Video Armageddon III goes down tonight!

The final Video Armageddon is happening this very night in State College, PA. The show will be kicking off with Temp Sound Solutions, followed by Armcannon, Picnic Casket, Entertainment System, and finally Year 200X. The show is five bucks, and if you aren't there, you might as well not be alive ever.

Year 200X "Get these guys to VA3!" Sale

I think it's best to just let the folks from Year 200X talk about their fantastic sale.

"For a limited time, we're putting our merch on sale to help finance our trip to Pennsylvania for Video Armageddon 3. If you haven't gotten any merch yet, now's the time! Right now our Mega Man T-shirts are only $10 (inside US), which includes shipping, a free sticker, and a free DEMO. Demos by themselves are only $3, shipping and all.

For more info, or to order, check out our myspace page! Help us get to PA, and help us get into the studio and record our debut full length!

Take care all.
-Tim and Y2KX

PS, thanks so much to everyone who's bought merch so far. It really helps, we appreciate the support!"

To get in on this fantastic sale, and look as good as the fine lady pictured above, head on over to!

New Band of the Month, Castlevania: PoR pre-order bonus update, West Coast Video Armageddon, Push Start shirts

New Band of the Month today, yes, you heard right. I have decided to push this feature from weekly to monthly so that each band can get more exposure and I can be able to update it on time. Anyway, the band of the month for November is good and loyal folks Push Start.
Quick update on the Castlevania pre-orders. Now the pre-order is a nice exclusive bundle which both EB/Gamestop as well as Gamecrazy are giving away. This pack now includes the game (of course), the aforementioned soundtrack, extendable stylus, game case, and double-sided poster. so if you were on the fence before, this may tip the scale towards a purchase.

After two amazing, and highly successful Video Armageddon shows on the east coast, that magic is coming over to the west coast this December 15th. Bands that are playing are Push Start, The Mario Opera, Quarter-Circle Jab, The Megas, 8-Bit Weapon, and ComputeHer. The concert is being held at CIA in Hollywood, Ca. more details as the date approaches.
There just seems to be no end to Push Start related news. This time it’s about new Push Start T-shirts (observe below). These fine shirts are $12 with $3 S&H, which comes to a reasonable 15 bucks. Though some people don’t have 15 bucks to spend since they are saving up for certain video game systems (that’s a free swag request Leo!)

PS - Sorry about the recent lack of updates, school is a force to be reckoned with, but with midterms over I can finally get back to what’s really important, getting that VG music news to the people! Oh yeah, and check out the forums!

xepher.geo EPs, Spheres of Chaos album, MPFM, Akumu’s NSF Archive, VA2, Protomen, The Kode, and Year 200X concerts

Chiptune artist xepher.geo has released two free EP’s for download on his site. Afraid of the Dark is described as “droney, spacey idm breaks and noise” while the second EP titled DOS Recollection is “dirty lofi beats, chirpy chips and such madness!” They are free, so give them a listen.
Good pal’s Spheres of Chaos (interview here) are releasing their debut album on Friday the 13th of October. They also have an upcoming show on October 19th, check out their site for more details.
Just wanted to mention a new band I have come across this past week and let you folks in on it. I’ll try mentioning new and upcoming artists every week. Today I want to mention the band My Parent’s Favorite Music. Really amazing stuff.
Another interesting place to check out is Akumu’s NSF Archive. For those not in the know, NSF’s are the sound files from NES games. You can find out more information as well as programs to listen to NSF sound files at Akumu’s site.
Coming up soon, but just not soon enough is Video Armageddon 2. I just wanted to remind you all about it’s impending awesomeness on October 28th and also to post another amazing flyer for the event. This flyer coming from the good folks from This Place Is Haunted.

More upcoming concerts this week. Year 200X is playing a concert in Lansing, Michigan on the 11th. The Dr. Wily hating rock group The Protomen have two shows this week in Los Angeles this 11th and 12th. Also this Friday the 13th, Boston based pals The Kode are playing Hamdon, CT.