Serket, live chip jazz album by Positive Infinity

Serket by Positive Infinity

Serket was released on August 20th on Perelandra Records, a label that specializes in artists who wish to create instrumental music with chipsounds and real instruments, old and new, as they state.

Positive Infinity is a collaborative group from Miami, Florida that was created by the brothers David and Jonathan Roberts in late 2005. They have been working on Serket for a little over seven years. One of their dream was to create a jazz album where live instruments would combine with chip sounds!

Upon listening to the first track, you'll realize that this is exactly what they have achieved. Each track is carefully designed to give the listener the impression that the live instruments share the same stage as the chip instruments.

Positive Infinity's album is very well recorded and mastered. It gives the listener the impression of a private concert in their home. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that they really took the time to humanize each chip instrument. Each one of them is filled with a lot of emotion and feels as if it were real.

This album will stay in my daily playlist for a long time and if I'd have to choose, I think my personal favorite would be the title track, Serket. I like the ambient - jazz mash-up and it really sounds lively.

I'd recommend everyone go grab Positive Infinity's album or at least stream it on bandcamp, it is awesome!

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MEGAMAN by Maximo

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Joshua Morse drops chiptune sequel ‘Waveform 4′

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The OneUps - Intergalactic Redux album release

Intergalactic warbles reach us from some distant, and yet unknown galaxy. It sounds like music. It sounds like Zelda music! Across the cosmos comes The OneUps with that cosmic swagger.

Killed by Koopa - Stage One album

Man I was out of the scene for a while if Mutherpluckin' B could gather a band, and turn out a whole new album of funked out, funked up, and funked out of town video game covers. MB's got  posse, Killed by Koopa, and they are ready to start Stage One. This might be the most soulful, bluesy, funky, rocking album of classic VG jams to hit my ears since Mutherpluckin' B's last album. These instrumentals will stir the soul, and gets that blood flowing.

The World is Square - No Phoenix Down Can Save You Now album release

Not since a noble pair known as Elfonso popped out of the UK have I heard some music that is so simultaneously catchy and strange. Much like video games, I have an affinity for novelty in music. I like new experiences and the eclectic sound of The World is Square definitely fits those parameters. I can just see myself listening to No Phoenix Down Can Save You Now at the millennial fair, and chugging down beers sodas. Listen to this album when preparing to finally settle a mystery once and for all, or when sitting around a campfire.

minibosses - brass 2: mouth album release

Stop and behold the might of the minibosses, the band that introduced me to this whole listening to video game music without concurrently playing a video game thing. The brass is back, and this time it's personal, in brass 2: mouth. Also, check out more art from the album by Matt Smith.

By the way, I love the Tecmo Bowl song, but can't help but hear xoc's lyrics from his T. Rex inspired tribute to Tecmo Bowl.

temp sound solutions - the self pace ep release

temp sound solutions is currently on a roll of divulging some forgotten tunes to the realm of bandcamp. Check out afx 118, otherwise known as the self pace ep, originally set to be released in 2006 on the now defunct Megatwerp chiptune netlabel. Only three bucks to get nine glitched-out songs to your computer.

DJ CUTMAN w/ Spamtron, Mykah, and dj-Jo - The TRIFORCE of BASS album release

Looks like DJ CUTMAN has fulfilled his destiny and found the three EPs that create the legendary Triforce of Bass. Grab it from the DJ CUTMAN bandcamp for free and hear tributes to Zelda from Skyward Sword to the original title that started it all.

Grom - Shining Guitar album release

Shining Guitar
Shining Guitar

In all honesty, I had run across this album, probably well over a year, or two ago. Unfortunately for me, and for you, I failed to write about this album as soon as I had come across it. Well now it is time to make amends for thast failure and introduce you to the Shining Force tribute album Shining Guitar.

Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson releases Impostor Nostalgia album

Jimmy Hinson, also known in the video game music community as Big Giant Circles, just released his original debut album Impostor Nostalgia. The release features over 75 minutes of retro and VGM-inspired tunes, fusing modern-day electronic music with chip sounds of yesteryear. Impostor Nostalgia includes a wealth of guest appearances from big names such as Alexander Brandon, C418, Disasterpiece, Josh Whelchel, Pongball, Souleye and zircon. This album has been long in the making, and it certainly shows in the quality of the work.

We have a winner for the Video Games Live Contest!

The Video Games Live contest has ended, and the winner is none other than Anthony Barnes. Congratulations! We'll be in touch with you to get you some more information on claiming your two tickets.

To the rest of you who entered, don't feel too bad-- there are still plenty of tickets for Video Games Live performances in Chicago, and a myriad of other areas. You can see a full list of them here!

Video Games Live Contest!

Video Games Live is a musical project that needs no introduction-- Tommy Tallarico and others have given it more than enough of a reputation as one of the biggest live orchestrated game music concerts touring to date. And with those tours, comes contests!

November 6th is a big date for Chicago. Video Games Live will be hosting a performance at the Chicago Theatre, and GM4A will be playing host to a ticket giveaway of sorts. Simply send in an email to with the subject "Video Games Live contest" with your first and last name, and an email address we can reach you at, by October 31st. The winner will be notified by email on November 1st to receive their prize of ~two tickets~ to the Video Games Live show on November 6th in Chicago.

If you don't live in the Chicago area, don't feel too left out. Video Games Live has tour dates across the nation and through until 2010. A highly recommended performance for any orchestral or game music fan, you can see all of their tour dates listed here.