New Gamewave Podcast episode/mixtape

It's been six months since our last episode, but the Gamewave Podcast is pleased to bring you another guest hosted episode from Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs. This mixtape features over 40 minutes of top-drawer tracks from artists including trash80, Linde, Jay Tholen and Spiny Norman, perfect for your chiptune-themed gym workout or for listening to whilst relaxing on the beach this summer.

And there's also some good news regarding the long-term future of the Gamewave Podcast. Now that Joe has finished his degree he's planning to head out to Japan this summer to start work there. However, having met up with members of Spheres of Chaos recently, the guys are plotting to begin recording episodes again over Skype soon. Look out for new shows from this autumn/fall.

Also, keep any emails coming in to the usual address. Despite the show being on hiatus at various points over the last couple of years, the emails we receive from fans have shown us there's demand for the show and are one of the reasons we've decided to start recording again. We'd especially like to have some artist/track requests.

Check out Gamewave Podcast Episode 48, or subscribe at

New Gamewave Podcast episode

The listeners asked for it, so I sat down yesterday and recorded my first episode of the Gamewave Podcast in about a year and a half!  I usually record a Christmas Special around this time of year, but there's so much great new music that I decided to just play non-festive tunes from arcadecoma., lpower, Spheres of Chaos, Jay Tholen, Machinae Supremacy, C-jeff, IAYD, Henry Homesweet, Fighter X and The J. Arthur Keenes Band.

Gamewave Podcast

Game Music 4 All even gets a mention.  Head over to or subscribe to the feed at to listen!

Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009

A massive success over the last two years, the Chiptune Alliance Tour returns to the UK in September, bringing some of the world's finest chiptune talent to the attention of UK fans, this year featuring Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet and Spheres of Chaos.

There are seven dates on the tour this year, and if you're anywhere near any of the shows, make sure to get down there and rave to chiptunes all night. This year's tour is bound to be the best yet!

LUTON - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet
BOURNEMOUTH - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, Dexter, Amy Can Fly
NEWPORT - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, Shirobon
SHEFFIELD - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, Spheres of Chaos
LIVERPOOL - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, Henry Homesweet, TBA
EDINBURGH - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, NO HENRY HOMEWSWEET, Big Box Little Box, Mexico Fallz
GLASGOW - Sabrepulse, GOTO80, Fighter X, NO HENRY HOMEWSWEET, Big Box Little Box, Mexico Fallz

Find out more information on the MySpace page and Twitter page.

2 new releases from Pterodactyl Squad

Following on from the massive success of Weezer - The 8-bit Album, Pterodactyl Squad have just made two new releases. The first is NESMETAL's latest work, Void:

The prolific NESMETAL returns with his 4th release on Pterodactyl Squad, this his most dark and brooding work to date - Void. Inspired by the release of the retro-styled Mega Man 9 one year ago, NESMETAL decided to go back to basics, using simpler textures and rhythms to take his sound in a new direction. But fear not, the heavy metal themes and complex song structures still remain, making this release another truly interesting and original chapter in the tale of NESMETAL.

Then next we have a compilation full of brand new and unreleased tracks from the artists on Pterodactyl Squad.

  1. Heroes In The Snow - arcadecoma.
  2. Random Encounter In The Cereal Aisle - Spheres of Chaos
  3. Love Prevails - NESMETAL
  4. Medical Advice - Multifaros
  5. Sound Team JDK Homage 01 - Lawrence Power
  6. Candy Poppy - L'homme Manete
  7. Range of Korgameth - Temp Sound Solutions
  8. JW86 takut Wewegombel - Je deviens dj en 3 jours
  9. Mr. Glass - Skip
  10. Sound Team JDK Homage 07 - Lawrence Power
  11. GAYLA - Spamtron
As usual, download them both for free, and look out for a brand new fake soundtrack to come soon from Lawrence Power.

This post is brought to you by the number 7

Like most other people I normally skip this kinda stuff, but since Anthony tagged me on a blog I write for I think it would be rude not to rise to the challenge. I will have to bend the rules slightly though, as I can't think of 7 other nerdy blogs to link to after Z. and Anthony's tags. But I'm not gonna let that stop you learning 7 juicy facts about your second favourite GM4A writer!

