T.Y.T. drops new hip hop album 'The Napkin Gospel'

Nearly two dozen new tracks with tons of guests

When I imagine I am all through the latest nerd rap, TYT drops nearly two dozen new tracks in my lap. 

It started off as a simple donation to help Klopfenpop... I donated some money to his indigogo site, and he offered to mix ten tracks for me.

I had no plan on doing an album... But he brought it out of me... In the pursuit of finishing this cd... I have met some of the greatest people in the world... (Some assholes too) ...

This journey has led me through tests of skill, faith, addictions, hurt feelings and shit talking... But I bring it to you in the simplest way possible.... Behold, The Napkin Gospel.

Click each track, I have included the stories of EACH track’s creation... if you are into that sort of thing...
released 05 May 2015

Most mixes by Klop, other mixes by Roborob, Rukyss Duhki, and myself.

Production by Sean Divine, Roborob, konceptbeats, Jason Hansen, Rukyss Duhki, Sinima, j-rome, Antichrist Instrumentals, Anno Domini and Banditt.

Album art credit goes to Tiffiny Mahrer.

Listen to My Parents Favorite Music vocal remix of YTCracker's classic track Surge Runner

WIth the reintroduction of Surge to the world at large, My Parents Favorite Music has decided that it's the right time to drop this vocal remix of YTCracker's 2005 classic from his album Nerdrap Entertainment System.

YTCracker - earthbound - adventures of the sound stone vol. 1

Earthbound hip hop automatically wedges its way into my heart without much work. Perhaps it was that Earthbound Zero mixtape, or maybe it's because I want to create an EB game hack called Erfbound. YTCracker drops Adventures of the Sound Stone Vol. 1 and does what he does, and if you know YTCracker you know how he does.

Every time I hear someone do something with Earthbound music, it feels like I understand more about the strange original music of the game.

Earthbound raps son!

"Future Hop" - Antisoc

Future Hop
Antisoc has released a new album, FROM THE FUTURE! Bringing you all some tasty Nerdcore music to upload into your inventory, you will be pleasantly fulfilled. For those of you who don't know who he is (shame on you!), he is an artist who has been involved with the online Nerdcore community for a while now. He has released 3 albums, "Depressed Nerd", "Anomalous Materials Laboratory", and "White Colla Chryme", and has remixed YTCracker's tracks.

With various electronic beats layered on with a snarky-tude (yes I combined the word attitude with snarky) Antisoc creates music that anyone can move their body to. It's heavy and it hits hard, but in a loving way! He covers all things that are nerdy and that are future like partying up on Guitar Hero, Time traveling, letting you know how to say his name correctly, and space is really really big.  The intro is hilarious to any gamer as well. My personal favorites on this album are definitely "Adsense Ambition" and "Future hop".   "Adsense Ambition" is great!  It has what I usually love in a Nerdcore track, nerd pride!  Great lyrics with a funky beat, it was love at first listen.  Now "Future Hop" is just a lot of fun!  Bringing together nerds and goths, the party never stops!  Antisoc shows his passion as a goth and a nerd.  The chorus is probably my favorite part!

"Future Hop" is Antisoc best release yet, in my opinion.  He has a lot of rockin tracks that will appease to anyone who has a little bit of nerd/geek running through their veins.  Download this now for free and turn up the volume to all of these awesome tracks!  This rap game is his, and he is taking it back. PS - Beefy, you owe him a t-shirt.

"With Sprinkles"- Beefy

With Sprinkles
A new album has been released by the almighty Nerdcore artist Beefy! "With Sprinkles" is nothing but epic. It's cluttered with various tracks to please our inner nerd. Beefy has been one of Nerdcore's higher standing rappers. With his rockin 2008 album "Rolling Doubles" and being part of the band The Grammar Club (Along with Shael Riley and DJ Snyder/KASPAROV) Beefy does nothing but conquer and win. His name is well known in the Nerdcore community and one of the few to even been known outside of it. In his new album "With Sprinkles" you get assorted topics any nerd or geek can relate to. He shows that his geek swag is still intact and he isn't afraid to show it. Featuring artists such as Schaffer the Darklord, Epic-1, MC Lars, Dual Core, YTCracker, and Dr. Awkward, this whole album will knock you out of seat and have you hit  replay in an instant. With Beefy being one of my very top favorite Nerdcore artists it's hard to choose a few favorites because they're all so good! But I did narrow it down and I have to say my top faves go to "Join My Guild", "Press Start" and "Geek Out". Now I won't lie, "Join My Guild" tickled my fancy because I love the MMO World of Warcraft (and the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV!) and I'm a huge fan of the show "The Guild" which this track has a lot of references to! Whether you're a thief, an orc, an elf, or a druid...you'll love this song! "Press Start" is just all around bad-ass! Featuring Dual Core, these guys go at it challenging each other in various games whether the genre is Fighting or Shooters. With a legit beat and these two combine, it definitely became an instant favorite. And lastly, my number one goes to "Geek Out". Going through all the daily quirks geeks typically endure and having a great chorus that will have you yelling GEEK OUT in reply, this track I expect will have high play counts. There is no reason to not get this album! With so many awesome tracks with awesome artists rapping about awesome things, don't you want to be an awesome fan? Show Beefy some love and buy this album now for $10 bucks (or $9.99 to download) and let it be known that Beefy is "bestestist"!

