Stemage - Where Good Marbles Go to Die (Marble Madness) album release

After almost thirty years, doctors have yet to come up with a cure for Marble Madness. Stemage gathers his friends to lament spherical fever in this seven song album. Along with musical geniuses such as xoc, housethegrate, and more, it may truly be, that all great artists have some form of marble madness...

Yes, Mayhem self titled album release

Yes, Mayhem
Yes, Mayhem

It's not often that I post music that is so far removed from video games, but there are always those few rare instances, of which I believe this is one. Considering that the musicians involved in this album were so heavily influenced by video games in their other endeavors, this site would be doing a disservice to readers and music lovers everywhere to not write about the debut self titled album by Yes, Mayhem.

Created by Dan 'Chunkstyle' Taylor and boasting all stars of VG Rock such as XoC, Danimal of Armcannon, Ryan8Bit, Stemage of Metroid Metal and several more, Yes, Mayhem definitely has it's roots firmly planted in the VG music culture. The album sounds like a love letter to the 90's rock radio that played during those sessions of Donkey Kong Country and Sonic The Hedgehog. Yes, Mayhem displays a mood of grunge metal rock stylings that tread across classic styles, borrowing the best of each in the process. Yes, Mayhem is a great listen for anyone that grew up listening to the music of that era like these folks and I did. That's not to say that the album doesn't cross new ground though, as Chunkstyle and friends incoporate synths, samples, and interesting lyrics to keep things fresh throughout.

Through out the album your ears will be assaulted by a ton of various genres and styles, starting with the slow heavy mood of Release, on through the laid back calm of Take 2. Not to mention pieces like the accordion tinged rock of Whore Shoes, with it's aged guitars and chanting vocals. I believe my favorite track on the album though, is the hard rocking synth infused sounds of Fevered Egos. This track kicks off hard, and only gets harder from there, throwing down an awesome to the point of almost absurd keyboard solo just to start the song. Not to mention the funky bass lines weaving into the song add a nice groove to the intense rocking.

As I have kept repeating through this short write up, this album is a fantastic debut, and I hope to hear more from Chunkstyle and friends in this vein in the future. I am sure you will as well once you grab the album, which is available to download free or for donation over at and I highly recommend giving it a listen. It may not be the VG music you know and love, but it comes from some of the most talented folks in the VG inspired music community, and will definitely satisfy that urge for a great new rock album.

Xoc Plays III - Xoc recreates full Super Mario Bros 3 soundtrack

A few years ago, before I started this site, I was treated to the aural quality of what is now one of my favorite albums of all time. That album was by an artist named Xoc and that album was the classic SMW. Xoc has released tons more incredible material since then and I for one have become more and more amazed with him with every new album.

Well a brand new album is on the horizon now! Xoc goes back to the Super Mario well and pulls up a project that may excite some people even more than even SMW. That album is Xoc Plays III and is available now to download for the incredibly low price of only $5. The soundtrack spans 20 memorable tracks, all recreated using live instruments while keeping the same lovable and classic feel that puts you right into the original game.

I have had my copy of the album on repeat since getting a hold of it upon release just a few days ago. It's incredibly tough to choose a stand out track amongst this whole album of stellar music, but I will try and highlight a few. The opening track actually comes from a remake of SMB3 which you might remember if you had an SNES. All-Stars Title Screen is the opener, and kicks off the album with a great lively feel, and makes a fantastic introduction with it's warped intro, as if you have suddenly gone back in time. The drums and warbling guitar work give this oft forgotten song some of the respect it deserves for being just one small song in a collection of classic games. From there we get into SMB3 proper with Overworld Theme #1 / Death Jingle. We get a gruff countdown and we are presented with maybe the most memorable track from the game. Too bad we die before it finishes..possibly by drowning?

Another incredible tune is the incredibly catchy Iced Land / Underground / P-Block (medley) which, as the title states, combines three tracks into one incredible and cohesive tune. Kicking off with the creepy (I even thought so as a kid) theme from world 6. We quickly tumble into the high energy of the underground theme, which just as swiftly moves us into P-Block territory. Suddenly we find ourselves in an even stranger version of Iced Land with wailing guitars and the continuously ominous keys. The song gets progressively wilder in this fashion until we our lead out the same way we came in with the Iced Land theme once again.

The King is a soft reflective track. With it's simple guitar strums it reminds us of defeating that first boss on that epic airship and how it felt returning peace to the land. Another stand out arrangement that isn't in the game proper is Advance Bonus, which as you may guess comes from the GBA re-release of the game. With it's chiming children's piano and heartfelt kazoo playing it is tough to not love this track, even if it is probably the least nostalgic of the tracks on the album, it certainly makes itself known with it's playful nature.

