Listen to SUBCON podcast 16 - The most thug party members in FFVII

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The latest SUBCON features new tracks from 2 Mello, Andre Martel, Bona El-Zee, and an OCReMix rap collab. In another Video Game Based Lyrics Corner, I decide which FFVII characters don't give a f-, using Sean Paul and J Bo of YoungBloodz as my guide. Then I go as hard as a PBS telethon as I reveal the SUBCON Patreon plan!

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City of Thieves - New Game + album

Been rocking this album with mad swag as I hustle and grind. While I am trying to get mine, you should get this album. City of Thieves mashes up Himself of Shadowrunners' swaggering lyrics against some wild video game beats. Max out that swag to 100% and start a New Game +.