8 Bit Boys - 8 Bit Diagrams album release

I am absurdly and embarrassingly late on this one. Some time back Entity, TYT, The Ranger, and YTCracker all came together to create The 8 Bit Boys. Upon their formation they created and released the amazing 8 Bit Diagrams. download the free version in the Rhymetorrents thread here, or head to the official site to purchase the full pressed album with a ton more amazing songs.

The entire album is amazing catchy video game oriented rap over classic NES tunes. They cover all the things gamers go through like when playing games make you miss work in Late Gamer. Not to mention talking about playing through the pain of hours of gaming and broken consoles in two of my favorite tracks on the album, 8 Bit Blisters and Faulty Console respectively. Every song on this album is incredibly catchy and will definitely hit home for every hardcore gamer. This album is well worth a purchase. I can assure you it will be in your rotation for a long time to come. Once again head over to 8bitboys.com and grab a copy right now!

MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and YTCracker tour. Performing at the Knitting Factory in LA Monday 11/24

Come see MC Frontalot, YTCracker and MC Lars rocking the living heck out of the Knitting Factory on Monday night in Los Angeles. This is a big show and they want to fill it up with friendly faces so that they can impress the new booking agents.
Please attend! Bring your friends!

Mon, Nov 24
The Knitting Factory
7021 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
w/MC Lars, YTCracker
All Ages, $10

If you aren't in Los Angeles, then check out MC Frontalot's tour schedule for the rest of their tour dates!

Hipster, Please! Old Nerdy Bastard compilation release

Man, oh man, oh man, oh man! Why am I so excited? Why because my good pal and the man I strive to be every day, Z. from Hipster, Please! has (finally) released his latest compilation! It goes by the creatively titled Old Nerdy Bastard, and can be downloaded FREE from Z's website!

Z has managed to wrangle some of the best names from all around the geeky music community's. From Wiz rockers The Whomping Willows, to some of my favorites from Nerdcore such as The Grammar Club and Dual Core. Plenty of other huge names as well like MC Frontalot, YTCracker, Optimus Rhyme and more. Folks I can only hope to get on one of my compilations some day.

Anyway, all those folks are remixing songs, or getting their songs remixed, there are some wonderful classics that you will no doubt enjoy all over again with new beats and rhythms. As well as songs you may have overlooked the first time out, just to be hit with them now like a sack of bricks. Musical bricks. Hard musical bricks.

Well as you have probably gathered by now, I can't praise Z. or this compilation enough! Major props go out to Z. and everyone that put together this album! Well done good sirs and ma'ams. Now go to Hipster, Please! and pick up this album! Not sure why you didn't go earlier, I've mostly just been rambling for a while now...

Nerdcore sells out for cash money, among other things

Here is the incontrovertible proof that YTCracker has turned his back on the community and begun a trend of selling out for the green. Check this hot new freestyle and see how he is practically laughing at us about the absurd piles of cash he's hoarding.

Then come the other artists trying to ride YT's coattails.

That's not the least of it though, as many nerdcore artists have sold out for more than just cash.

This Friday, San Diego

If you are on earth this weekend, and more specifically at Comic-Con International in San Diego, there are not one, but TWO shows Friday in San Diego. Both epic, Both definitely worth your time and support!

Observe the awesome flyers below and click through them for full information!

In the Past Twenty Years, Mega Man Never Sounded This Good

From Philladelphia to Phoenix and now to Nerdcore, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Random! As you can hear for yourself on his myspace, before working on his new album, he had already established himself as an amazing artist. His previous albums, his introductory album Fundamentals and the more recent and candid The Call let the world know that if there's one thing Random could not be called, it was stale. Random has already brought a fresh breath of dynamic air into the hip hop community... and now he thought he'd give Nerdcore a try.

His third album is slated to be released in just under two weeks (June 19, 2007), and in celebration to the fact that this year is the twentieth birthday for everyone's favorite blue android, he has decided to entitle it Mega Ran, with an album rife with hip hop all in the name of Dr. Light's bouncing boy. As Random's press release from May 9th says:

"Collaborators on the project include RAHM Nation producer DN3 (The Call, Rapademics), Domingo (Big Pun, KRS-ONE), nerdrap sensation YT Cracker, Videogame rock band The Megas Problem Child, Samik (G-Unit and Ruff Ryders producer), and many more."

You can already listen to his treatment to the theme to Wood Man with his song "Grow Up," available at his myspace. The second released song, "Final Fight" can be found at the Mega Ran Yahoo Group as well as in the archives of NeRPSID (Nerdapalooza Radio Program Show for Internet Distro). I interviewed him NeRPSID on June 2nd and the WORLD premiere of the song took place immediately after the interview. This Friday, June 8th, he'll be interviewed by the Awful Show, so be sure to tune in to their podcast.

For those curious on how to get a copy of Mega Ran when it comes out:

"Mega Ran" will release on June 19th, 2007 and will be a free download at www.randomsblogs.blogspot.com , Random's MySpace page, and www.rahmnation.org. A special limited version of the album in CD form, with bonus tracks and additional artwork will be available for sale at RAHM Nation's website."