Turrican 3 / Electro Static Discharge News

Here's some news. Straight from the mouth of amazing chiptunist Spamtron!
"This is Spamtron from the 16-bit vg-metal band, Electro Static Discharge! Our band just put together another music video! This one is for a cover of the classic Amiga game Turrican 3:

I also wanted to let you know about our current band lineup. It consists of the following, in order of joining us:

Spamtron - vocals, composition, production, guitar, technical wizardry
Simiankolya - (good friend of mine, also from the band Dagger of the Mind) guitar, vocals, keyboard
Lurker (multi-instrumentalist and good friend of ours) - bass, drums, vocals
Hassaneutral - (good friend of mine, has worked on a lot of Spamtron videos) video editing, technical wizardry, filming of shows
Riders - (videogame musician and good friend of ours) Online studio musician (since he's from Canada), chiptune assistance, consulting
Ashane - (vidoegame musician and good friend of ours) guitar, keyboard, mixing, technical wizardry

We're going to be playing several shows in Portland, Oregon this Spring, Summer, and so on. By the way, we recently played a successful basement show at the Simmhut. The audience got pwned!"
- Spamtron

You can find ESD's first album at the currently under construction megatwerp.com.