From the lively opening to the lo-fi dream like ending, this album spans a multitude of moods, and is able to reach many of those nostalgic soft spots we have for our gaming youth. I can't recommend this album, nor any of Xoc's other albums enough. His versatility and carefree music making style lets him create songs that are as diverse as they are amazing. Be sure to purchase the album now at and grab anything and everything else that catches your eye on his site! 99% of his albums are free to download, including the aforementioned SMW album as well as the amazing What's Pink and Sucks? Xoc's Kirby's Adventure tribute. Finally I leave you with Xoc's own commercial for the newly released XOc Plays III album.

Concatenation Records album releases - Nevar Say Die volumes 1 and 2, The Wonderful World of Willow

A place I have rarely mentioned until now, a wonderful, magical place that helps dreams come true (well if your dream is to get help for going to MAGFest at least). Anyway, this place is known as Concatenation Records and is home to many great releases. A few I am highlighting here as a crash course in the website with the following releases.

From a collection of the best minds in video game inspired music, all concentrated in the pure awesomeness of The Shizz Minibosses boards comes Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume One. Released October 9th, 2007 for $5 to get hopeful shizzies out to MAGFest, the album boasts impressive original tunes and incredible video game covers from the endless talent in the minibosses boards community. The album is still available now to continue providing money for the ever helpful Shizzie MAGFest Fund. Check out the incredible list of artists below over the 19 tracks. Still an incredible buy even today.

01. xoc - Magic Johnson's Fast Break
02. Wizards and Warriors (featuring Spamtr0n) - Grim Bleeper
03. Ashane - Cyrinite
04. Spamtr0n - Water Dripping in the Metvl Cave
05. Temp Sound Solutions - Room Temperature
06. Disasterpeace - Death Satellite Evasion
07. TheoConfidor - Into the Depths
08. Mustin - Serenity (Final Fantasy VII)
09. pingosimon - Metroid Symphony (performed by the San Diego State University Orchestra)
10. Phlogiston - Ture and Yoru
11. atomic-guy - Double Dip
12. The OneUps - Bomberman
13. M-H - Blue Knight of Ballacetine
14. Kodiak Attack - Motörbear
15. Metalbishop - FPS
16. weener and Tender Lad - Battleaxe Babes
17. ansgaros - How?
18. mercatfat - That's So Ironic!
19. Temp Sound Solutions - Rotten Fruit Msgboard Apology

On November 4th, 2008, just about one year after the initial release, Concatenation brought us Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume Two. This time compiling 17 tracks of refined shizzery for the same goal of getting people out to MAGFest, we see a lot of new additions along with old favorites and staples of the community contributing incredible works. Available as Either a $5 download or $8-10 for a ritzy pressed copy of the amazing album (I have my copy by the way). Once again check out the tracks below and get prepared, as Nevar Say Die 3 is on it's way soon!

01. neu cetera - Never Say Die (Outsourcing My Use of Profos)
02. ansgaros - Dolls' Night
03. small child david - TranceSexual
04. The Sticky Situation - Nice Graphics
05. Temp Sound Solutions - All I've Got, I Had to Steal
06. Cyanidic Rapture - Cold Open
07. Brian and Josiah Tobin - Transmission
08. Kevin Hagge - Breakdown
09. TheoConfidor - Ensis Obitus
10. M-H - Union Alpha
11. Analog Wizards - Master Blaster
12. The Tendonites - Paradijs bij het Köttfärslimpa
13. streifig - Honey, you ate the onion pie again, didn't you?
14. cacomistle - The Funnyz
15. weener and Tender Lad - The Ferryman
16. XMark - Cyanide Overdose
17. Vegeroth & Battlerager - Nevar Say Die

Our final album started as a humble request to bring some Christmas cheer to some kind folks grew into another behemoth collection of stellar work from The Shizz Minibosses community. Taking the amazing, but overlooked soundtrack to the NES game based on the movie Willow, over a dozen artists organized and released The Wonderful World of Willow. This 18 song collection covers the entire soundtrack to Willow, and is amazing whether or not you are familiar with that particular games soundtrack. This is also another album which puts money into the MAGFest fund of which I have mentioned many times. Five dollars nets you the 320kbps MP3 files, while a measly $8-10 will hook you up with the full fancy CD Package. Just like the above two, this album features a who's who of amazing VG inpired musical talent and then some.

01. norg - The Journey Begins
02. Cide Projekt - Das Kennwort ist...
03. Mystic Nova - When the Mist Becomes Dew
04. ShawnPhase - Endless Frost
05. TheoConfidor - A Royal Catastrophe
06. Cide Projekt - Kempf
07. Josiah Tobin - Dark Walls
08. Ryan8bit - Put Aside Strife
09. Amaranthine Skies - The Lords of Nockmaar Will Fall
10. NESTERBABIES - Cheef Up the Helium
11. ShinerCCC - Beautiful Lake Cheef
12. Ryan8bit - Zhena, Warwick Princess
13. Battlerager - Another Challenge Yet To Face
14. cacomistle - WILLOW'D
15. ShinerCCC - Corner of Tir Asleen and Sandwich Street
16. Vegeroth - Assaulting the Fort
17. xoc - Xocmaar Castle
18. The Powerful Shizzards - We Willow Ways Remember

I hope that was a sufficient introduction to the many amazing releases from Concatenation Records. Be sure to check them out at and keep an eye on them for new and fresh releases of original and VG inspired works, many of which are free to download!

genoboost's unofficial valentines day mixtape UPDATE: album now offline

So I have hastily tossed together a quick mix of love songs for all the nerds and your significant others to enjoy! And I hope you do. If you decide to play this for them, definitely let me know how that went in the comments!

