8 Bit Operators - Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, Vol. 1 Beatles tribute release

As I wrote about last month, 8 Bit Operators have announced their years in the making tribute to the one and only The Beatles. Well at last the album is finally out and available to download! If you head over to 8bitops.com right now you will be taken to the Band Camp page where you can download the full album for $10. The album includes a cavalcade of phenomenal artists bringing their own chipped out interpretations of both famous and more obscure Beatles tunes.

Well worth a download and most definitely worth a listen, this album follows in the steps of other great recent releases like Kind of Bloop and Weezer - The 8-Bit Album. Check out the full collection of tracks and artists below!

01. 8-Bit Operators "Tomorrow Never Knows Megamix" 04:50
02. 8 Bit Weapon with ComputeHer "Eleanor Rigby" 02:13
03. glomag "h3lt3r_sk3lt3r" 03:16
04. Bacalao "Blackbird" 02:39
05. Burnkit2600 "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" 02:56
06. Saskrotch "Paperback Writer" 02:09
07. Psilodump "All You Need Is Love" 02:44
08. minusbaby "Flying [El Barrio Mix]" 07:02
09. Anamanaguchi "I Will" 01:00
10. The Depreciation Guild "Because" 03:43
11. Aonami "Back in the U.S.S.R." 02:16
12. Bubblyfish "Piggies" 02:01
13. poke-1,170 "When I'm 64" 01:54
14. GOTO80 "Come Together" 04:00
15. Sloopygoop "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 01:54
16. Herbert Weixelbaum "Sie liebt dich" 02:18

8-Bit Operators announce all star chiptune Beatles tribute: Wanna Hld Yr Handheld

We just heard the efforts of the incredible roster of musicians who recreated the world changing sounds of Miles Davis with Kind of Bloop. We heard a huge roster of chiptuners pay tribute to the mainstream nerdiness of Weezer on Weezer: The 8 Bit Album, and here we are again. This time we return with folks that are no strangers to the land of rearranging and covering classic tunes.

The 8 Bit Operators, who are comprised of a stable of impressive musicians including Bud Melvin, 8 Bit Weapon, and Anamanaguchi to name just a few. Well these folks who have once brought us the chipped out sounds of Kraftwerk are now hard at work once again for another grand undertaking. This time we are talking about another globe changing band, of course, I speak of paying tribute to The Beatles in 8 bit form with the upcoming Wanna Hld Yr Handheld chiptune compilation.

A tough endeavor to say the least, but these folks have been working on this project for well around two years according to their website, and it definitely shows. As of 09/09/09 Astralworks and the 8-bit Operators have decided to grace us with nine preview tracks of the upcoming project via the Wanna Hld Yr Handheld myspace page. Also be sure to keep an eye on the Official website because, on 10/09/09, in celebration of John Lennon's birthday we will be treated to the announcement of the albums full list of tracks and artists!

Press release and preview track listing below.

Almost 2 full years in the making, the 8-Bit Operators "WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD" Beatles Tribute focuses on the glorious avante-garde/ electronic side of the fab 4, with over 20 of the biggest international names in 8-bit chiptune music, all utilizing re-tooled classic GameBoys, Ataris, Apple II, Commodore 64 and Nintendo Entertainment Systems! The upcoming release will include tracks from 8-Bit Weapon w ComputeHer, Bacalao, Anamanaguchi, Bud Melvin, Burnkit 2600, Depreciation Guild, Glomag, Herbert Weixelbaum, Neotericz w Naku, Bubblyfish, Poke-1,170, Shrimps w Robert J Smith, gwEm & Counter Reset, goto80, Receptors, Psilodump, Cheap Dinosaurs, Saskrotch, Minusbaby, Rabato and Aonami!

Here's the 1st batch of 9 tracks:
1.8-Bit Operators - Tommorrow Never Knows(Bacalao Megamix w Burnkit 2600,Glomag,Herbert Weixelbaum,Neotericz w Naku,Psilodump,Receptors and Shrimps w Robert J Smith)
2.Anamanaguchi - I Will
3.Glomag - h3lt3r_sk3lt3r
4.8-Bit Weapon w ComputeHer - Eleanor Rigby
5. Bacalao - Blackbird
6. Burnkit 2600 - Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite
7. The Depreciation Guild - Because
8. Bubblyfish - Piggies
9. Poke-1,170 - When I'm 64

genoboost's unofficial valentines day mixtape UPDATE: album now offline

So I have hastily tossed together a quick mix of love songs for all the nerds and your significant others to enjoy! And I hope you do. If you decide to play this for them, definitely let me know how that went in the comments!

Also, since I don't really have permission to be releasing these tracks I will only be having this compilation available until the end of February, so grab the songs while you can! Most of the songs on this mix are free and in higher quality from each respective artist, so definitely check out each artists website!

Sorry kids! The album is now offline! Check out the links below and dig up the songs yourself though! Most of them are free and all of them are amazing! If so compelled though shoot me an email and I might hook you up!

