Hip Hop instrumental album 'Killa Zelda (Deku Tree)' by JDSY

Deep inside the Deku Tree

Avant-garde, Legend of Zelda inspired hip hop beats. Not for the faint of heart, or a few hearts, as the case may be. Vibrant melodies with just a hint of the nostalgic tones of classic Nintendo 64 title Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. 

composed over the course of 2 years... Deku Tree samples ‘Zelda - Ocarina of Time’ n64 soundtrack and composed on MPC2000xl... fourth ambient piece recorded analouge, summer 2010 in Portland OR... Originally packed on CD late spring of 2011 for a japan benefit concert limited to 6 copies

Taking in the colors: Jahn Rome - Winter in Color EP review

Rhymes from the heart. 

Alt rap flows from Jahn Rome, who readers may know better as one half of beloved hip hop duo Marcus and Rome. Rome takes on some personal demons in five laid back songs. It took me a moment to get drawn into this album, and at first I was hoping for something grittier, more visceral on the first go through. More in line with the Rated 'D' For Dope album that introduced me to Jahn Rome. As I shifted through various new music though, I caught myself mumbling some of the hooks from the album, namely Way Back (Prod FKA Yandere). So despite my innate reluctance to get into a more personal type of hip hop flows, the album grabbed hold of me like a great squid.

Technically there are no true references to video games, but the light, flowing electronic grooves clearly evoke some clear chiptune stylings. Each track is produced by a different composer, but the album keeps the airy flow of rhythms consistent throughout.

As I mentioned, Rome takes a personal, introspective look at himself over five tracks. The vulnerability and self doubt he expresses in I Know You're Scared (Prod. swell) and Lead You, You Go (Prod. Alice) are expressed clearly, but far from the cornball direction some 'serious' rap can go. There are plenty of emotional highs as well, such as the aforementioned Way Back, which features plenty of hopeful and uplifting lines.

When you juxtapose this with Rome's previous album, M&R's Rated 'D' For Dope, you can see quite a bit of versatility in Rome's flows and writing.

Expect to hear a track or two from this album on future episodes of SUBCON. Needless to say, this album gets bonus points for also being a Winter album. I'm highly partial to season based music, especially ice cold winter tunes that I can bump as I melt in the summer heat starting in about a month.

Whether Jahn Rome decides to drop more solo music, or team up with Marcus for another album, I can't wait to hear more from this guy, I'll be playing this album on repeat in the mean time.

I’m ready to go.
— Jahn Rome

Invalids & an0va combine in the chiptune/rock 'Permutation EP'

Chiptuned rock, rocked out chiptunes

This split album was born of the idea of chiptune/traditional-rock cross-over, whereupon each artist would write a new song for the album and subsequently cover the other’s.

Invalids creates music with both hands on multiple stringed instruments, which allows for lush arrays of notes at any given time. an0va creates music using a Nintendo Gameboy, which is limited to producing only four simultaneous sounds at any given time. Thus the covers of the other artist’s tracks must manipulate the original arrangements accordingly. The an0va cover of Invalids’ song must distill the most important four simultaneous notes throughout. The Invalids cover of an0va’s song must expand upon the original limited note set.

The “Permutation EP” is so-called in culmination of common themes of mathematics and statistics in each artist’s musical ethos, such that the album credits in the set of [composed by, performed by] form a permutation.
— eberic records