Shiryu releases NLA Blues, epic two dozen track tribute to Xenoblade Chronicles X

I was stuck in the world of New LA and Xenoblade Chronicles X for hundreds of hours myself, and can confirm that tis is one lengthy and impressive album of remixes. Shiryu digs deep and carves out over two dozen rearrangements of music from the eclectic Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack.

“We took our planet for granted. We believed tomorrow was a certainty thus we grew arrogant and weak. And one day they came. In a flash of light, the Earth was gone. Millions of lives erased in a single, unstoppable moment. We sacrificed those millions to save a few thousand in generation ships we launched into space as our last resort to avoid the complete annihilation of Mankind.

An we ran, we ran scared and we ran into the depths of the unknown. The White Whale was one among dozens of ships and in it’s cargo hold, the habitat that we filled with the most precious cargo of all: Our Future. But they pursued and founds us. We fought them off time after time until eventually the White Whale was sunk and disintegrated on the fortuitous breathable atmosphere of a small planet we now call Mira. Fortune kept smiling on us because the habitat crash landed mostly intact on the surface and it became Humanity’s sole shining beacon of light, all alone in the night.

Welcome to the last city of Mankind. Welcome to New Los Angeles.”

Sometimes a video game comes that completely grips my imagination. It happened to me several times very the course of my three decades as a gamer: “Speedball 2”, “Dune”, “Secret of Mana”, “Star Fox”, “Super Metroid”, “Fire Emblem”, “Xenoblade Chronicles”, “Mass Effect 3” and... well, what can I say, I love to dream away from reality. The last of this very extensive list is non other then “Xenoblade Chronicles X” for the Wii U, a game that despite the name is not a direct sequel at all of the Wii (and now New 3DS) original RPG from Monolith Software. The soundtrack is rather varied for a JRPG, including hip hop , rock , jazz and some other genres mixed together that very well portray a New Los Angeles, the last know city of Mankind that crash landed on Planet Mira after a somewhat disastrous evacuation of Earth. I pretty much played this game from release non stop for over 3 months with my current save data clocking at over 640 hours (so far!) and although I finished the main story mode in around 120, I just kept coming back for more because it truly is a wonderful planet to further explore. Very much like my previous tribute album “Mass Effectively” came to be in 2013 after I completed “Mass Effect 3”, “NLA Blues” is a tribute to “Xenoblade Chronicles X”, with a mix of various styles spread across 26 tracks, each track representing a place in New Los Angeles. Even if you’ve never played the game, I hope you enjoy these. It took way longer to produce then my usual albums because there is so much great stuff going on in my life, I am really glad I managed to pull this off. It will always remind me of the time I spend playing this game and the pleasant stuff going on, but Life taught me never to take anything for granted. So cherish every moment, you never know when some ancient alien civilizations decides to use the Earth as a battlefield. and we have to migrate into outer space.
— Shiryu

Watch genoboost play Star Fox Zero

I decide to record my first play through of Star Fox Zero for the Nintendo Wii U, and come to terms with a very complex and nuanced control system.

Listen to 'Break My Limits,' an FFVII Battle Theme remix by DJ Chief Takinawa

Get hyped for the Smash Bros Direct presentation later today with this extra hot drum n bass remix of the classic battle theme music from Final Fantasy VII. Takinawa laid this track down immediately after the Cloud in Smash reveal, and it drops just in time for the final info on Cloud Strife.

Watch The Bystanders Play Super Mario Maker part 1

Anthony and Frank, aka, The Bystanders, take on the Super Mario Maker 100 Mario challenge. The challenge is to defeat about a dozen fan made Super Mario stages. Let the trial begin!

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Rukunetsu's Splatoon inspired album of retro remixes BERING C - RETRO DIVE DAYS

Dive in. 

Don't you love that feeling, when you head over to check out the latest from an artist, and they have someonething even newer than that on their site? I barely covered Rukunetsu's PSX tribute EKI' 95, and here I am again talking about this Splatoon influenced tribute to classic Nintendo games.

The drums on this album!

Tracks from the for-fun would be underground Inkopolis band, Bering C. Remixes from a few old Nintedo games, and even an original thrown in there for good measure.
— Rukunetsu

Guacamelee! Week begins with Santa Luchita (World of the Dead)

A week long tribute to DrinkBox Studios' indie game Guacamelee!

A wonderful mix of Mexican folk and thumping electronic beats kick off a week of posts in honor of Drinkbox Studios' Guacamelee!.

'Santa Luchita (World of the Dead)' is my personal favorite track from the Metroid influenced indie title. I haven't felt this day of the dead in a game since hearing the Grim Fandango soundtrack many years ago.

Guacamelee! officially turns two later this week, on April 9th. The game was originally released as a downloadable title for the Playstation 3 in 2013. Since then, the game has gone under a few new iterations, and found a home on a variety of available platforms.

Have you played Guacamelee!? Share some of your thoughts on the album and soundtrack in the comments below.

Listen to a rock cover of Captain Toad's Theme by ShoujaNinja

A driving rock cover of the original Captain Toad's Theme from Super Mario 3D World.

Captain Toad Treasure Trackers drops later this week on December 5 for the Nintendo Wii U. GWill you be picking up Captain Toad when it releases? What did you think of the Captain Toad levels in Super Mario 3D World? Let us know in the comments, and get down to this funky jam in anticipation for Captain Toad!

