Listen to incredible arrangement 'Hyper Fun Zone' by Yakuza Heart Attack

A very fantastic, and classic track. It's been a favorite of mine from YHA's sophomore album. I'm very glad I had the chance to hear this group, and very sad for their demise. Relive their glory with the aadventurous sounds of Hyper Fun Zone from Yakuza Heart Attack II.

Pause release compilation - Magnetic Sumo

In their usual fashion, Pause has gathered a cavalcade of incredible artists to create some amazing works of chiptune music. This time the compilation is called Magnetic Sumo and for a description simply states...

Where the laws of attraction and the eternal battle for the title of Yokozuna intertwine.

What that may mean musically is anyone's guess, but what I do know is that there are tons of artists, both new and old to Pause that come together for this compilation. Kicking things off is the band I spoke very fondly of in the past, Yakuza Heart Attack (in fact I am still listening to their most recent album fairly often). Their tumbling upbeat signature style is in full force with Bionic Boiz. From there we hear from chiptune mainstay Alex Mauer with Terraforming Mars, a melodic, simple tune that builds into a mesmerizing drum laden piece with some pumping leads. Combined these tracks set the back and forth precedent of this album from over the top funkiness to laid back dance rhythms and more.

Speaking of funky, some catchy clapping bring us to Rico Zerone and his piece Spheredivers, a deep sea, high fueled adventure, as if taking a submarine down into the otherworldly depths of the ocean floor while working on 3 hours of sleep. Moving ahead a few tracks we hear from Joshua Morse, and his atmospheric jazz track Meteor shower pro which starts off slow, but builds an incredible momentum as the song progresses into a whirlwind of musicianship on all fronts. That number moves us along to the sometimes tough to describe, but amazing to listen to vibes of Zan-zan-zawa-veia with hushhush. Another soft flowing track to lie back and reminisce to before jumping into the catchy drum and guitar styled world of Temp Sound Solutions and their cover of Alex Mauer's Floating Point, which takes an already funky tune and cranks it into high gear with some great guitar and drum work.

The album comes to an end with Give us the green light, an amazing and catchy track from Spiny Norman which brings the album to an amazing ending with it's uplifting vocals and chip pop stylings. As to be expected from Pause, we have here a compilation showcasing the many talents, styles, and instrumentation of the netlabel roster and friends. I often tell people that chiptunes is as varied a movement as the people who create it, and nowhere else is that idea shown than through compilations like this one. Once again, if you didn't click that link in the opening to grab this album, the compilation is free, and available right through here.

Yakuza Heart Attack - II album release

UPDATE: Album now available via the Yakuza Heart Attack Bandcamp page.

Recently I was alerted to one Squid's Eye Records. Knowing my love for most cephalopods was a good way to get my attention, but even better than that was sending over the sophomore release from SE Records group Yakuza Heart Attack. II is the name of their second album appropriately enough, and is available for download at $9 via the Squid's Eye Records Store.

Ten tracks of heavy, yet catchy rhythms. The best description I could come up with is if Chromelodeon was lead by an Earthbound era Hip Tanaka. The eerie but upbeat sounds created by the synths, and live drums create a fun adventurous atmosphere. From the ominous and driving opener Beast Attack to the battle theme inspired Tears of the Judge the album definitely has it's in your face moments. Although a personal favorite of mine is Goodbye Rainbow Road, which starts off with a trapeze like playfulness, which breaks into an an eclectic piece that gives off the mood of a colorful NES era sidescroller.

Another stand out track is the pulsing Scarlet Moon. The quick paced track would be at home in any futuristic racer or side scrolling shoot-em-up. Also the surprisingly somber Mist Monster, with it's slow wispy tones would be the perfect instrumental during the most dramatic of video game scenes. The album ends as it Began though, with the strong and tense final track, appropriately titled Heart Pounding Prison. The track builds and builds into the stratosphere until it reaches the spiraling climax and then slowly fades into a stirring drum lead ending, shooting flourishes of sound every which way until we reach the opening notes once again and rise up into a final beat. The end.

The album is a bit steep at $9 but is definitely worth checking out, it has been getting repeated listens from me, and will probably make my list of stand out albums this year. Head over to Squid's Eye Records to grab a copy, or try before you taste over at Yakuza Heart Attack's myspace.