  1. Most people will probably know all of this first fact, but to start off: I'm pretty involved with the video game music scene.  I play drums in Spheres of Chaos, host the Gamewave Podcast AND run a netlabel called Pterodactyl Squad, as well as writing on here.  Beat that!
  2. Despite the fact that I'm British, I currently reside on an artificial island in Kobe, Japan.  I'm doing a study year abroad as part of my Japanese degree, so I'm gonna be here until August.  I'm not yet sure whether I'll be coming back after my degree is over.  Probably not.
  3. When I was born my parents didn't give me a middle name, so I got to choose it when I was baptised.  I chose 'Elliott', like the name of the boy in E.T., 'cos I love that movie.  My full name is Joseph Elliott Allen.
  4. I have a fairly large traditional Japanese-style tattoo which is based on a famous piece of art called the The Great Wave off Kanagawa.  Where?  You'll have to guess...
  5. I'm really interested in the various decades of the 20th century and the pop culture that accompanied each one.  The fashions, the music, the TV shows, the cars, and how they all changed is constantly fascinating to me.  Currently, my favourite decades are the 1950s and the 1980s.
  6. I need copious amounts of sleep to function, and the amount I need seems to be increasing with age.  I'm slightly worried.
  7. My bedroom back in the UK is painted in the colour scheme of the NES.  Grey walls, red skirting boards and black carpet.  And my bed is a giant NES cart.  (Part of this fact is untrue) 

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Gamewave Podcast post Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008 video

The Gamewave Podcast has just posted some video footage from the Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008.

Now in its second year, the Chiptune Alliance Tour recently hit the road, bringing some of the world's finest chiptune artists to the attention of UK fans. We filmed some footage on the night and have uploaded some of the best bits to the podcast feed (go to the Episodes page for direct links to the video). The video comes in two parts, but download both to witness live sets from Sabrepulse, Random, Spheres of Chaos, Firebrand Boy and syphus!

Also, be on the lookout for a special guest host episode of the Gamewave Podcast from the team behind the Letters vs Numbers podcast!

And check out this Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Chemical Plant Zone cover by Spheres of Chaos from the same show (this song soon to be featured on GM4A's Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Tribute compilation).

Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008!

The Chiptune Alliance Tour is an annual event which seeks to bring the biggest international talent within the chiptune community to the shores of the UK!

September 2007 saw amazing performances from USK, Maru, Calis, Sabrepulse, Random, Syphus, Little Penguin and Flanboy.

August 2008 will showcase the talents of Anamanaguchi, Random, Sabrepulse, Firebrand Boy, Syphus, Henry Homesweet, We Are The Future, Spheres of Chaos and Unicorn Kid. Be sure to check the artists for each night as the line-up will vary throughout the tour.









As you can see, a couple of dates still need venues, so if you can help out, get in touch with Sabrepulse.

For more info, visit

Spheres of Chaos website redesign

Spheres of Chaos recently redesigned their website, so check it out while it's still all shiny at

The band are also currently finishing off their tracks for the GM4A Sega MEGA DRIVE compilation (see previous post), as well as starting work on an all-chiptune album. They'll be playing the Sheffield date of the Chiptune Alliance Tour too, which is hitting the UK this August - more news on this tour to follow soon.

World's first podcast recorded on a Talkboy?

We just released episode 43 of the Gamewave Podcast, and we tried something a little different this time - we recorded it using a Talkboy; I'm pretty sure that's the first time it's ever been done before.

The audio quality isn't actually that bad, but don't worry, we didn't record the music using the Talkboy - that would have been silly! And we did play some rad music this week: Je deviens dj en 3 jours, temp sound solutions, alex mauer, Pixelh8, Spheres of Chaos, Spamtron, NESMETAL, Starship Amazing, Dudymas, Skip and Virt. There's also a return of the 'Website of the Week' feature! Don't miss this show!

Head on over to or subscribe to the feed at

March Band of the Month!

They've just released a new EP, so Band of the Month for March 2008 is video game rock band Spheres of Chaos. Here's a little more about them:

"Formed in high school in 2005, Spheres of Chaos is Michael Cook, Alex Fenwick, Joe Heffer and Joe Allen - 4 dudes combining a love for video games and rock music. Taking their name from a space shooter for the Acorn Archimedes, SoC utilise guitars, bass, drums and 8-bit sampling, playing live shows around their hometown of Sheffield. The band write original music that embodies the feel of video games, as well as playing the occasional video game cover. "

You can download the new EP, Stratospheria at Pterodactyl Squad for free.

"Embark on a new quest in Stratospheria, the second release from video game rock band Spheres of Chaos. Set off at the breakneck speed of Twilight To Midnight, before moving into the brooding saga of The Citadel; then marvel at the power of the Megafauna, before voyaging upward in Skyward. Spanning styles and sentiments, a journey of adventure, imagination and story-telling awaits."

