Mega Ran's Nerd Rap Documentary 'Mega Lo Mania' Gets New Trailer Ahead of Netflix Release

Nerdcore teacher/rapper/hero Mega Ran has released a new trailer for the Director's Cut version of his insightful nerd rap documentary, Mega-Lo-Mania. The feature-length film follows Mega Ran as he tells his amazing backstory, tours through three cities, and catalogs his PAX performance and time on the road with the soul/funk band, The Lo Classics.

The Mega-Lo-Mania Director's Cut was created thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign that will see the new extended version of the film released on Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, and iTunes in the coming months. The new version also features interviews with indie hip-hop legend MURS, nerdcore icon MC Frontalot, Grammy award-winning composer Christopher Tin, and chiptune/rock performer Danimal Cannon. The extended length of the Director's Cut also qualifies it for entry into various film festivals around the world, so expect to see more Mega Ran on the big screen in the near future.

Pre-order the MLM Director's Cut

Mega Ran & Michael Cardoza release documentary MEGA-LO MANIA on DVD


Chip hop performer Random is certainly a common name around these parts, considering his almost unstoppable series of releases since taking on the moniker of Mega Ran, not to mention the constant touring and many guest tracks and mixtapes he takes part in (including a few for GM4A). 

Now Mega Ran can add both star and film maker to his list of achievements with the release of the documentary MEGA-LO MANIA. Alongside film maker Michael Cardoza, the movie captures a portion of the life of Random as he tours through the US. Like any great DVD, there are also ton of bonus features including interviews, music videos, live performances and more. Expect a review here in the next couple weeks once I find some time to really sit down and enjoy all the features of MEGA-LO MANIA

All these Mega Ran memories can be yours by ordering the album for $12.99 via Mega Ran's bandcamp merch page and check out the official trailer below.

Support: The Players' Score - A Video Game Music Documentary begins Kickstarter campaign


After some dedicated work by the folks behind The Player's Score - A Video Game Music Documentary. they have finally launched their Kickstarter campaign, and it's time to turn the hype up full force. As of the time of this writing, the TPS crew has 44 days left in which to raise a little over $20,000 to make their dream a reality. Depending on the size and weight of your wallet, you can donate anywhere from $5-$3000 (with physical rewards starting at the $35 price point) to support this documentary.

The Player's Score is a documentary aiming to show the impact of video game music via the endless amounts of musicians inspired by video game music, as well as the fans, events, and community that surrounds them. I've had the pleasure of meeting director Kory Caldwell and producer Keaton Slansky a few months ago, and I sincerely hope they are successfull in this endeavor. Not just for them and the rest of the crew, who are truly passionate about this project and the VGM scene, but also for the hundreds of fans like myself who have been waiting for the day that someone would undertake the cross country (and possibly even global) trek through the widely scattered VGM scene and create a great documentary from that footage.

Expect more coverage about The Player's Score as their kickstarter campaign heats up, be sure to check out their kickstarter page and spread the word.