Betamod Netlabel rises from the ashes

As you may or may not recall from the early days of GM4A, I used to speak a lot about the amazing chiptune albums coming from the camp over at Betamod. Unfortunately, after a hacker broke the website, the Betamod netlabel slowly faded into the internet of yesterday.

Just recently though, Player Two, head of Betamod, has announced that he has redesigned, and relaunched Betamod for the new decade! There are a ton of what I consider classic chiptune albums available once again on this site, and I highly recommend you head over and peruse their old releases (Particularly the Next Level compilation, and the Twilight Division EPs) at All music on Betamod is free to download as well. I for one am very glad that Betamod is back and hope to hear much more out of them throughout the year.

Gamewave Podcast Episode 41

Episode 41 of the Gamewave Podcast features music this week from The Depreciation Guild, The Twilight Division, Desert Planet, Lawrence Power, seal of quality, Electro Static Discharge, arcadecoma. and Shnabubula. Ch-Check It Out!


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Semi-New and New Betamod Albums

While on hiatus I failed to mention three awesome and free releases from Betamod. First up is the compilation released by our friends Gamewave Podcast. [Now hosted on Pterodactyl Squad] Gamewave Podcast Compilation Volume 1 features ten tracks from ten amazing hand picked artists.


The next album is Mr. Spastic's amazing 6 track EP 8 to 16 Bit.


Finally, kicking off the new year with a bang comes the new EP from Twilight Division, The Dream Master.



No lack of news going into this weekend. Push Start is going to be getting some air time on Spread Radio Live this Sunday, June 25th. So definitely check that out!
In new releases we have Twilight Division who has a new EP release on Betamod. Also good friend The Flight Orchestra has a new song available for download, It’s the title theme to his forthcoming album Military of Fatima, and is entitled Fatima’s March. So head on over to his site.
Spike TV recently recorded a half hour television special about Video Games Live which will be airing midnight July 1st on Spike TV show Gamehead. The show will also be viewable streaming on the internet starting July 2nd on the Gamehead website.
Some great giveaways happening. San Antonio, Texas based video game store Premium Games is having an awesome little giveaway of Halo Preview Comics tomorrow over on their contest giveaway page, More info there and more upcoming giveaways from them on the way. Also be sure to check them out because they are working on a great, free VGM compilation including several very good bands. Another great giveaway going on is with Radio Sega whom are celebrating Sonic’s 15th birthday by playing all Sonic tunes and giving away lots of video games and t-shirts. So be sure to head on over there!