You may have noticed the semi-new layout on the front page. I hope you enjoy it. We did the same as well in the events section.
DS Lite launched this week. You can check out a very in depth review over at ARS Technica if you are still undecided on whether to upgrade.

I upgraded

In more DS news, 4CR (4 Color Rebellion for the uninitiated) has a small article on how to spot counterfeit DS games. In a story related to both piracy and the new DS Lite, something that may be good news to anybody jealous of Europe recieving the black DS Lite. Over $2 million dollars worth of black DS Lites have gone missing, and are assumed stolen. Harsh I say.
In other news, games are under scrutiny on capitol hill again. head over to for the latest on that as well as other video game politics news.