through 70-41 of his year ending top 100 list. I found a lot of my favorite bands in the list this time, along with many a fellow I had never heard of before, but shall be checking out now.

Needless to say there are some folks who's placement don't sit well with me. Hex knows EXACTLY who I'm talking about, and actually mentions this in the person's placement blurb. I am actually ecstatic to see Elfonso and the Spamtron getting the recognition they deserve. Anyway, enough of my complaints. Go see who has made the list over at HexWarrior's blog and make your own complaints!

We also still have the next pieces of the top 100 to look forward to in the near future!

December 23, 2007: Nerds 11 - 40.

December 30, 2007: Top 10 Nerds

Hex kicks off his list for 2007's Biggest Nerd Artists

And like all top 100 lists, I pretty much want to argue with him over every single group and their position on the list. Right now Hex has only posted 100-71 with the rest coming out every week until right before New Years.

If you want to get mad at Hex' decisions as well, head on over to his Nerdapalooza blog entry and read up. You might find some awesome new bands to check out as well! As for me, I have some harsh words for Hex for has placement of the amazing XOC so low on the list, let us see if he can redeem himself with next week's list. Also let us see if he doesn't get stabbed by one of hundreds of artists and fans by the conclusion of his article.

The rest of Hex's entries in his list should be coming out as listed below.

December 16, 2007: Nerds 41 - 70.

December 23, 2007: Nerds 11 - 40.

December 30, 2007: Top 10 Nerds

Enter the Hex Warrior

Howdy everyone!

My name is [hexWarrior]!! You may be asking yourselves why you care. Well, my homies at Game Music 4 All decided to offer me a position as an occassional blogger on this amazing site. As a big fan of video games, musix, and the multisplendory awesomeness that is the cross-section, there was no way I could say no!

They didn't just ask me [some guy] out of the #0000FF [i promise that'll be my last hexcode joke evar]. I do come with qualifications. Aside from a lifetime of video games under my belt, being an enthusiastic supporter of communities such as OCRemix, I am currently the father of Nerdapalooza, an epic nerd music festival that is due for fruition in September. I also write the occasional article on there, like my most recent artist profile of Dual Core, an awesome Nerdcore Hip Hop group to arise. Definitely chex out their song, Hostage Down.

I also run a daily nerdy music radio show this summer called Nerdapalooza Radio Program Show for Internet Distribution. So far, I've had no problem doing a show a day. I'm also trying to post the songs online.

I think that now that is out of my system, you can expect to see no more gratuitous self promotion out of me: only reviews of nerdy music [primarily video game related]. I am really excited about this opportunity! If anyone has any questions or suggestions for articles, feel free to contact me!! My email of choice is nerdapaloozaATgmailDOTcom and you can AIM me at nerdapaloozafest.

I'm very excited to be on the team, and I look forward to pumping out some smexy articles.