Chiptune adventure EP 'D's Quest' by MicroD

Story based chiptunes are my jam, and MicroD's latest, D's Quest is exactly that. A short, adventurous burst of stellar chiptune music.

Despite his best repair efforts amidst the injurious fanfare of cabin-mounted trumpets and oboes, the coupling had failed. His hideous invention yet hurtled forward, but for how long? Radical D peered out past the sweat and swelter to discover the square had been emptied. The many metal legs could no longer conceal their battle scars and the machine began to creak to a halt, leaving only the persistent ticking of a worn-out wristwatch. D’s Quest would be cast aside, fragmented.


D’s Quest contains all-new tracks created for the Roland MT-32 Multi-Timbre Sound Module. The Roland MT-32 was the standard platform for computer music and PC games in the late 80s/early 90s (notably those made by Sierra) prior to the adoption of General MIDI.
— MicroD

SublimeCloud drops futuristic hip hop beats in the new 'Delusions of Grandeur EP'

An engrossing collection of chill hip hop beats inspired by the sights and sounds of anime, video games, and various other things that one may describe as 'kawaii' 

I definitely have to keep this album in my pocket as part of my heatwave emergency kit. The nourishing chillwave beats from SublimeCloud are the perfect respite to the constant yet unusual heatwaves that infect my home city at any given moment. 

Despite the consistent soothing nature of the album, Delusions of Grandeur holds quite a bit of variety. Opening track, "Numinous Travels," sounds somewhere between a slow dance ballad and a race track. "Sunsets With You" veers more traditionally with winding vocal samples and a mix of traditional sounds and future beats.

The final track, "See You Tomorrow," Everyone, is as grandiose as the EPs title implies. Soaring vocals, a deep bassline, and the constant smattering of samples and riffs keep the four minute song interesting right on through to the end of the album. I'd be glad to hear this track at the conclusion of any harrowing journey.

All new chiptune album 'Adventure Select' by Oxvylu

Chiptune Travelling. 

Oxvylu’s first full length album “Adventure Select” is finally here! This is a follow-up to a split EP with Bit-Face released by Sinkhole Texas Records, and will not disappoint. An instant classic with songs like Cinder Dust, Recycle Robot Face and Blankets, you won’t want to miss this 8-bit trip into a videogame adventure through music! Even babies and toddlers will adore the melodies of Oxvylu... just sayin’.

Adventure Select by Oxvylu is now available for sale at

*NEW* Oxvylu Password,Recess and Ice Palace albums feature new artwork and are now remastered! Available for download at

About Oxvylu:
The artist behind Oxvylu grew up in Canada in the 80’s, and his influences range from plugging videogame systems into his home stereo when it was considered bizarre - to meeting with rock icons backstage at concerts such as Metallica, Guns ‘n Roses, Marilyn Manson, Cypress Hill and Ice-T. The end result of Oxvylu’s music is absolutely authentic, super inspired and 8-bit!
— Oxvylu