Listen to SUBCON podcast 19, a tribute to NWA and VGM

Ninten With Attitude. 

Forget the game themed specials, this is an N.W.A. themed episode. We got Dre, Eazy, Ice, and Ren over select video game beats in this episode.  The latest video game based lyrics corner meshes together the worlds of Earthbound Beginnings and classic N.W.A. I also talk about my early love for gangsta rap, and my current love for Advance Wars!


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SpamM - Earthbound Zero mash up album release

SpamM, one of the many artists of the ever growing Earthbound Crew collective has released a crazy mixtape mash up of songs from Mother for the Famicom along with all manner of various commercial rap songs and more. Check out the release at the EB Crew webpage.

The album is definitely well done and it is really interesting just to hear what SpamM has done with all these different tracks. The first track kick's off with a mash up of Mother and Warren G if that tells you anything. This is also a very cool introduction to the EB Crew in general, showing the odd and crafty style of one of their members. Hopefully we will be seeing even more of these out of left field albums from them on a regular basis!