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A performance by Video Games Live is a performance unforgettable to many; mostly because of the overwhelming charisma the performers channel through the show. With constantly changing routines thanks to more than enough selections of music to choose from, a Video Games Live show always has something new and interesting for any VG-music enthusiast. So, when I got to shoot their show on November 6th at the Chicago Theatre, I was more than pleased. Full review after the break!

The show started off like any other, with a quick nostalgia-inducing musical montage from older games with a video for each playing in the background, followed by Tommy Tallarico introducing conductor Wataru Hokoyama. They proceeded into the show just after, but Video Games Live isn't entirely about the music-- it's got its share of audience participation as well, especially with the Frogger Contest they put on. Calling up two people from the audience, they engaged in a battle of speed, car-dodging, and highways to see who would reign supreme of the Chicago Froggerverse.

Of course, Video Games Live isn't without its share of guest appearances as well; while appearances by famous conductors and musicians of the industry (such as Michael Salvatori of Halo fame) are expected, nobody quite predicted the Skype appearance of the inventor of Tennis For Two, the first video game, Ralph Baer. Definitely a surprise for everyone in the room.

Another audience participation bit of Video Games Live is the Guitar Hero contest, the winner of which gets to play a song for contest on stage alongside Tommy Tallarico and the rest of the orchestra. In this case, it was Van Halen's "Jump" that made it onto the screen, and jump they did.

One particularly notable act of the currently circulating Video Games Live set is the added flute expertise of Laura "Flute Link" Intravia, who, with the help of her hovering fairy, managed a great flute solo in her Link costume-- combine that with a debut of her Flute Mario arrangement, and you have enough music to satisfy any fan of flute music and vide game music combined.

The show wrapped up with a familiar performance of Castlevania, which got the audience cheering more than loudly enough-- but still, the volume of the crowd's enthusiasm doubled when Tallarico and Intravia returned to the stage to do the encore which, of all songs, was "Still Alive" from Valve's Portal.

Video Games Live puts on a show that no fan of video game music should miss. With their set changing up for each performance, there's no reason to stop going to one of their concerts, and we look forward to the next tour that the crew has going for them.

Any good Video Games Live stories? A part of their show you really enjoyed? Share it below in the comments, and be sure to check the gallery for the full concert image set!

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We have a winner for the Video Games Live Contest!

The Video Games Live contest has ended, and the winner is none other than Anthony Barnes. Congratulations! We'll be in touch with you to get you some more information on claiming your two tickets.

To the rest of you who entered, don't feel too bad-- there are still plenty of tickets for Video Games Live performances in Chicago, and a myriad of other areas. You can see a full list of them here!

Video Games Live Contest!

Video Games Live is a musical project that needs no introduction-- Tommy Tallarico and others have given it more than enough of a reputation as one of the biggest live orchestrated game music concerts touring to date. And with those tours, comes contests!

November 6th is a big date for Chicago. Video Games Live will be hosting a performance at the Chicago Theatre, and GM4A will be playing host to a ticket giveaway of sorts. Simply send in an email to gm4acontest@gmail.com with the subject "Video Games Live contest" with your first and last name, and an email address we can reach you at, by October 31st. The winner will be notified by email on November 1st to receive their prize of ~two tickets~ to the Video Games Live show on November 6th in Chicago.

If you don't live in the Chicago area, don't feel too left out. Video Games Live has tour dates across the nation and through until 2010. A highly recommended performance for any orchestral or game music fan, you can see all of their tour dates listed here.

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 5/31 - 6/6

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Much like last weeks comic, this one is also quite appropriate, since last week I felt pretty hungry at least several times, and once for pizza even. There is no real segue to plug this but I will anyway. WEST COAST WIGOUT 2. If you are in Los Angeles around E3 time then check out the show info through this link. If you missed the news last week, like our name, we have hit four years of VG inspired music news. We continue that tradition today, as we have got some news, some video, and some sweet new tunes for you.

MAGFest and OCReMix attending Video Games Live in Virginia April 25th

So I just learned from Dom (who you may remember from his recent LBP rendition) that the OCReMix and MAGFest crews should be out in full force soon at the April 25th show of Video Games Live in Richmond Virginia. Not only that but Dom shall be playing the keys himself and taking requests of course!

For any fans of Video Games Live, both OC ReMix AND MAGFest are gonna be attending this Saturday's show, April 25th, at Richmond, Virginia's Landmark Theater! If you're in the area, it's not too late to grab tickets! Purchase tickets through this link.

