Watch The Bystanders play Elder Scrolls V Skyrim part four

Frank's time in Skyrim is almost over. Frank plunders another cave. Then, at the end, we discuss our thoughts on the game so far!



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Raisi K gets new school with this Gears of War 3 hip hop remix "Capital Punishment (Remastered)"

Chainsaw swarms of locusts to this apocalyptic beat

The Raisin Man does it again with this Godzilla level Gears of War 3 remix. Now this sounds the kind of apocalypse you can bob your head to. 

I'm not one for shooters myself, but I can respect a good game and a down ass beat.

Watch Perplexing Pixels: Skate 3 (Xbox 360) (review/commentary)


In this episode Attack Slug attempts to teach Grim how to play Skate 3 for the Xbox 360.
Attack Slug, a life long gamer attempts to teach Grim from Grim's Toy Show how to play some of the most fun exciting and popular video games across as many platforms and consoles as we can capture. We call this series Perplexing Pixels! Why you may ask? Because Grim doesn't have the faintest idea on how to complete levels, gain achievements, connect with other players, or even manage the controller in his hands. Join us as we play games from past and present on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC, Nintendo Wii, Wii U, mobile and whatever other systems we can figure out how to grab a video feed from."

- attackslug

Rezonance Reviews The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

In the premiere episode of ReZonance Review, the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim soundtrack is under the microscope. Rez discusses the atmosphere of the music, as well as how it fares as a stand alone album. What is his verdict for the immense original score to the wildly popular game for PS3 and 360?

Watch the video, and find out.

I wish I could add more about the Skyrim soundtrack myself, but unfortunately that can not be. As a person that is daunted by lengthy games, I have yet to venture into Skyrim, nor any other Elder Scrolls title to date. There is something quite scary these days when a video game tells me I will have hundreds of hours of enjoyment. For a person like myself who prefers to dive into something voraciously, then discard it a week later, sinking months of leisure time into one title is not the way I get my video game fix these days.

What I also don't tend to enjoy these Hollywood, high-production atmospheric scores. They are too reminiscent of forgettable movie scores, and like Rez states in the video, can sometimes lead to easily forgettable music. Admittedly though, I would love to see and hear Dragonborn performed live by a symphony.

YouTube Description of 'Rezonance Reviews The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'

Published on Nov 7, 2012

SkyrimReZ Reviews Skyrim. Music in games can be all over the place, but if one word describes Skyrim, it'd be legendary! Skyrim's the first to go up, so you'll see where i put it on the scoreboard


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Staring/Written/Edited by Nate Moore

Intro song covered by Andrew Virgin

ReZonance is where you go for video game soundtracks. I've always loved the music in video games, and reviewing them is my way to show my appreciation, and spread my love of gaming music.

Jesse Bishop - Aeternum OST

The line between video game influenced music and straight up video game music is becoming more and more blurry. This is no reason to complain though, because many of the VG inspired musicians I enjoy are the ones making video game music to inspire a new generation of VGM fans. Jesse Bishop does this very thing in composing the music for XBL indie game Aeternum. Fight evil armies with these chiptuned bullet hell instrumentals.

Got to mention that I love the musical cephalopod artwork. I wonder if this deep sea drummer is looking to join a band.

New Disasterpeace tracks from High Strangeness soundtrack

Steve Jenkins, (the guy who runs the STFUAJPGM podcast, mentioned earlier on GM4A here) has another great project in the works: a retro-styled indie game called High Strangeness, which is being developed using funds gained through, the same website which was used to help create Kind of Bloop.

Since I was a kid, I have always dreamed of making my own video game. Now, armed with current technology I (with a few friends who have graciously donated their time and efforts) am hoping to do just that. For over a year we've been working on what some might call a 'retro game' inspired by the sights and sounds of the original Nintendo, and Super Nintendo video game consoles.

The game is planned to be released on PC and X-box Live in 2010. However, we can already take a sneak peek at the soundtrack to the game, currently being written by chiptune extraordinaire, Disasterpeace - download the preview ZIP of tracks here. You can also view a preview video over at the official game website. Look out for more news on this promising project in the future.

Guitar Hero II commercial rocks harder on 360

It's not opinion either. It's pure fact. The 360 commercial for GHII has a cool animated style that actually see's you being a guitar "hero". Where as the PS2 version shows you looking like the gaming nerd you really are. Now, I'm sure we all look like a bunch of dorks swinging our plastic guitars around like in the PS2 ad, but I doubt that's what is going to sell the game. The 360 version shows us what we think we look like when we play the game. and what we think we look like looks sooo much better.

For reference, dig the commercials below


XBOX 360


In Nintendo news, the Opera web browser is coming preloaded on the Wii’s flash ROM. This news coming via Revolution-Europe. New info about the highly anticipated Smash Bros. Brawl is coming from Joystiq, including this quote from Masahiro Sakurai, director and creator of the game, “Not all characters from the previous games will return.” Also, one last bit of Wii news, especially choice for you Anime fans, Sega is apparently bringing Bleach to the Wii and in the most vague way possible no less.
In 360 news, chrome controller shells? I can dig it.
And lastly, in Jack Thompson’s ongoing efforts to come up with the most enraging and nonsensical quote ever, he has stated to Baton Rouge paper The Advocate, "Nobody shoots anybody in the face unless you're a hit man or a video gamer." The full story can be read at 2theadvocate.