'Cinematic RPG' Parasite Eve series turns 17 years old

Square-Enix' Playstation classic celebrates another year.

Square released the 'cinematic RPG' Parasite Eve in Japan on March 29th, 1998. A survival horror game for the PlayStation, it was basically Square's take on the Resident Evil franchise. In essence that meant RPGify everything. The one-camera views and prerendered backgrounds remained, but added to the 'slowly shoot monsters' formula were customizable firearms, magic spells and effects, and more CG cut scenes than Square could likely afford. 

Unlike the constant fantasy settings of most RPGs, Parasite Eve took place in then modern day New York, and instead of a mysterious swordsman or young night, the game starred rookie NYPD officer Aya Brea. Of course realism goes out the window on Brea's first night on the job as the wildlife of New York begin to mutate into hideous creatures. This also marks another RPG in which you fight a dinosaur.

You fight a T-Rex, you shoot it with an AK-47 that shoots magic bullets.

In honor of such a momentous moment in gaming, take a moment to listen to the eclectic and amazing Parasite Eve soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura.

Did you ever play Parasite Eve, if so, what did you think of it? Let us know about your own thoughts on the Parasite Eve series and soundtrack in the comments below.

Club Nintendo offers Super Smash Bros - Premium Sound Selection OST with game purchases


It appears that Nintendo is offering the chance to get some of the select cuts from the upcoming Super Smash Bros for 3DS / Wii U. If a Club Nintendo member registers both copies of the game, they will receive this beautiful two disc album.


No tracks have been announced for the upcoming song selection OST, but I'll make a safe bet that we will hear some familiar sounds from the silhouettes gracing the album cover.

This news also gives me a chance to share some of the latest Smash Bros arrangements that are available on the 3DS version's website, namely, this arrangement of music from the Mario & Luigi series by my favorite game composer, Yoko Shimomura.

Source: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Arrangement Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura

Music Review of when Final Fantasy meets Disney

It is finally out, the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections. For being a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts series and the music in particular I was all for there being a piano collections of Yoko Shimomura’s masterpieces. Not only did this album bring many memories from playing the game but it also added their own take on the songs. One minute you feel like you’re strolling through Traverse Town to stock up on potions to taking down Shadows and Soldiers (Heartless). It is made up of 12 tracks all from all KH games.

1. Dearly Beloved- What can I say. The moment I heard this I automatically felt like I should be pressing X to load my memory card. This piece is simple yet elegant. Who knew that a song on loop like so would be so popular! To hear this on the piano was a delight to the ears.
2. Traverse Town- Now should I get Morning Star or Stout Shield? This song is definitely a good way to perk up any mood. It starts off real quiet and slowly transcends into a full motion of bounce and joy. There’s one part of the song where it slows down and drops an octave or so then returns to its normal state of jubilance. Kudos to that!
3. Hand in Hand-Alright, get you’re keyblade out and hope your items are all prepared, it’s time for a battle! Listening to this song was both a joy and irritating as all hell! Although it may be a wonderful piece I can’t help but think of times when I’d get frustrated during a ridiculous battle with a few Large Bodies or a group of Blue Rhapsodys. Rage quit? In the end, good pick, very much enjoyed it.
4. Missing You~Namine-This is my third favorite of all the songs. This song is very beautiful and very sad. Listening to it makes me think of Sora and Kairi (of course). Well played, excellent part of the album.
5. 1st Mov.:Sora-Allegro con brio- This was AWESOME! To not have Sora’s theme on here is like having crayons with no color, just doesn’t make any sense! Very triumphant and heroic. Automatically I want to get on that gummi ship and go to the next world! The mixture of Roxas theme was nice to hear as well.
6. 2nd Mov.:Kairi-Andante Sostenuto- For Kairi being my favorite female character in KH, you already know I’m going to love this. Very heartwarming to hear this again and even more so than hearing it in the actual game. I applaud this piece!
7. 3rd Mov.:Riku-Scherzo e Intermezzo- Riku I found to be an interesting character, and for an interesting character you need a song that is hard to explain yet fits so well. This song does the trick. With all of its up and downs, you definitely feel the tension building from within. Very dark and visual. Nice job!
8. Finale:Working Together- Very chipper! Although I understand the reasons for having this song on here I would’ve have gone with something a little different. Maybe Hikari? It was played well but not my favorite track.
9. The 13th Side- After hearing this song from KH2, I was already blown away. This piece delivers a nice touch to the dark side. Good song for Organization XIII.
10. Roxas Theme- Where to start. This song would be my favorite KH song of all time, infact, it practically is. Roxas is also my favorite KH character of all time. It’s hard to find words to describe this piece. Beautiful, bold and serene. This song brings me to tears.
11. The Other Promise- My heart goes to this one. Its Roxas theme but more. Dramatic, many ups and downs and it carries you along on every note it makes. It sounds powerfully intense with a sad tone flowing through it. My favorite track on this album.
12. Concert Paraphrase on “Dearly Beloved”- Wow! This version of Dearly Beloved takes you on a musical rollercoaster ride that slowly climbs to the top and falls speeding down into a loop de loop. Very nice way of ending this album.

The pieces were performed by Takehiko Yamada, Hiroyuki Nakayama, and Miwa Sato. They were able to bring life to these beautiful songs once again and I highly recommend that you get this at play-asia.com or if you happen to have Yen on you, here at the official website. This collection will not disappoint. Get this album and fully immerse yourself in a world filled with moogles and old Disney nostalgia.