8bitpeoples release Xinon vs. Sabrepulse - Realization & Stu - GreateST HITs

Kind of worn out from all the enormous posts lately. So I'm just going to toss up the 8bitpeoples company line for their two latest albums.

Now that the Blip Festival is over, 8bitpeoples gets back to business, pumping out the biggest, baddest chipmusic around. GET CLICKING. Love, 8bitpeoples.

8BP081 Stu: GreateST HITs

Finally, here's your chance to enjoy Stu's hard hitting dancefloortracks from the comfort of your own home! Don Atari electro and YM Rocker Stu, member of the infamous drop da bomb collective delivers you a handful of YM2149 killer tracks made on the Atari ST. As the famous German writer Goethe wrote: "In der Beschränkung zeigt sich erst der Meister," implying that limitation reveals the real mastery, and this is particulary true for Stu's ultra efficient electro and breakbeat flavoured music. A minimum of equipment with a maximum impact, in the creative hands of this Swiss maSTer.


8BP080 Xinon Vs Sabrepulse: Realization

Game Boy techno overload! LSDJ pop/trance conflict! 8bitpeoples proudly presents its first split release, an onslaught between two warring chiptune factions. Xinon provides five weapons-grade anthems, the bittersweet melodic prowess of "Attitude" setting up the bomb perfectly for the hard hitting "Vanishing Point," providing a critical blow to the enemy! Jetting hyperspeed into his adversary, Sabrepulse unloads a salvo of differing styles, with the ultrasweet pop dance party of "Hey Kate" at variance with the bass-laden sting of "Venom." This collection will open your ears to the realization that international chiptune relations are stronger than ever.

http://www.8bitpeoples.com/discography_gfx.php?artist=Xinon VS Sabrepulse