Chiptune artists 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer are currently working on starting a new chiptunes label/ video game company named “Floppypop” and even plan on releasing a new game for the commodore 64 next year!
VGM label Megatwerp are currently working on new albums and CDR’s. More news on that to come.

Artist The Skeleton has released a new album entitled “I Want To Eat My Pikachu” and you can go to his site and contact him to order.
Track listing is as follows:

1. I Want To Eat My Pikachu
2. Robotron
3. Skate or Die!!
4. Dead Baby (In My Laundry Basket)
5. Jolt Party!!!!
6. Katamari Damacy
7. Fruit Snack Attack!!
8. Double Dragon
9. Can’t Get Up
10. Ramen

And finally, Artist Syntax Cataract has a new song up entitled “Gilles de Rais” on his site, so head over there and check that out.