8-Bit 'Splosion concert & workshop - August 14, 2010 in Los Angeles

Up and coming chiptune artist and performer KoolSkull has recently organized a free chiptune concert for all ages in Los Angeles, CA. The event kicks off Saturday at the Echo Park Library and includes performances from the following LA Based chiptune performers listed below, as well as a talk with the artists and a workshop for the tracking program LGPT (little gp tracker). It should be a great event for both long time chiptune fans and for those newcomers that are interested in learning more about the music and culture of chiptunes. And for this price there is no reason to miss out!

Full show details: When: August 14th, 2010 2PM - 5PM

Where: Echo Park Library 1410 w. Temple st. Los Angeles, CA, 90026

Performances by: the Silph Scope - Myspace.com/thesilphscope Rock Kandy - Myspace.com/8bitter Mike Bleeds - Myspace.com/bleedsss Wizwars - Myspace.com/wizwars Wet Mango - Myspace.com/thisiswetmango KoolSkull - Myspace.com/koolskull

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 5/10 - 5/16

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In news this week, I think the biggest thing is Events, events, events! Looks like the guys at Nerdapalooza have announced a ton more artists. Same goes for the east coast rockers at Bit Gen Gamer Fest. Finally I am glad to announce our own show next month in Los Angeles. WEST COAST WIGOUT 2! You can find more details, including grab some presale tickets through this link. Now onto the news!

Zealous1 announces new group BossFights with first live show

For those who don't know, ZeaLouS1 has been hidden away in his top secret underground bunker concocting a new scheme of epic proportions. Just this past week he unveiled his plan for the world, and the news is that he has leveled up from solo artist, to full band. Now including the likes of Mr. Wizard and Bishop pulling guitar and bass duty, as well as Juggernaut on drums. Their first performance was a bit impromptu but appropriately at a LAN center of course. DIZeLAN Frag Center to be exact. The show was of course epic, with BossFights debuting several new songs as well as recreated ZeaLous1 classics. You can find several videos from their first performance at their brand new youtube page. You can also watch the new rendition of the classic ZeaLouS1 track, Army of Nerdcore below!

'It has a good beat, and I can kill zombies to it' Panel at PAX East semi live blog post


Hey everyone this is anthony and I am here in jamspace at PAX East doing my first liveblog ever. Let us see how this goes. The space is completely full and I am stuck in the very back. The Megas music is playing right now and is from their Get Acoustic album. Awesome choice MAGFest dudes!

Update 1: I should mention that this panel coming up as well as our iwadon panel at 4:30pm est and all other jamspace events this weekend will be up at the magfest ustream channel so you don't even need me!

Update 2: panel started. Montage of classic video games and music going. Tons of cheers for grim fandango. Good series of games chosen. Zelda, space invaders, streets of rage, ssx, and now parappa (also getting lots of cheers)

Update 3: Introducing jim bonney of irrational games, and gene rozenberg of 38 Studios. Apparently one more person has not arrived yet.

Update 4: aubrey hodges of 38 Studios as well just arrived yay!

Update 5: discussing the creation and updating of music from mortal kombat 3 to mortal kombat armageddon, which was supposed to be "the final mortal kombat" which it wasn't. Showing an awesome progression of 16 bit to cd quality sound design.

Update 6: taking questions. "What project gave you the toughest creative choices" to jim bonney. "Stranglehold was tough for the variety and eastern musical influences in the game."

Update 7: showed classic streets of rage commercial, now discussing henry hatsworth music and gameplay. Looks awesome and hilarious.


Update 8: aubrey hodges discussing doom 64 and musical programming differences based on cd and cartdridges in the 32/64 bit game era. Had to program songs into 200k of memory for the N64.

Update 9: Q&A again. To aubrey, "how do you keep creativity for music from game to game?"

"Just pushing through and writing until getting that next idea."

Update 10: end of panel, was a lot of fun and played an interesting montage of game music. Also lots of crowd participation. Hope the next few panels are just as interesting.

IWADON: An Unsung Hero of Game Music panel at PAX East

If you are in boston for PAX East right now, be sure to check out our panel coming up at 4:30pm in the jamspace room! I'll be updating this post once the thread is through with some pictures and maybe even audio from our panel as soon as I can! Until then see if you can catch me wandering around pax and if you are a vg inspired musician we can do an interview!

See you all at PAX!

Currently in Boston for PAX East

I am typing this while onboard a flight to Boston, MA for the first Penny Arcade Expo East convention. So by the time I have a chance to post this I should have touched down and started preperations for the festival. I hope to be bringing folks plenty of news, interviews, and more from the vg inspired music world all weekend. Also I'll be giving my own informative panel alongside Jeriaska of nobuooo.com about the recently unveiled album IWADON. Speaking of which I hope you have headed over to the compilation's main site and given the album a good listen, along with helping spread the word via facebook and twitter. The panel itself will focus on the amazing artists who helped contribute to the collection of music, as well as the person we pay tribute to as well, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki. The panel will take place at 4:30pm in the jamspace area on Friday (tomorrow).

Well that is all I have to report for now, but as I said, be on the lookout for more random posts by me this weekend!