An eclectic tribute to the music of Super Metroid, 'C A Z A D O R A' from the Pixel Quemado collective

An eclectic tribute to the music of Super Metroid, 'C A Z A D O R A' from the Pixel Quemado collective

Covering the music of the Metroid series is very hit or miss. Stray too far from the source material and it can be too different from the ambient sounds of planet Zebes, or SR388, etc. Play it too close to the source material and now it's too ambient and ominous to be true listening music. Well the Pixel Quemado crew has a handle on the fickle music of Metroid and so they have dropped over a dozen tracks in a variety of styles, and all dedicated to possibly the best damn game ever made.

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Guitar based Mega Man 2 tribute by Krzysztof Słowikowski

Guitar based Mega Man 2 tribute by Krzysztof Słowikowski

Head bang to this fast paced heavy metal tribute to the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. Been quite a minute since the last time I got to write about an entire tribute to the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. There are many artists, bands, and remixers that have taken on the wall to wall classic that is the MM2 OST. There is plenty of room for more interpretations of this VGM standard though.

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The original Now Youre Playing With Powar by temp sound solutions, available now

It's the one that started it all! Remastered and available on bandcamp! The track mappyland is just a wonderful assault of beautiful sound that feels good to my ears. 

released in december of 2002, this album laid the groundwork for the NYPWP series, with thousands of video game covers to come. 4 bonus tracks are included in download. this is AFX 63.
— temp sound solutions

A review of the genre spanning, multi-game medleys of 'Chaos Theatre' by The Runaway Four

A review of the genre spanning, multi-game medleys of 'Chaos Theatre' by The Runaway Four

It's the long awaited debut studio album from Vancouver's The Runaway Four. The six song album reminds me of classic rock albums like Pink Floyd. I'm talking, the type of album that only has half a dozen tracks, but lasts an hour and takes you through a variety of genres and emotions.

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Temp Sound Solutions releases 'live at magfest 8​.​5'

New video game arrangements performed live on September, 13, 2014.

Game Music 4 All just isn't the same when I'm not covering my personal favorite video game cover band/squad/entity, Temp Sound Solutions. Check out this classic live set from a few MAGFests ago.

Download the album for $6 on the Temp Sound Solutions Bandcamp page.

The latest from VGM band Rare Candy, "Finally"

10 classic tracks. 

only posting this a year late, so the titular 'Finally" can also apply to this blog post. Incredible renditions of classic music from Mario Kart, Sonic, Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, and more!

Baltimore VGM Tribute band Rare Candy has released their second album, FINALLY.
— Rare Candy

Hex.a.decimal, retro game rock debut by Megalixir

Returning for the first time. 

So I am going to try this again. The last time I covered Megalixir, the article was borked before it even went live. Basically, I've already reviewed Megalixir's debut album, but here I am again, apparently. Megalixir has saw fit to upload a new debut album featuring more retrogaming arrangements in that signature drum/guitar style. 

Perhaps if enough folks dig his tunes, they'll remain online, and if we are really lucky, how about reuploading that Kirby's Avalanche remix somewhere? I could use a theme song to my latest Let's Play series.

Hex.a.decimel is a collection of pieces inspired by video game themes. It captures the identity of the source material and articulates our collective translation.
— Megalixir

SquareLove EP - a taste of the future of The World is Square

Be square my heart. 

Tracks both new and old in the Square-Enix pantheon are featured in SquareLove, an EP that is essentially a preview of the fantastic compositions to come when The World Is Square's next full length album drops next year. Until that time, jam to some funky acoustic rearrangements of music from Bravely Default, FFIX, Breath of Fire, and Super Mario RPG.

“SquareLove” is an EP by The World is Square.
A full length featuring these songs and more will be available 2016.
— The World is Square

temp sound solutions & The Mountain Chiefs destructive new VG metal collaboration 'The Disadvantage Split'

True Co-op. 

This album takes us back to a more innocent time of VG Rock, before it was about the money (just kidding, there is no money here). The crunch is real, and grinds into your bones with every juicy, grimey riff.

The Mountain Chiefs crescendo with a pair of Mega Man 3 tracks early on, before a cleansing slow jam of Metroid clears the way for an album stealing descent into the depths of RC Pro Am

The Mountain Chiefs close up their end of the album with a wistful medley of music from Mother 1 and Earthbound. 

Temp Sound Solutions is on the receiving end of the baton pass, closing the album with the five final tracks. He uses his time wisely, getting down to business with what may be my favorite track on the album, the ominous 'moon party' The track feels as if someone were meandering around a black hole, playing chicken with the event horizon. Ultimately, TSS pulls away and the track ends on a rocket of drums and guitar.

