Listen to Trigun inspired hip hop track Planet Gunsmoke ft. Toad the Newsense by An Hobbes

The anime inspired bonus cut from 2012 hip hop space opera Diaries of a Space Cadet by An Hobbes. I'm a big fan of Trigun, and this track inspired by it.

An Hobbes - Diaries of a Space Cadet album release

Space is always important. I for one hope we continue to explore space, so that our descendants can rap about life in the slums of Saturn. An Hobbes tears open a window into this future in his Diaries of a Space Cadet. Half rap album, half classic radio drama.

Got to mention K-Murdock, producing the beats for my two favorite tracks on the album, Best Served Cold and the Trigun inspired Planet Gunsmoke.

@AnHobbes has also made this album pay what you want all this weekend!