Partnering once again with Video Games Live, OCR judges Larry Oji (Liontamer) & Jimmy Hinson (Big Giant Circles) are planning to be there to greet fans and talk video game music! Joining them are the staff of the biggest annual video game music party, MAGFest! MAGFest creator Brendan Becker (Mr. MAGFest), music director Dominic Cerquetti, and promotions man Nick Marinelli (Nick the Newbie) will be there in full force to tell you why you should attend 3 full days of concerts, game rooms and panels at MAGFest 8 next January!

Video Game Pianist to perform on 104 year old Yale organ

Martin Leung, or as many know him, the Video Game Pianist, will be performing with Video Games Live this Saturday, March 31st, At Yale University in the famed Woosley Hall. The Video Game Pianist will also have the honor of performing on the historic 3-story Newberry pipe organ that has been in the Woosley Hall since 1903. Congratulations to Martin Leung for this high honor. For more info and to get tickets to the show, check out videogameslive.com.

Gamers Uplink, Video Games Live, Year 200X, Horse the Band

We are glad to announce a great new affiliate today by the name of Gamers Uplink which was established in 2000 and has done many great things for the gaming community at large. We are glad to have them as an affiliate.
VGL tomorrow, be there! Other shows this weekend include Year 200X on the 23rd in Lansing, MI for 7 bucks. Also performing is Horse The Band in Detroit, MI on the 23rd. Check out those shows if you are in the area!

8 Bit Bandit, Dumbfoundead, Lutin Wharf split EP, New Anamanaguchi and Vim albums, event dates

8 Bit Bandit has just released four new tracks for free download on his myspace site including tracks like Pogo and Keep the Salsa Fresh. Very good stuff. Also keep an eye out for his new collaboration with Dumfoundead The Super Barrio Bros. EP.

New Split album with Lutin and WHARF coming from the folks at Megatwerp. You can download the album on megatwerps frontpage.

Two new albums coming our way from 8bitpeoples. Anamanaguchi’s new 7 track album Power Supply has come out recently. Also Vim’s Extended Loo Break also coming in at 7 tracks. Both are free downloads so check them out.

One more note, check out the events section, we just updated it today with some new shows! Also don’t forget VGL!

Video Games Live @ the Hollywood Bowl

Hey everybody, just want to get some more VGL info to you folks, like I said before, all of GM4A shall be at this concert (that’s right, all three of us). Here is the official press release and flyer for the Hollywood Bowl Video Games Live concert. We hope to see some of you there!


If you or someone you know is into video games you won't want to miss this highly acclaimed one-of-a-kind concert experience. Or maybe you are looking for something cultural and exciting that the whole family will enjoy? Video Games Live™ is not just a concert, but a celebration that people of all ages will adore.

What is Video Games Live?
Video Games Live™ is an immersive concert event featuring music from the most popular video games of all time. Top orchestras and choirs perform along with exclusive video footage and music arrangements, synchronized lighting, solo performers, electronic percussionists, live action and unique interactive segments to create an explosive entertainment experience.

About the Hollywood Bowl Concert
The concert will feature the celebrated Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, led by Video Games Live co-creator and conductor Jack Wall, with an opening act from famous recording artist Brian “BT” Transeau previewing selections from his new album “This Binary Universe.” Legendary guitarists Steve Vai and Dweezil Zappa will be performing along with the orchestra, as well as special appearances by well-known video game composers. New segments include a live performance of excerpts from the new Halo® 3 score as released this year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and the world premiere of Civilization IV, plus a rare special acoustic performance by the original Lucas Arts composers performing Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and more.
Video Games Live will make history by being the first to bring the symphonic score from Final Fantasy® to the Hollywood Bowl. Fans will also enjoy a special solo performance by Video Game Pianist Martin Leung who will debut his unique Final Fantasy® piano arrangement consisting of over ten Final Fantasy® favorites. Special interactive segments involving the audience will take place during the show, including a live interactive Space Invaders game, a Frogger competition, and even a special interactive appearance by the Goodyear Blimp. The evening will begin at 5:30 PM with an exciting pre-show festival that includes game competitions, pre-released game demos, a costume contest, and the “meet and greet” session with famous game composers and designers from all over the world, available free to all ticket holders.
New music and exclusive video has been added to the already spectacular line-up of games including Mario™, Zelda®, Final Fantasy®, Halo®, Metal Gear Solid®, Warcraft®, Myst®, Kingdom Hearts, Medal of Honor™, Sonic™, Tron®, God of War™ and others, plus there will be a new and expanded Classic Arcade Medley featuring tributes to the games that started it all.
The pre-show festival and costume contest will begin at 5:30 PM and is free to all ticket holders. Tickets ($3- $65) are currently on sale at www.ticketmaster.com, or click here to link directly to the VGL ticket page. The show will begin at 8:00 PM.