The GM4A Weekly VGM Recap for November 3-9, 2014

Catch up on the last week of video game music news.

Loads of news this past week, and it doesn't seem to be letting up. I'm hard at work hunting down the latest and greatest in video game music. Peruse the site and I'm sure you will find the perfect soundtrack to the incoming DLC for Mario Kart 8. I'm particularly excited about the included F-Zero content in the update, which drops November 12th. 

Needless to mention, I am also enthused by the various implications this game expanding DLC creates. Wii U owners will be receiving new racers, courses, and karts (and Amiibo linked Mii costumes) while Nintendo fans in general get myriad questions as to the future of Nintendo DLC and Amiibo support.

Will you be purchasing the universe expanding DLC for Mario Kart 8? What upcoming content has you most excited to jump back into the race?

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Last Week's Stories

Listen to some haunting jazz blues from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack

Listen to '"French Quarter" from the Costume Quest 2 soundtrack. The game is available now on all major platforms. It's not often I hear some incredible New Orleans jazz in a video game, so this is a major event for me. When I came upon this section of the game, I definitely had flashbacks to Grim Fandango, which makes sense, as Peter McConnell is the composer for both games. 

Watch Hot Chocolate Party's Mario Kart 8 inspired music video “Luigi Death Stare”


Take a look at this hilarious hip hop music video from the the group Hot Chocolate Party. Watch as they apply the lessons learned from Mario Kart 8 to the real world trials of their lives. Read the lyrics and rap along, because they are awesome and included lyrics in the youtube description.

I'm still playing Mario Kart 8 damn near every chance I get. Mosty because I have it downloaded to my Wii U, so every time I fire it up, I see that little MK8 logo beckoning me. Alright, just a race or two...

Club Nintendo offers Super Smash Bros - Premium Sound Selection OST with game purchases


It appears that Nintendo is offering the chance to get some of the select cuts from the upcoming Super Smash Bros for 3DS / Wii U. If a Club Nintendo member registers both copies of the game, they will receive this beautiful two disc album.


No tracks have been announced for the upcoming song selection OST, but I'll make a safe bet that we will hear some familiar sounds from the silhouettes gracing the album cover.

This news also gives me a chance to share some of the latest Smash Bros arrangements that are available on the 3DS version's website, namely, this arrangement of music from the Mario & Luigi series by my favorite game composer, Yoko Shimomura.

Source: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Arrangement Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura

Listen to first samples of music from the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U


UPDATE: Looks like just before this post went up, there are two more songs to check out via the same link below. Music from Nintendogs and a Mega Man Medley.

Recently Masahiro Sakurai has updated the 3DS home for Super Smash Bros, revealing the music and composers for several themes in the game. There is an original arrangement "Multi-Man Smash" by beloved Katamari Damacy composer Yoshihito Yano.

There are also two remixes from relatively recent Nintendo games, a rocking Pokemon battle theme rearrangement by the well traveled composer Yuzo Koshiro, as well as the track below. Full Steam Ahead is a personal favorite of mine, and made all the sweeter by knowing that Wild Arms composer Michiko Naruke is behind it. 

Source: The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks / The Legend of Zelda Arrangement Supervisor: Michiko Naruke

Masikus - Sector Z³ and a few words about the recently announced Star Fox for Wii U


"Who are you guys?"
"We're Star Fox."

A Trio of Sector Z remixes from Masikus. Not a lot to add to that.  small collection, so allow me to rant about Starfox a little.

It's supposed to be an arcade game. Please Nintendo, put the outer space action flair back in Star Fox.

The greatest game ever, Star Fox 64 reveled in its sci-fi space fighter theme and used it to create a ridiculously quotable wrapper around the chocolatey core of tight, responsive controls and reflex driven arcade gameplay. Maybe you want to listen to the album while I continue.

Whatever becomes of the upcoming Star Fox announced during the recent E3, I hope that it is episodic content. What better way to show off the very idea of episodic content. Imagine playing through a new, roughly one hour Star Fox adventure every month. I believe this turns the normally jeered upon game length of arcade styled games into a positive, turning the experience from a 5-10 game into smaller, movie length experiences. 

Doing so would also reinvigorate the movie-like aspects of the beloved Star Fox 64, playing up the hokey dialogue and ammunition factory explosions every episode in glorious HD. 

What do you think? Could Star Fox, or perhaps some other series be revived better as episodic content?

Take a look at the "First Mario Kart 8 hacks!"

Some awesome proof of concept work by Bean and Chadderz (former Mario Kart Wii modders) in hacking Mario Kart 8 on Wii U. To be fair, I have more research in the area of "Wii U hacking" to read up on before this video makes complete sense to me, but initial chatter is siding with this being legit. So it appears that the path of the Wii U may take a drastic turn in some areas of the gaming community.


It's clear from the work in this video that a 1080p "Mario Kart 8: Black" could be a definite possibility! This simple yet far fetched notion makes me excited beyond belief, almost as much as imagining an HD re-release of Mario Kart Double Dash!! for Wii U.

I for one, am obviously on the optimistic end of the spectrum on where this Wii U exploitation is heading. Although, I am the type of person that had more fun soft-modding my PSP than actually playing games on it. In fact, the only game I've beaten on the PSP was a GBA rom of Summon Knight: Swordcraft Story.

So what do you think about the latest news about hackers finding an exploit in Mario Kart 8? Have you ever played on a hacked game console before?