Crazy Climber is the type of TSS track I could jam to all day just like the best VGM BGM back in them NES days. You can be sure that this track is worming it's way into a future episode of SUBCON. My appreciation for the sounds of TSS are clear when fulll on, no question about it rough riding rock tunes make it into my hip hop podcast. 

I wish i still had the time to drop one of my lengthy track by track reviews to really delve deep into the significance of this album. On a very related note, please check out the subscriber rewards available on my Patreon account. If I can get enough subscriber support, I'll have the ability to start a full time VGMetal podcast. How could you say no after headbanging to these heavy hitting arrangements? 

We’re bringing it back to the stone age of the VGM scene here. Gonna be a dirty one, so get ready to get Grimey.
— Lord Machino

Arrange EP by Project Dolphin free to download

Rumored to exist

This group seems to have some sort of mystical shoot-em-up tinged style that I can't get enough of. I'm absolutely in love with the EP opening track Airship Stage. 

Project Dolphin is a personal favorite of mine, but I failed to write about this album closer to release, thanks to one of this site's many past crashes. Hopefully Squarespace doesn't put me in the same situation (fingers crossed). 

It’s free! Download it now and check out our other EP ‘Silvergun’
— Project Dolphin

CVIII no Densetsu or whatever by Kirby Pufocia

A horrible night for curses and junk

this is a long labor of love.

someone said, “it worked”
someone else said “now we are all sons of bitches”

tl;dr - i got tired of deciding between the US and JPN versions of this soundtrack, so i made one using the bones of broth. both, i mean.

this is the result of several hundreds of hours staring at a computer screen blasting nes music into my ears, adjusting sliders, cutting and pasting, drooling, and sending the results out to countless people to tell me what sounds bad because this album made me deaf.

welcome to this page, i have written a lot of long, stupid, rambling words about almost every track, which you’ll find in each individual “info” page. if you care at all about the technical aspects then by all means! there’s also jokes if you don’t! i wrote a lot of words. please somebody read them.

thanks for listening. CV is a trademark of konami, or whatever. you probably knew that.
— Kirby Pufocia

Check out Matt Bollenbach's VG rock EP 'Of Castles, Hometowns, Jungles & Danger

Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, Metal Gear, and Final Fantasy V? In four tracks, Bollenbach definitely makes the right choices. Get down to these intense rock remixes of classic Nintendo and Super Nintendo themes. I'm especially a huge fan of the MG Jungle cover on this EP.

It’s about time, right? Sorry for the delay...not that I think anyone was checking their computer every day to see if I had a new release or anything.

This EP is 2 new songs and 2 songs from my first album revisited. I really enjoyed the format of this album. Its given me the ability to play with some new songs but also fix things that have been on my mind for years. I’ll probably have another release or two very similar to this.
— Matt Bollenbach

Sharing The Game, the latest video game rock album by the VGMasters


From São Paulo, Brazil comes the VGMasters and their sophomore release, Sharing the Game. This groups takes some of the hardest rocking songs from classic games, and makes them rock even harder. Mega Man X, F-Zero's Mute City, and Killer Instinct, and even King of Fighters '96 are represented in this ten track collection. 

Fans of guitar and classic Nintendo will find a lot to enjoy here. 

Learn what Sharing the Game is all about by grabbing the album for $7 on the VGMasters' bandcamp album page. And, ironically, even with this album cover, their bandcamp doesn't even link to the groups facebook page!

Incredible genre spanning VGM remix album Draskon's VGMusic Covers Vol. 1


Every so often I come across an album so eclectic I can't simply categorize it into any one genre, since the album itself fails to stick with any genre for too long. Draskon's VGMusic Covers Vol. 1 does precisely this with a tornado of metal, electronic, orchestral, hip hop, and more.

The album kicks off with a damn near endless (in the best way possible) Zelda medley, sending us through some of the deepest darkest moments of the zelda series in the opening track "The Legend of Zelda - Link's Nightmare Suite."

All your fear washes away though, as the hip hop styled "Astral Observatory" gets your head in the right place with a smooth beat and catchy sampling that I would kill to hear someone lay some bars over. Don't let the hip hop nature of the beat fool you though, as a searing solo burns up the track around the midway point.

I can't forget the utterly incredible rendition of "Vampire Killer", one of my favorite songs from one of the best game soundtracks ever made, Castlevania for the NES. Draskon does this song every bit of justice as he flies through sizzling riffs and intense solos.

