Jay Tholen - Your Sonic Residence and Transistor album releases

I have let not one, but two amazing album slip past you fine folks in a fit of non-writing. I am here now to tell you about those albums. Jay Tholen has released two small yet powerful creations, the Your Sonic Residence and Transistor albums. Both albums can be downloaded absolutely free at jaytholen.net/releases.html along with other amazing albums like one of my personal favorites, Epidemic (check out my glowing review here).

Your Sonic Residence is described as "an experimental release combining prog rock, shoegaze, electronic, and minimalist influences" by Tholen himself. This is true as he departs from the world of chiptunes to craft a soft and detailed electronic landscape through six tracks containing a multitude of instruments and sounds.

Transistor on the other hand is amazing album created in the best record bin diving tradition. Using samples from old records along with his amazing musical prowess he crafts seven catchy and interesting songs (and also does a cover of a certain Johnny Cash song). My personal favorite track is definitely the third track The Whistleblower. This is another amazing effort by Tholen showcasing his amazing breadth of skill when it comes to tackling any and every musical genre under the sun.

I can not recommend these albums enough, they are definitely ones that need to be heard and I hope you have the pleasure of being the ones who do hear them. Once again you can download the albums at jaytholen.net/releases.html!