ThePlasmas release retro VG metal album ABXY

Shredding through the classics

ThePlasmas are fully united and ready to rock out to a huge list of classic video game themes. Tons of classics are included in the over two dozen tracks. If you want to bang your head and rock out to legendary VGM like Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Mega Man, Super Mario and more, than look no further!

ThePlasmas - R3BORN album release

An enormous new album of video game metal and then some comes our way thanks to ThePlasmas whom yo might remember from one of our mixtapes. The album is entitled R3BORN and is 18 tracks of in your face video game metal covers. From Kirby to Chrono Trigger, Bubble Bobble to Super Mario and then some. The tracks come hard and fast in this one, and are definitely worth a listen. You can download the album from ThePlasmas myspace at for free. Be sure to check this out as well as all the other albums he has released, as they are all fantastic!

ThePlasmas - NES Cult Armageddon album release

Sadly I have been quite untimely with talking about this release, but it is an amazing one by all standards! ThePlasmas have released an amazing album of metal as all hell video game covers. From Ice Climbers to Sonic to Donkey Kong Country and even newer fair like Golden Sun the album covers a ton of games. There are some monster tracks here too, like the nine minute long K.O.N.G. which is a tribute to the DKC games, and the ten minute Zero Against Neo Arcadia from the Mega Man Zero games. Head straight to and download this album, it is definitely worth listening to and with a price of FREE you can't lose!

Hey! Listen! volume 3 mixtape from Game Music 4 All

I am very happy to announce volume 3 in a monthly series of 5 song "mixtapes" from GM4A. The series is called Hey! Listen! and asks you to do just that! Check out the first mixtape page for info about how this mixtape series works. We are bringing you an extra heavy dose of VG rock on this album from the likes of Chile based ThePlasmas as well as East Coast rockers Rare Candy! Not only that, but we have a great laid back VG remix from all around nerd musician sli, and some great nerdcore hip hop from hiphopmcdougal. We top it all off with a beautiful closing song from NES Rock newcomers I Fight Dragons. All this is wonderfully labeled with artwork by good friend Leo Camacho. Well don't just sit there, dig in!

Download the album (including art, and liner notes)
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Liner Notes

Album Cover |Original Artwork

Track listing and artwork:
1. ThePlasmas - SuperMario

2. hiphopmcdougal - Venomous Vapors

3. sli - Wobbly Rings

4. Rare Candy - Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace / Schala's Theme / The Day the World Revived

5. I Fight Dragons - With You

Album Artwork by Leo Camacho

About the artwork:
The artwork is a remixed version of an art piece titled "The Unusual Suspects." The artwork was created last minute by Leo Camacho (who will be next months artist as well), so huge thanks to him on putting something great together on only a few days notice! Sadly we had our original artist have to drop off the project due to family affairs, but best of luck to her, and hope to have her on a future album!

Thanks again to everyone who checks out this album! Thank you for taking an interest in brand new and amazing music! Thank you to all the bands and artists kind enough to contribute their hard work for the mixtape! Thanks again to Hotdog Storm for hosting duties! Also thanks to any other sites, artists, blogs, or just regular folks who spread the word about these mixtapes!

The Plasmas - Noentiendo album release

Looks like The Plasmas, a new VGM project out of Chile, has released a spectacularly metal album entitled Noentiendo. The album is 11 tracks and spans over 45 minutes, with covers from Kirby Superstar, Killer Instinct, Starfox, and even a rendition of Contra featuring Duane, of The Adventures of Duane and BrandO fame!

This album is well worth a listen, especially since it is a free download. So you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain! so head over to The Plasma's myspace page and download the album right away!