Epic-1 "Good Enuff"


[Update: album available at the Nerdcore Hip Hop Archives] Epic-1 has done it again. As a rising hip-hop artist from EMPulse Records he knows how to bring you to the edge of your seat and be begging for more. Since his hot album "1", Epic-1 knows how to impress his fans and have complete take over. Well be prepared to be conquered once again. His newest release,"Good Enuff", is stronger, hits harder, and doesn't disappoint.

My personal favorites definitely go out to "Nina", "It Feels like", and "Lvl99". "Nina" is a crazy non-stop ride that goes into stories about females that aren't all who you think they are. "It Feels Like" questions oneself and what exactly are you doing in today's world while "Lvl99" uses game references talks about reaching a dead end.

He uses the element of video games but the subjects ride on the serious side. Whether it's about women, world issues, or everyday life, the variety will either get you thinking or laughing in agreement. Songs featuring artists TCP, Shinobi Onibocho, kRhym35t4r0n3, and Entity, you know this something you can't miss. It dabbles in sweet-sour, a definite treat for your ears. You can get it for free at RhymeTorrents right here. "Good Enuff" is so much more than good. It is transcendent.

Letters VS Numbers episode 014a: "Endless Possibilities" and 014b: "Fire Breathing Octopus"

You are in for another action packed show! Once again we had to chop this sucker into halves so all the awesome can go down easier! First one on your plate is Letters VS Numbers episode 014a: "Endless Possibilities" This week, not only is Chibi Ma hanging out alongside MisterB and I once again, but we also have a second guest in the form of Shinobi Onibocho from nerdcore duo Krondor Krew! We have ninjas, we have mages, and we have all the music and banter you know and love!

We are back with part b, which is simply known as Letters VS Numbers episode 014b: "Fire Breathing Octopus". Why? You just have to listen to find out. Beyond the aforementioned sea creatures we also have Shinobi and Chibi Ma for the second half of course. We also discuss more Final Fantasy, funeral dressers, hookers, and more! Not to mention our ever popular beef section. Who are we beefing with this week? FIND OUT!

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