Psychonauts 10th Anniversary Week ends, is a Psychonauts 2 possible?

I end this theme week with some questions. It seems that a Psychonauts 2 is almost inevitable, but is probably more of a rough concept rather than an upcoming game at this moment. Tim Schaffer has expressed interest in a sequel, but has also stated that acquiring the budget necessary to help a sequel reach its full potential is no small matter. We can certainly dream of the day Double Fine announces a sequel, hopefully within the next ten years.

As great a game as the original Psychonauts was, there were some issues with it. As with any sequel, there are plenty of possibilities as to what to add, change, or keep from the original. Video games have changed quite a bit in ten years, especially in regards to online. Would Double Fine address this in some way in a potential sequel?

The art above by Tomsleeps helps illustrate my point as well. Tom created concept art for a stage, or 'mind,' of his own design.

As fans of Psychonauts, what would you love to see added or updated were a sequel to come out this console generation. What console would you think the game would do best on?