For more information please visit: www.videogameslive.com

Year 200X Interview, Year 200X, The Advantage, Horse The Band tour dates, Video Games Live @ the Hollywood Bowl

Sorry about the lack of updates, but here’s a good one. New interview up with heavy metal gamers Year 200X. Check it out along with all our other interviews in the interview section. They also have some upcoming shows on the 16th and 23rd of this month, check out their official site or our events section for more info. Horse the Band and The Advantage are both on tour and playing several shows each this weekend as well. so check that out too.

Another big event on the horizon will be Video Games Live which is coming back to the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California September 21st. There are still tickets ranging from as low as $7 to some prime seats going for about $60 still available through Ticketmaster. So if you are anywhere near LA definitely do not miss this event! Everyone from GM4A should be in attendance, so if you want to hang out or say hi to Jake, Corey and I (Anthony) then feel free to do so. Also it will be our writer/photographer Corey’s birthday on the day of the concert, so make sure to tell her happy birthday! Bring her a present even. Since I am assuming some (most) of you may not even know what we look like, I uploaded some pictures on the contact page. We hope to see you there!


The Good Nintentions Cosplay Ball is tonight! With bands Entertainment System, Chromelodeon, Temp Sound Solutions, and Geist. This is what ES had to say about the show, “Otakon was great last year, but this year they didn't want band acts at the con. We're throwing a concert on the Friday of the con so all the awesome people that saw us last year can still come out and rock this year. What an amazing line up, opening we have the J-pop power punk of annapolis natives Geist, next our good pal Temp Sound Solution, which will be followed by the non-stop video game rock'n'roll of ES, then as if that was'nt alread ythe most awesome thing you ever heard of CHROMELODEON from Philly is closing with a mind bending explosion of sound and light! this show is taking place only a few blocks from the convention center and it should be one to remember. if you're not from the area and have any questions about the venue and getting there, feel free to message us.”
If you are in or near Vienna, Virginia, tonight Play! A Videogame Symphony is coming to your town at the Wolf Trap Filene Center. For you folks in Chicago, Illinois this Saturday Video Games Live is in your town occupying the Rosemont Theatre.
Artist Elijah B. Torn is playing this Saturday in Baltimore, Maryland, and Sunday night in New York, New York. Check out his site for more info.

Betamod have recently released their newest EP by musician Shaun Knighton. The Ep, entitled Frozen, is three songs long, and is guaranteed to keep you cool from the summer heat. Track list below.

1. Frozen
2. Painting with Grey Matter
3. Recharge

MegaTwerp is also sending some music our way in the form of an album from Elegant Men. This duo consists of musicians Spookmeister C and Spamtron. The album, Elegance, is going for $6 (this is with shipping included). It consists of 12 genre spanning songs and clocks in at near thirty minutes. Track List is as follows.

1. Vincent Price
2. Gary Busey
3. James Brown
4. Charles Bronson
5. Phil Collins
6. John Travolta
7. Moe, Larry, and Curly
8. Christopher Walken
9. Charlton Heston
10. Tim Curry
11. Bruce Campbell
12. Elegant Woman

But that’s not it! “Using samples from Elegance along with other sources, Spamtron has created some remixes and original compositions and even some covers that blend perfectly (in my eyes) together. I tend to chime in every now and then, but it's mostly Spamtron's thing. This one is a lil bit more laid back, but don't let it catch you off guard. I really enjoy this one, and hopefully you all will, too. - Spookmeister C”
Yes, along with the Album Elegance, several chiptune artists have decided to remix several tracks of the album, and decided to call this remix album, Elegant Dudes. This album will come free for those who order the Elegance album. It consists of 12 Tracks and is 23 minutes in length.


No lack of news going into this weekend. Push Start is going to be getting some air time on Spread Radio Live this Sunday, June 25th. So definitely check that out!
In new releases we have Twilight Division who has a new EP release on Betamod. Also good friend The Flight Orchestra has a new song available for download, It’s the title theme to his forthcoming album Military of Fatima, and is entitled Fatima’s March. So head on over to his site.
Spike TV recently recorded a half hour television special about Video Games Live which will be airing midnight July 1st on Spike TV show Gamehead. The show will also be viewable streaming on the internet starting July 2nd on the Gamehead website.
Some great giveaways happening. San Antonio, Texas based video game store Premium Games is having an awesome little giveaway of Halo Preview Comics tomorrow over on their contest giveaway page, More info there and more upcoming giveaways from them on the way. Also be sure to check them out because they are working on a great, free VGM compilation including several very good bands. Another great giveaway going on is with Radio Sega whom are celebrating Sonic’s 15th birthday by playing all Sonic tunes and giving away lots of video games and t-shirts. So be sure to head on over there!