Track listing
1. My GF is... by Dual Core from the album Lost Reality - dualcoremusic.com
2. Erica by Joel Tetreault
3. Necrophilianomenon by ZeaLouS1 from the album Assimilation Process: Complete - zealous1.com
4. At The Arcade by Dan Plus Add from the album Matters of Great Importance - danplusadd.co.uk
5. Take My Hand, Take My Heart by Lumine Hall from This Album Stinks - myspace.com/luminehallmusic
6. Less Than Three by Shael Riley - shaelriley.com
7. Tecmo Bowl (in the style of T Rex) by XOC from the in progress album VGMITSO - xocmusic.com
8. Orange Crush by hiphopmcdougal from the EP Time Circuits On - myspace.com/hiphopmcdougal
9. I Love My Computer by Colon:P - myspace.com/colonpmusic
10. Aqua Soul (Robot Love) by Random from the album Mega Ran - megaran.com
11. Laura's Lullaby by Elfonso from the album Tako wa chikyu o suku - myspace.com/elfonsomusic
12. Bits and Pieces by Shael Riley from the album Toybox - shaelriley.com
13. Splash Woman (produced by Samik) by Random from the album Mega Ran 9 - megaran.com
14. Butterfly Kisses by The Depreciation Guild from the album In Her Gentle Jaws - inhergentlejaws.com
15. Rapgirl by MC Lars from the album The Graduate - mclars.com/
16. I Can't Run To You Fast Enough by Pixelh8 from the album The Boy With the Digital Heart - pixelh8.co.uk

The artwork for the album is originally by Steffo from My Parent's Favorite Music.

Gamewave Podcast Episode 41

Episode 41 of the Gamewave Podcast features music this week from The Depreciation Guild, The Twilight Division, Desert Planet, Lawrence Power, seal of quality, Electro Static Discharge, arcadecoma. and Shnabubula. Ch-Check It Out!


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Gamewave Podcast Episode 39

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gamewave Podcast Episode 39 is now available, and it's a good 'un, featuring music from Spamtron, Pixelh8, NES1, The Depreciation Guild, cheap dinosaurs, Jay Tholen and Sintecoraz. There's also a track from Disasterpeace's awesome new full-length, Level. Make sure to listen on some nice headphones.

(Like you haven't already), subscribe at www.gamewavepodcast.com/rss.xml.

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Blip Fest 2006/2007 Videos from 2 Player Productions

I just got word that 2 Player Productions has hooked up with cool new video hosting site Vimeo and threw down a ton of footage from the last two Blip Festivals. The footage is very high quality too. Widescreen, some HD, all that good stuff! In case you don't understand, you HAVE TO see these amazing videos! Here are the links to check them out!

Blip Festival 2006 Videos

Blip Festival 2007 Videos

Here is one of my personal favorites from the collection of beautiful footage. THough I have yet to watch them all. Enjoy!

Depreciation Guild // Blip Festival 2006: The Videos from Paul Levering on Vimeo.

5 Bands to Check Out This Week

I've decided to make a semi-regular article in where every couple weeks I'll give you a quick list of bands, artists or albums I have been listening to lately. It's pretty self explanatory. I list five bands, then I demand you check out those bands as well!

Thanks to Jephso, I have been listening to plenty of The Depreciation Guild lately. They have the brand new album In Her Gentle Jaws up for free download at inhergentlejaws.com

Shawn Phase AKA Temp Sound Solutions has released plenty of new songs on his myspace page. I am definitely in love with his cover of UN Squadron, especially that little "chat" in the middle of the song. Head over to his myspace to hear all the great new stuff he's been working on!

Elfonso has released a new album (as stated earlier). I'm still giving that plenty of my time. If you haven't downloaded their new album Tako Wa Chikyu O Suku, then you have to stop dawdling and get it!

I have recently ran across an amazing band on Myspace going by the moniker 8-bit Duane and The Amazing BrandO (or The Adventures of Duane and Brand0, they can't be confined to one name). Once you hear their two song Mega Man epic, you'll definitely be hooked.

Finally, I have been hooked on one new song recently posted on OCRemix entitled Last Night a DJ Kidnapped Mallow by Skrypnyk. The song is a cover of Mallow's Sad Song from Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. Anyone who knows me knows that I consider Super Mario RPG the greatest game EVER made. You can download this amazing song at this link.

In Her Gentle Jaws

In Her Gentle Jaws, the second release from the amazing The Depreciation Guild, is now available. And even better, for free! This is likely to be one of the albums of 2007, even outside of 8-bit music, so check out the swish new site made for the release and then grab the .zip file.


Concerts, Concerts, and More Concerts

March is apparently a HUGE month this year as far as video game inspired music concerts go. Several tours are kicking off this month including Anamanaguchi UK Tour, and the Mediocre Tour. Also several one-off concerts all over the map. This weekend kicks things off with concerts today, Friday, from The Kode, The Depreciation Guild, Dr. Wily and the Robotmasters, and Math the Band. Then on Sunday The Megas rock Los Angeles, and The Kode is playing a live radio show. Check out each respective bands websites for more details.

There are dozens, and I mean, literally, DOZENS, of concerts going on this month, check out our events calendar and see if one is coming to a town near you!