8 Bit Bandit, Dumbfoundead, Lutin Wharf split EP, New Anamanaguchi and Vim albums, event dates

8 Bit Bandit has just released four new tracks for free download on his myspace site including tracks like Pogo and Keep the Salsa Fresh. Very good stuff. Also keep an eye out for his new collaboration with Dumfoundead The Super Barrio Bros. EP.

New Split album with Lutin and WHARF coming from the folks at Megatwerp. You can download the album on megatwerps frontpage.

Two new albums coming our way from 8bitpeoples. Anamanaguchi’s new 7 track album Power Supply has come out recently. Also Vim’s Extended Loo Break also coming in at 7 tracks. Both are free downloads so check them out.

One more note, check out the events section, we just updated it today with some new shows! Also don’t forget VGL!


8 Bit Weapon has released his album, Vaporware Soundtracks 2.0, in Amoeba Records in Hollywood for $9.99. So if you are in Hollywood, stop by Amoeba Records and pick it up.
New tracks coming down the pipe from typeA and Super Dracula, head on over to their sites to listen in.
Canadian chiptunist Lutin also has a new track, At the Bottom of the Lake, up from his forthcoming album being released October 6th on Megatwerp. Lutin also has a split EP in the works with artist WHARF. Lutin says about the upcoming split, “it looks to be an epic audio battle for the ages: think cotton-candy chiptune pop meets circuit bent land mines. ” The split is being released through magic swamp and will be available on CDR mini.