Watch genoboost play Star Fox Zero

I decide to record my first play through of Star Fox Zero for the Nintendo Wii U, and come to terms with a very complex and nuanced control system.

Experimentation, the latest collection of beats, flips, and remixes by BeatmakerKelz

Another wonderful album of BeatmakerKelz beats and flips. BmK always takes things in a weird direction, in the best possible way. I'm lucky so many great gaming themes enter his remixing crosshairs or else I would have never heard any of these dope beats. Besides tackling games like Banjo Kazooie and a strange but wonderful fusion of hip hop and Yoshi, we also get remixes of assorted movies and pop music hits. It's well worth a listen to hear the clever flips and experimental remixes.

Boss Rush, the new album of video game funk rock from Do a Barrel Roll!

The members of DABR! do battle to save the planet, taking on boss after deadly boss by unleashing all their music mastery in a funk rock blend of intense VGM covers in Boss Rush. Take a moment of rest to hear the far too short but soothing "Revival of the Great Fairy" or get swept up in the bombastic "Battle of Gerudo Valley."

Between the hard hitting Zelda, and TMNT rearrangements, the funkified Star Fox covers, and the aforementioned tranquility of one of my favorite Legend of Zelda themes, this album is well worth the price. Download the album now for $7.

Masikus - Sector Z³ and a few words about the recently announced Star Fox for Wii U


"Who are you guys?"
"We're Star Fox."

A Trio of Sector Z remixes from Masikus. Not a lot to add to that.  small collection, so allow me to rant about Starfox a little.

It's supposed to be an arcade game. Please Nintendo, put the outer space action flair back in Star Fox.

The greatest game ever, Star Fox 64 reveled in its sci-fi space fighter theme and used it to create a ridiculously quotable wrapper around the chocolatey core of tight, responsive controls and reflex driven arcade gameplay. Maybe you want to listen to the album while I continue.

Whatever becomes of the upcoming Star Fox announced during the recent E3, I hope that it is episodic content. What better way to show off the very idea of episodic content. Imagine playing through a new, roughly one hour Star Fox adventure every month. I believe this turns the normally jeered upon game length of arcade styled games into a positive, turning the experience from a 5-10 game into smaller, movie length experiences. 

Doing so would also reinvigorate the movie-like aspects of the beloved Star Fox 64, playing up the hokey dialogue and ammunition factory explosions every episode in glorious HD. 

What do you think? Could Star Fox, or perhaps some other series be revived better as episodic content?