You can grab this album for $12 via Draskon's bandcamp page.

Full length funk rock album from Mutherpluckin' B - The Mushroom Variety Show


Unbelievable free flowing funk rock jazz blues from the one and only, my favorite, and should be yours too, Mutherpluckin' B!

This album was years in the making and doesn't disappoint. Thirteen tracks of some of the funkiest VG remixes in the world. The album is masterfully formed into one master track as each individual song blends seamlessly with the next. Before you even know it, you've gone from the sewers of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the music of Mega Man and Super Mario.

I really can't get enough of this album, and I certainly hope to have the chance to write more on both this album and MPin' B in the future!

Unfortunately, this impeccable album can not be embeded. You can listen to the full album streaming on MPin' B's site. So you aren't empty handed though, I have uploaded the opening track, "Flyin' High (part 1)" from this phenomenal album.

Seto pays tribute to Shigesato Itoi classics with the Mother/Earthbound Saga

In a different world I would have had PKReading as my handle everywhere rather than genoboost had I gotten the chance to play Earthbound in my formative youth. With that said, I am still a sucker for anything Earthbound, even though I played it for the first time in my twenties. 

Check out this relaxing collection of remixes of some of the catchier themes found in the Mother trilogy from Seto

I especailly enjoy the closing track Mambo de Battle, so be sure to listen to the album on through, but I'm sure Mother fans don't need much convincing with anything Mother/Earthbound related.

Get Infected: A review of Infection #03, an album of VG Metal by Pokérus


I originally discovered Chilean artist Pokérus about a year ago when I discovered some impressive remixes via the PokérusVGM youtube. Shortly afterward this website went into decay, keeping me from properly keeping up with the heavy metal sounds of Pokerus. Now, with this brand new album release, I am finally able to share a fuller range of thoughts about the music of Pokérus.

The album starts off with PS2 cult classic RPG Tales of the Abyss, and surprisingly, starts off incredibly somber thanks to the vocals of guest singer Mari. Little did I know that "Tears of the Abyss Pt. 1" isn't simply an odd intro for a metal album, but fantastic foreshadowing of the breadth of styles this album actually encompasses. The intro track melds perfectly into the hard hitting metal you are here to hear in "Necromancer Approaching," a cover of music from long running PC game Ragnarok Online

At this point I have to commend Pokerus on the niche games he decided to include in this album, which is best represented in this cover of music from the best fighting game series ever (absolutely no hyperbole). The intro song to Rival Schools United by Fate is given a blodd pumping, heavy metal facelift, Besides the grand musical arrangement, "Atsui Kodou" also benefits greatly from the vocal work of featured singer Iris. 

After a kick in the face with so much hard rocking, things get relaxed for a moment with the acoustic vibe of "Wood Wheels," a lovely, guitar driven rearrangement of the Rainbow Road theme from Mario Kart 64. Sticking with the Nintendo train, the following track sets us right on that metal path with a fusion of music, sound effects, and banging instruments in "Dungeons to Explore", a remix of my beloved dungeon music from Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past.

An engrossing Chrono Trigger cover follows, with a long, windtorn piece. This is followed up with the freflowing mixture of violin and guitar in the oft overlooked Final Fantasy IV. Also included on the album are covers of Phoenix Wright, Sonic The Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Pokemon Emerald. Each one just as good as the few I had the chance to cover. 

I wish I had the time to take on each track one by one, but time is limited since I want to get this review up and spread the word on this album (not to mention my most verbose reviews can reach well over 2K words, which is something I am trying to avoid these days). I hope to do in the future as one off posts, so keep following GM4A for future Pokérus

I would be completely in the wrong though if I failed to mention the closing track on this album, the fifteen minute medley paying tribute to the Masahiro Sakurai directed Kirby Super Star for the SNES. The track starts with a slow burn, but it is worth the wait as ir morphs into a dark rendition of the already dark "Marx' theme". The medley slowly morphs into a slowed down jazz rendition of music from Gourmet Race before switching things up again with a panoply of drums that swings us right back to the boss battle theme we started with. From there the song further breaks down into an incredible mess of Kirby tracks and the foreboding voice of Marx himself as he is taken down by the spherical pink hero. This song absolutely encapsulates the sheer threat of Marx on the world of Popstar, as well as my own fear of him from back when I fought him as a kid.

Download the album free over on the Pokérus bandcamp album page. Also be sure to check out the impressive full album artwork by Mikoto-Chan.