Pixelh8's Music Tech Pro Performer V1.0 now released!

You've watched all the videos. You might even already be packing to see him at Nerdapalooza South East!

Well, it looks like another huge step for pixelh8, as well as chiptune performers all around the globe. Pixelh8 has released Music Tech Pro Performer V1.0 for the DS/GBA at his official website at hiddenyouthrecords.co.uk/properformer. The cartridge goes for the price of "£30.00 GBP + £5.00 International
Recorded 1st Class Shipping." As always, I have no idea how that translates to US dollars, but anyway, I imagine it's quite a reasonable price for all the sweat and labor Pixelh8 has poured into this amazing piece of homebrew technology. So head over to his site, and grab one for yourself, since I am sure they are in limited supply and shall go fast. Also, hit up Pixelh8's myspace page and send some thanks and congratulations his way! He certainly deserves it!

Also, if you grab this awesome music homebrew, be sure to see who is in the credits! =D

Pixelh8 - Music Tech Pro Performer software part 3 of 3

A short time after his first two video installments, Pixelh8 has released his third in a three part series of youtube shorts explaining many of the features of the Music Tech Pro Performer. This third installment has less talk on pixelh8's part but continues to do a fine job showing off the software, which will be released for the GBA/DS. And even though these videos show off many amazing features, Pixelh8 tells me that there are many more, but they are hidden, and you'll have to discover them for yourself! And remember, you can find more info at Pixelh8's official website.

Pixelh8 - Music Tech Pro Performer software

He's a programmer, he's a musician, you know him as Pixelh8. Well pixelh8 has programmed his way into the hearts of chiptuners everywhere with his latest software, the Music Tech Pro Performer, the software sequel to his quite successful Music Tech program for the original GameBoy. This version steps it up to the DS/GBA, and makes some amazing use of the expanded memory of the portable machines. Pixelh8 has added tons of new features which he was unable to implement in his original software. You can check out his youtube diary videos below for all the amazing new features! People in the know have probably seen the first video, which was released a few weeks ago, but today Pixelh8 has uploaded part two of his software documentary to hungry eyes. Enjoy both videos, and for more info, be sure to check out Pixelh8's website, and join his mailing list to keep up to date!