Also, look out for a Spheres of Chaos track on the upcoming GM4A compilation Here Comes A New Challenger.

Gamewave Podcast Compilation Volume 2 album release

To celebrate the launch of Pterodactyl Squad we present the Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol. 2! Featuring a selection of artists from the podcast, this 2nd compilation once again showcases the many sounds of original video game style music, something for which the Gamewave Podcast is now famous. Either a great introduction to the scene, or just another load of awesome tunes!

This is one of the first five releases and re-releases coming from the brand new Pteradactyl Squad netlabel. Definitely some great music and a healthy mix of styles from Phlogiston, ArcadeComa, Electro Static Discharge, Spheres of Chaos, Disasterpeace and more. Also, as with everything coming from Ptera Squad, the compilation is completely free. So head over to Pteradactyl Squad's site and hit the releases section to get a hold of this compilation. And if you haven't, grab the equally amazing Gamewave Podcast Compilation Volume 1, which is also up on the site!

Oh yeah, and subscribe to the Gamewave Podcast of course!

Chiptune Alliance Tour!

We recently received a distress call from a chiptune organization in need!!
GM4A justice force, GO!!

and here is the email:

"Hi Guys,
I'm organizing a tour for the last week of September across the UK with the
following artists:
*USK from Fukuoka, Japan
*MARU from Fukuoka, Japan
*CALIS from Falköping, Sweden
*SABREPULSE from Aberdeen, Scotland

plus local support from the following artists on certain dates:

*FIREBRAND BOY from Glasgow, Scotland
*HENRY HOMESWEET from Ipswich, England

Dates for all the shows are as follows:-

*(the following dates are no a part of the CHIPTUNE ALLIANCE TOUR, these are just the dates USK/MARU are playing as part of their European leg in association with MICRODISKO and 2 other promoters)

@ Sat 15th Sept - Microdisko, Stockholm (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Tue 18th Sept - Microdisko, Oslo (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Thu 20th Sept - Robodock Festival, Amsterdam (USK, MARU + MORE)
@ Sat 22nd Sept - ZXZW Festival @ Tilburg (USK, MARU + MORE)

*(this is where the CHIPTUNE ALLIANCE TOUR starts)

@ Sun 23rd Sept - O'Henrys, Glasgow (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + FIREBRAND BOY)
@ Mon 24th Sept - The Cooperage, Newcastle (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Tue 25th Sept - The Cellar, Oxford (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Wed 26th Sept - The Frog & Parrot, Sheffield (FREE GIG!) (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + SPHERES OF CHAOS)
@ Thu 27th Sept - Chinnerys, Southend-On-Sea, Essex (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + HENRY HOMESWEET)
@ Fri 28th Sept - TJ's, Newport, Wales (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE + MORE)
@ Sat 29th Sept - The Hat Factory, Luton (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)
@ Sun 30th Sept - Water Rats, Kings Cross, London (USK, MARU, CALIS, SABREPULSE)

Further information on the tour (artist additions etc etc) will be posted on
Any queries about the tour can be either messaged to us on there, or to

Thanks a lot,

Well there you have it!
Tons of fun and lots of places it's going down. Be sure to check it out, or at least check out the bands.

Spheres of Chaos album digital remastering and new EP scheduled

Just like any good sci-fi film trilogy, 8-bit rock band Spheres of Chaos have recently had their 10 track LP digitally remastered.

The self-titled debut album was originally released back in 2006, but Player Two over at Betamod has revised the tracks, resulting in an even better sounding record. If you don't have the release already, or would like the new tracks then head on over to the band's site and download it all for free -

The band are also just finishing up on their next release, a 5 track EP, featuring 1 VG cover track and 4 original songs. Look out for the EP on a netlabel near you!

Gamewave Megacast #1

The Gamewave Podcast and VGM Megacast have joined forces to bring the internet the Gamewave Megacast #1! This show is a must-listen for all fans of video game music, combining the "best in original video game style music" with "only the most awesome video game covers". Join Joe, Mike, Tim and Tony as they discuss UK and American culture and play music from artists such as Anamanaguchi, The Advantage, Ozma, Metroid Metal, Spheres of Chaos and Year 200X. Check out the VGM Megacast site and feed or

Mega Twerp relaunch!

Mega Twerp, the awesome video game music netlabel is now back online! The site has undergone a redesign and, as well as being home to artists such as lutin, Electro Static Discharge, Disastertron, Phlogiston and Spheres of Chaos, the new release from Player Two is now available from MT.

