Into The Score 26 - All’s Fair in Strife and Crisis

It's high time for another amazing look into the art, history, and sheer awesomeness of video game music with Kenley Kristofferson. That is right! Time for Into The Score 26 - All’s Fair in Strife and Crisis. As the name suggests, this episode Kenley delves into the music from recent Square PSP title Crisis Core, as well as looking at the broader topic of FFVII and it's legacy. The episode is also filled to the brim with plenty of special guests, including David "DJ Pretzel" Lloyd and Larry "Liontamer" Oji from OverClocked ReMix, as well as Kyle Wynen and Laren McFadden from the FXN Final Fantasy XIII podcast.

As always the show is insightful and informative and worth every second to listen to. As always I have to give a huge amount of respect to Kenley for going out of his way to pay tribute to video game music in such detail like no one else does. Kenley is definitely a stand out person in the VGM community and deserves all the praise he gets. I have learned a ton about both music and VGM history from him and his podcast so I for one definitely owe him thanks.