Guacamelee! Week continues with a Boss Theme chiptune mix

More art and music paying tribute to the Metroid inspired brawler.

The Guacamelee! game is one after my own heart. The developers at Drinkbox Studios seem to have handpicked some of my personal favorite pieces of culture, including lucha libre, Metroid, and a catchy horn filled soundtrack.

Some facts about Guacamelee!

  • Originally proposed as a 'pure' brawler' by Mexico born concept artist Augusto Quijano.
  •  Part of the "Sony Pub Fund" initiative, an exclusivity agreement with Sony for project funding.
  • Drinkbox Studios caused some minor outrage just after the game's release due to the inclusion of various memes and game references.
  • Created with a team no larger than 13 people.
  • Took 19 months to complete from original conception.

Guacamelee! Week begins with Santa Luchita (World of the Dead)

A week long tribute to DrinkBox Studios' indie game Guacamelee!

A wonderful mix of Mexican folk and thumping electronic beats kick off a week of posts in honor of Drinkbox Studios' Guacamelee!.

'Santa Luchita (World of the Dead)' is my personal favorite track from the Metroid influenced indie title. I haven't felt this day of the dead in a game since hearing the Grim Fandango soundtrack many years ago.

Guacamelee! officially turns two later this week, on April 9th. The game was originally released as a downloadable title for the Playstation 3 in 2013. Since then, the game has gone under a few new iterations, and found a home on a variety of available platforms.

Have you played Guacamelee!? Share some of your thoughts on the album and soundtrack in the comments below.