Here's a blurb from the site which explains the Mega Twerp ethos:

"Sometime in the year 200x our history was lost. We are still searching for it. All we can tell you is that we bring you a great selection of Video Game Music. Every "Sub-Genre" is welcome to this site wether you like chiptunes, theme remixes and covers, video game metal, progressive, IDM-style, chip and bass, chip hop, pop, and even bebop. You get the picture. We think there are too many of these "Sub-Genres" and thought it'd be great to have all these styles under on totally awesome netlabel!"

Go, go, go!

Gamewave Podcast Anamanaguchi Interview

There's no normal episode of the Gamewave Podcast this week, instead there's a video interview with Anamanaguchi! Whilst the band were over in Sheffield to play a show with Spheres of Chaos podcast hosts Mike and Joe took the opportunity to interview them. Hear the guys talk about 8-bit music, s'mores and getting shot. The video can be found as part of the normal podcast feed. If you don't know how to subscribe to the feed then head over to the Gamewave Podcast Episodes page.

Biggest Announcement Ever! Game Music 4 All Compilation

Tell everyone! Tell your friends, your parents, your dog. Write it on a brick and throw it through a window! We at GM4A are very proud to announce that for our site's one year anniversary we are hard at work on the grandest of grand music compilations. The compilation is set to release June 3rd 2007, exactly one year after our very first post on this website of ours.

The compilation is titled Music EXP and will include many artists we know and love. Here are a few involved so far!

8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
Spheres of Chaos
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions

We will be revealing more and more bands involved as we build up to the release date. Also we will be creating a myspace page solely for the compilation so look out for that. Everyone spread the word! We want this to be a truly impactful CD on not just the VGM community, nor the gamer community, but in all the music community!

We will post more news about the album as it progresses. Don't get off the edge of your seat until then!

Anamanaguchi UK tour

New York Nintendo powerpop gang Anamanaguchi begin their UK tour on March 9th in Aberdeen. They'll also be hitting Glasgow, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Farnham, Guildford and Oxford along with acts such as Firebrand Boy, Sabrepulse, Spheres of Chaos and Elfonso. If you're in the UK be sure to witness Anamanaguchi and their trademark awesomeness. Find out more from their MySpace page.

Spheres of Chaos record release, Temp Sound Solutions EP, Blip Festival

Spheres of Chaos have released their first album this past Friday the 13th. The self-titled album is ten tracks long, and you can purchase the album through their official site, or a free download through Megatwerp. Track List below.

1. Clouds

2. Zero

3. Save The City

4. Impaled On Spikes

5. Beanstalk

6. Narcosis

7. Cyborg

8. Desert Torque

9. Space March

10. Bounty Hunter

Chequered Records have also released a new EP from Temp Sound Solutions recently. Isolated Warrior EP is up for download free and consists of eight songs. TSS is also hard at work on his new album Now Youre Playing With Powar 6. With over 100 songs spanning 2 discs he certainly has his work cut out for him.

Also be sure to check out the info for the new Blip Festival. More news on that as we get it.

xepher.geo EPs, Spheres of Chaos album, MPFM, Akumu’s NSF Archive, VA2, Protomen, The Kode, and Year 200X concerts

Chiptune artist xepher.geo has released two free EP’s for download on his site. Afraid of the Dark is described as “droney, spacey idm breaks and noise” while the second EP titled DOS Recollection is “dirty lofi beats, chirpy chips and such madness!” They are free, so give them a listen.
Good pal’s Spheres of Chaos (interview here) are releasing their debut album on Friday the 13th of October. They also have an upcoming show on October 19th, check out their site for more details.
Just wanted to mention a new band I have come across this past week and let you folks in on it. I’ll try mentioning new and upcoming artists every week. Today I want to mention the band My Parent’s Favorite Music. Really amazing stuff.
Another interesting place to check out is Akumu’s NSF Archive. For those not in the know, NSF’s are the sound files from NES games. You can find out more information as well as programs to listen to NSF sound files at Akumu’s site.
Coming up soon, but just not soon enough is Video Armageddon 2. I just wanted to remind you all about it’s impending awesomeness on October 28th and also to post another amazing flyer for the event. This flyer coming from the good folks from This Place Is Haunted.

More upcoming concerts this week. Year 200X is playing a concert in Lansing, Michigan on the 11th. The Dr. Wily hating rock group The Protomen have two shows this week in Los Angeles this 11th and 12th. Also this Friday the 13th, Boston based pals The Kode are playing Hamdon, CT.