Music EXP Compilation Update 5. This one's HUGE!

Alright, so we now have EVERY SINGLE band on the upcoming Music EXP album confirmed. We have a whopping SIX more bands to announce for the compilation. Thus bringing the final compilation song total to 24 tracks! Can you believe it? 24 incredible tracks by 24 incredible artists. Many of which are exclusive to this compilation!

Let's announce the final six incredible bands for the compilation now shall we? First off is one of the most amazing bands I have ever heard, these folks take their musicianship very seriously and it shows with their incredible solo's and musical prowess. I am glad to announce The Kode is now on the compilation! The next group also has some amazing musicianship going on, and are actually contributing their very first studio recorded track to our album, (of which you can also get a sneak peak at their website). I am very happy to introduce our good pals Armcannon! Next is a group who is very close to our little website, the rockingest band in a very non-rock genre, Push Start is now confirmed for the compilation!

That's three down and three more to go! Alright, next up is the ever impressive Animal Style, who is helping hold down the chiptune side of this compilation. Another band holding down the chiptune fort is Sacramento, CA based duo Two Playa Game! Finally, the last band to be confirmed, the amazing mash up of chiptunes and hip hop, Super Barrio Brothers!

Now, finally, I am very excited to announce the entire line-up of bands and artists on Game Music 4 All's very first compilation, Music EXP.

8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
Animal Style
The Game Genies
The Kode
The Lost Levels
The Megas
The OneUps
Player Two
Push Start
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Super Barrio Brothers
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions
Two Playa Game
Videogame Orchestra
Year 200X

Now we are excited right? You know it!

Concerts, Concerts, and More Concerts

March is apparently a HUGE month this year as far as video game inspired music concerts go. Several tours are kicking off this month including Anamanaguchi UK Tour, and the Mediocre Tour. Also several one-off concerts all over the map. This weekend kicks things off with concerts today, Friday, from The Kode, The Depreciation Guild, Dr. Wily and the Robotmasters, and Math the Band. Then on Sunday The Megas rock Los Angeles, and The Kode is playing a live radio show. Check out each respective bands websites for more details.

There are dozens, and I mean, literally, DOZENS, of concerts going on this month, check out our events calendar and see if one is coming to a town near you!

Slip, 8-Bit Artist, TheKode

Slip, 8 Bit Artist and others appeared in issue 214 of Nintendo Power! Congratulations to you all.

We'd also like to announce that The Kode's studio debut ^^vv<><>BAStart is now available for download at When you go to the site you can check out all of the tracks with their streaming audio player! The hard copy release date is set for the Boston release party at Berklee College of Music on Thursday March 8th. There will be tons of copies for the tour so make sure to find The Kode at a city near you this month!

I'd also like to thank you all again. Our February page views kicked our previous record's butt. Keep spreading the word!

xepher.geo EPs, Spheres of Chaos album, MPFM, Akumu’s NSF Archive, VA2, Protomen, The Kode, and Year 200X concerts

Chiptune artist xepher.geo has released two free EP’s for download on his site. Afraid of the Dark is described as “droney, spacey idm breaks and noise” while the second EP titled DOS Recollection is “dirty lofi beats, chirpy chips and such madness!” They are free, so give them a listen.
Good pal’s Spheres of Chaos (interview here) are releasing their debut album on Friday the 13th of October. They also have an upcoming show on October 19th, check out their site for more details.
Just wanted to mention a new band I have come across this past week and let you folks in on it. I’ll try mentioning new and upcoming artists every week. Today I want to mention the band My Parent’s Favorite Music. Really amazing stuff.
Another interesting place to check out is Akumu’s NSF Archive. For those not in the know, NSF’s are the sound files from NES games. You can find out more information as well as programs to listen to NSF sound files at Akumu’s site.
Coming up soon, but just not soon enough is Video Armageddon 2. I just wanted to remind you all about it’s impending awesomeness on October 28th and also to post another amazing flyer for the event. This flyer coming from the good folks from This Place Is Haunted.

More upcoming concerts this week. Year 200X is playing a concert in Lansing, Michigan on the 11th. The Dr. Wily hating rock group The Protomen have two shows this week in Los Angeles this 11th and 12th. Also this Friday the 13th, Boston based pals The Kode are playing Hamdon, CT.

The Protomen, The Kode, TouchBoy, Entertainment System shows this weekend

The Protomen are playing live shows all weekend on their current tour. This weekend they are rocking their way across Tennessee. Tonight they’ll be playing in Memphis, then tomorrow night in Murfreesboro, and finally Nashville on the 7th.
Good friends, The Kode are also ready to kick off a tour, but before they go they are playing a show at their own Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA tomorrow night, October 6th.
TouchBoy also has a date north of the border in Toronto, Canada on the 6th in which he will be playing all new material for your listening pleasure.
Finally, more pals of GM4A, Entertainment System are playing two dates at SITACon “where E.S. will be playing two sets and hosting a panel up in Utica, NY. The first performance will be on Friday night, then a Q & A panel with the band where we will pretty much just get drunk and make fart noises (feel free to join in), then an encore performance on Saturday afternoon.” SITACon starts this Friday. Enjoy your weekend! and check out our interviews section for more info on Entertainment System and The Kode!

The Megas, Push Start, The Kode, Play!, 1337 Geek Beat shows, Year 200X/8-bit Artist Collaboration

This Saturday The Megas and Push Start are performing in Los Angeles, so check that out. The Kode are traveling out to New York for two shows on the 29th and 30th in Syracuse and Rochester respectively. Play! A Videogame Symphony is playing up in Toronto, Canada on September 30th. Also on the 30th, Texas based group 1337 Geek Beat are playing in Dallas, TX.
Year 200X and 8-bit Artist have collaborated to release a song and art piece together. The collaboration? Zelda II Adventures of Link. Check out and download the song on Year 200X’s site, and check out the artwork below and on 8-bit Artist’s site.


Brand new interview with The Kode up now! It’s a very interesting interview with three members of the Boston based band. Check it out!
For owners of the new DS Lite, has your hinge got a crack in it? mine does.

Nintendo of America, and Nintendo of Europe have both agreed to fix the defect in the DS Lites free of charge, just contact Nintendo’s customer service.
Betamod has some new forums up that they just started, and are hankering for some members. check it out at
Band Totally Radd!! have added a new song to their site, Here is what they have to say, “It's been a long time in the making, but we've finally put a brand new song on our profile!

The song is called Cold Moonlight and features the beautiful vocals of Juliette Commagere of Hello Stranger (formerly Vagenius).

Keep an eye on our page, as we'll be posting a couple more brand new ones for your earballs in the next few days.”
Also, I just had to mention something I am very excited about. From Behemoth, the independent creators of Alien Hominid, comes Castle Crashers, a game they recently announced that is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. I loved Alien Hominid, and this game looks to be every bit as amazing.