Christmas Regifting: 8 Bit Jesus, An Overclocked Christmas, 8bits of Christmas and more.

So to put it bluntly, there is no new music here, hence the "regifting." Let us revel in the holiday spirit though, and call these albums something of a tradition. Also, if anyone is feeling in an especially gift giving mood...well you see that contact link over there.

We kick things off with one of my personal favorites from a good pal. Let us all get reacquainted with Doctor Octoroc and his album 8-Bit Jesus.

Doctor Octoroc - 8-Bit Jesus

Available through the album page on, 8 Bit Jesus is Doctor Octoroc's first foray into chiptunes, and the results are quite amazing. With over a dozen christmas inspired chiptunes. Personal favorites of mine are Have Yourself a Final Little Fantasy and Little Drummer Nemo, the latter of which you can get in the free nine song album sampler

Next up we can't forget the classic compilation from well known label 8bitpeoples.

The collection of 8 tracks which comprise The 8bits of Christmas include tracks from seminal artists like Nullsleep, Bitshifter, GOTO80, and several more. Well worth a download any time of the year in fact!

Finally we have a classic from the OverClocked Remix community.

Their tribute to the season is An OverClocked Christmas. This is ten tracks of ReMixed christmas tunes as only the OCR community can do it. Another great album worth checking out, and as with all OCR projects, completely free to download.

I would also like to point folks to the recently released 8 Bit Weapon/ComputeHer Christmas album It's a Chiptune Holiday. Or if you just want to relax with some great winter themed songs, head over to Slightly Dark's album list and scroll down to "S" to find all seven SlightlyDark Christmas Mix volumes, or check out the amazing Sea of Ice compilation released at the end of last winter on Pause.

More VGM related musical cheer

As soon as I posted my first post about Christmas VGM I get a message from my new best friend Larry "Liontamer" Oji, the head submissions evaluator for OverClocked ReMix and creator of VG Frequency.

He wised me to even more great holiday VGM! First of all is An OverClocked Christmas, which, while not an official OCReMix release, has a few of the fine OCReMixers sharing their holiday cheer through the sound of music. Another fantastic download to rock at your Christmas parties!

Also, fantastic VGM resource Slightly Dark has released their newest yearly christmas VGM mix. Head through this link to download the SlightlyDark Christmas Mix Vol. 5
. You can also grab their previous 4 Christmas albums here.

Enjoy even more of the Holiday cheer!