New episode of STFUAJPGM

Chiptune podcast STFUAJPGM have just released their 5th episode, this one curated by yours truly, Joe Allen of the Gamewave Podcast.

As usual, each episode combines a mixtape of chiptune music, art, video and text, all centered around a particular theme. The theme for Episode 5 was Space, and we chose music from x|k, RushJet1, Skip, SLiVeR, Sabrepulse and Phlogiston. Check out the page for Episode 5 here, or download the ZIP here.

2 new releases from Pterodactyl Squad

Following on from the massive success of Weezer - The 8-bit Album, Pterodactyl Squad have just made two new releases. The first is NESMETAL's latest work, Void:

The prolific NESMETAL returns with his 4th release on Pterodactyl Squad, this his most dark and brooding work to date - Void. Inspired by the release of the retro-styled Mega Man 9 one year ago, NESMETAL decided to go back to basics, using simpler textures and rhythms to take his sound in a new direction. But fear not, the heavy metal themes and complex song structures still remain, making this release another truly interesting and original chapter in the tale of NESMETAL.

Then next we have a compilation full of brand new and unreleased tracks from the artists on Pterodactyl Squad.

  1. Heroes In The Snow - arcadecoma.
  2. Random Encounter In The Cereal Aisle - Spheres of Chaos
  3. Love Prevails - NESMETAL
  4. Medical Advice - Multifaros
  5. Sound Team JDK Homage 01 - Lawrence Power
  6. Candy Poppy - L'homme Manete
  7. Range of Korgameth - Temp Sound Solutions
  8. JW86 takut Wewegombel - Je deviens dj en 3 jours
  9. Mr. Glass - Skip
  10. Sound Team JDK Homage 07 - Lawrence Power
  11. GAYLA - Spamtron
As usual, download them both for free, and look out for a brand new fake soundtrack to come soon from Lawrence Power.

Ecospheric Escape by Skip, from Pterodactyl Squad

Pterodactyl Squad have just made their 10th release - Ecospheric Escape by Belgian artist, Skip.

"Skip's first release with Pterodactyl Squad is Ecospheric Escape, a selection of 7 scientifically musical tunes, all inspired by a childhood playing video games in front of the TV screen. Otherworldly and abstract, yet always precise and upbeat, synthy melodies run over speedy drum beats, creating an alien sound which is somehow quite familiar."

Download for free, here!

World's first podcast recorded on a Talkboy?

We just released episode 43 of the Gamewave Podcast, and we tried something a little different this time - we recorded it using a Talkboy; I'm pretty sure that's the first time it's ever been done before.

The audio quality isn't actually that bad, but don't worry, we didn't record the music using the Talkboy - that would have been silly! And we did play some rad music this week: Je deviens dj en 3 jours, temp sound solutions, alex mauer, Pixelh8, Spheres of Chaos, Spamtron, NESMETAL, Starship Amazing, Dudymas, Skip and Virt. There's also a return of the 'Website of the Week' feature! Don't miss this show!

Head on over to or subscribe to the feed at

Catita! netlabel album releases

There is a pretty amazing new netlabel on the scene in Portugal. They go by the name Catita!

All their releases are free, and quite amazing! I've had the chance to give them a listen and have grown quite fond of Fest-noz Commodore and Every Cloud has your Smile in particular. All the albums are amazing though, and I'm sure there will be many more amazing ones to come! So bookmark these folks and keep an eye out for ever more releases!

This is a real chilled and laid back album by Newton Balloon, very ambient and relaxing and well worth a listen. I've been listening to this album quite a lot and can't recommend it enough. Certainly looking forward to hearing what this fellow comes up with next!

After a few months of "AFK", L'homme delivers some old and some fresh Rockman Zero inspired tunes. Enjoy these 7 awesome songs!

As you know, anything Mega Man inspired is definitely worth a listen. L'homme definitely brings his own style to it as well. Catita's latest release and it's quite different from his first Catita album.

Catita! proclaimed drum 'n' tendo style album from Skip, another fantastic artist on this new label which seems to bringing in some amazing talent!

This is the first release from Catita! and definitely my favorite one so far! This 3 song EP from L'homme Manete is quite brilliant and has entered my regular rotation of songs as of late. Definitely has to be heard!

I am more than happy to tell everyone about this new netlabel which will be bringing us plenty of free albums to look forward to! Head over to Catita! and grab all these amazing releases right now!