Listen to classic Armcannon metal cover Super Mario World - Castle

This song definitely takes me back to the early years of this site, and a lot of the incredible friends and musicians I have met along the way. Also, I absolutely love the keyboard that goes down on this track.

Listen to Super Mario World based hip hop remix Test Fate by JimmyTheLoch


This Super Mario World beat is absolutely untouchable. The slick rhymes of JimmyTheLoch add plenty as well. 

Much like SMW is in my untouchably perfect games list, this beat sits right alongside it. If I could hear a variety of rappers on one track, it would be this one. I would kill for a loopable instrumental. I'd beat all of Super Mario World to this, nodding my head the whole time.

Listen to SMW - Castle Theme (Esque Remix) by ESQUE 1983

Image from Super Mario World for the SNES.

Image from Super Mario World for the SNES.

Boppin' but a little ominous remix of the daunting Castle Theme from Super Mario World.

When I first saw Super Mario jump off Yoshi, I felt something close to, "Stay here Yoshi, this part isn't for little ones, things are about to get real in this castle."

Self Playing Super Mario World Music Video

I had a tough time coming up with a title for this post (not a fan of the one I ended up with either). The reason being that I haven't been so in awe of a youtube video in quite some time. Looks like someone took the self playing levels of Super Mario World hacking fame, and decided to make a song of it. Check it out below and enjoy!

Special thanks go out to Andrew of Talk Nerdy To Me for hipping me to this video.