Birabuto Kingdom (Super Mario Land) performance by Ace Waters


Lay your eyes on this fantastic remix of the most memorable music from Game Boy classic Super Mario Land. The Super Mario Land series was very strange compared to the console Super Mario platformers, and I wish they would bring that back in newer iterations for the 3DS.

At least let Mario continue to rescue Daisy in the handheld games. Daisy never gets kidnapped anymore, it can't be good for her self esteem.


This is my first official request song. Have a song you want me to cover? Let me know in the comments. I keep track of those things. Maybe I will do it in the future!

Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary from OC ReMix available now for free download


The surprisingly unstreamable, but who cares because it is free anyways and assuredly awesome new album from OverClocked ReMix is available now. Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary is an album length album of tributes to classic and niche tracks from the original DMG-001. 

It's a heartbreaker that Super Mario Land 2, arguably one of the best Super Mario platformers ever, was not in on the festivities. There are a ton of other classics though, such as the original Super Mario Land, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.