Also, since I don't really have permission to be releasing these tracks I will only be having this compilation available until the end of February, so grab the songs while you can! Most of the songs on this mix are free and in higher quality from each respective artist, so definitely check out each artists website!

Sorry kids! The album is now offline! Check out the links below and dig up the songs yourself though! Most of them are free and all of them are amazing! If so compelled though shoot me an email and I might hook you up!

Track listing
1. My GF is... by Dual Core from the album Lost Reality -
2. Erica by Joel Tetreault
3. Necrophilianomenon by ZeaLouS1 from the album Assimilation Process: Complete -
4. At The Arcade by Dan Plus Add from the album Matters of Great Importance -
5. Take My Hand, Take My Heart by Lumine Hall from This Album Stinks -
6. Less Than Three by Shael Riley -
7. Tecmo Bowl (in the style of T Rex) by XOC from the in progress album VGMITSO -
8. Orange Crush by hiphopmcdougal from the EP Time Circuits On -
9. I Love My Computer by Colon:P -
10. Aqua Soul (Robot Love) by Random from the album Mega Ran -
11. Laura's Lullaby by Elfonso from the album Tako wa chikyu o suku -
12. Bits and Pieces by Shael Riley from the album Toybox -
13. Splash Woman (produced by Samik) by Random from the album Mega Ran 9 -
14. Butterfly Kisses by The Depreciation Guild from the album In Her Gentle Jaws -
15. Rapgirl by MC Lars from the album The Graduate -
16. I Can't Run To You Fast Enough by Pixelh8 from the album The Boy With the Digital Heart -

The artwork for the album is originally by Steffo from My Parent's Favorite Music.

XOC - The Beginning of the End album release

the ever amazing XOC, a game musician's musician if there ever was one, has released an amzing and extremely limited edition album entitled The Beginning of the End. You can order the album from the Concatenation Records page for the very awesome price of only 6 bucks. I just ordered my copy! and at last look it appears about 60 of the 100 albums are sold. So don't hesitate on getting a hold of this one, It's sure to be a very prized item for any vg rock fan!

Like XOC said himself, Zach of Good-Evil explains the album best.

"Here at Good-Evil, were are proud to announce our first album release on own Good-Evil Records imprint, as part of the Concatenation Records family. And what better way to start our mini-label than with a brand new Xoc album? Xoc, who you may remember as "that dude who covered all of Super Mario World" or that guy who blew you away with his Kirby cover album, has produced one of the most ambitious albums he's put out to date. Containing 100 video game themes covered in less than 20 mins, this project has been a labor of love for Xoc since 2004.
We've collaborated with Jason Vincion at Concatenation Records to bring you this album on a 3" mini-CD, each lovingly created in the Good-Evil CD production factory (which may or may not be my computer room in my apartment). This is a limited issue release, with only 100 copies being produced.
And while I would never release an album I didn't absolutely love, I have to say that this album is truly some of Xoc's best work. It mashes together nearly every type of music he's done before and dozens of instruments into one rollercoaster of a medley. It's got slow, lighthearted parts, weird, wacky sections, straight up rock and metal parts, and with 100 themes, it's pretty impossible to get bored here. If I were reviewing this, it would be a Classic easily. Take a minute to purchase one while you can, they are reasonably priced and worth every penny."

Also, if you do order the album, be sure to take a picture of it and send it to XOC for his 100 copies sold mural!

II releases Heartcode compilation

Joining forces to bring you something worthwhile. Something from the heart.

So what happens when you take some of the best chip musicians around, throw them all together, and add a little bit of old fashioned love to the mix? You get Heartcode! The newest compilation from II (pause). The album is pretty much a list of some of my favorite musicians around! We've got Alex Mauer, Animal Style, disasterPEACE, Norrin Radd, Phlogiston, Shnabubula, Temp Sound Solutions, and finally XOC. With a list like this do you really have to wonder how great it is? You should just feel it in your very heart. Not to mention, like most II releases, this one is 100% free for download, so head over there and get it!

Book II Touch of Max Nerds

So Megatwerp and Xoc have gotten the guys together, and released one of the craziest albums in chiptunes and VGM. Book II Touch of Max Nerds brings together folks from all walks of VGM life and rocks it out something hard! Seventeen tracks with more awesome bands, groups, and artists than I can list. Definitely an album that every VGM lover needs in their arsenal of music. Download the album for the price of free right now at!