Concert Shots: Distant Worlds 25th Anniversary Show

The first Final Fantasy game was released on December 18th, 1987. Coming up soon is the 25th anniversary of that first title that spun up one of the world's most vast series of games, and so what better of a celebration than to have Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy put on a show in celebration of that? Complete with newly edited video footage, as well as some new tracks (including a huge battle theme montage), the 25th Anniversary show put on by the Distant Worlds crew did not disappoint. Below are just a few select shots from the show, showcasing the performance; of course, they're no match for being there in person, so be sure to get some tickets to one of their upcoming shows! [gallery]

Theophany releases Metroid tribute EP

Hot on the heels of the Harmony of a Hunter tribute album, remixer Theophany released his Metroid remix EP Crystal Flash. The release celebrates 25 years of Metroid whilst exploring lush, ambient IDM styles. The track "Avien" from the EP was recently posted on OverClocked ReMix and honors the memory of late remixer Christopher "Avien" Powell. Theophany is planning further Metroid releases with equally striking quality and depth, which is sure to please fans. The artwork for Crystal Flash was designed by Mike Grier based on a sketch by torokun.

Shinesparkers fan site releases 25th anniversary Metroid remix album

The original Metroid was released on August 6, 1986 and went on to become a successful and enduring video game series. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the Metroid enthusiast website Shinesparkers released the fan arrangement album Harmony of a Hunter. The release covers various music from the series remixed in a variety of genres.  Some of the biggest names in the arrangement community have contributed to the album, including OverClocked ReMix regulars DarkeSword, Mazedude, The Orichalcon, prophetik and zircon.