Music EXP Compilation Update 5. This one's HUGE!

Alright, so we now have EVERY SINGLE band on the upcoming Music EXP album confirmed. We have a whopping SIX more bands to announce for the compilation. Thus bringing the final compilation song total to 24 tracks! Can you believe it? 24 incredible tracks by 24 incredible artists. Many of which are exclusive to this compilation!

Let's announce the final six incredible bands for the compilation now shall we? First off is one of the most amazing bands I have ever heard, these folks take their musicianship very seriously and it shows with their incredible solo's and musical prowess. I am glad to announce The Kode is now on the compilation! The next group also has some amazing musicianship going on, and are actually contributing their very first studio recorded track to our album, (of which you can also get a sneak peak at their website). I am very happy to introduce our good pals Armcannon! Next is a group who is very close to our little website, the rockingest band in a very non-rock genre, Push Start is now confirmed for the compilation!

That's three down and three more to go! Alright, next up is the ever impressive Animal Style, who is helping hold down the chiptune side of this compilation. Another band holding down the chiptune fort is Sacramento, CA based duo Two Playa Game! Finally, the last band to be confirmed, the amazing mash up of chiptunes and hip hop, Super Barrio Brothers!

Now, finally, I am very excited to announce the entire line-up of bands and artists on Game Music 4 All's very first compilation, Music EXP.

8 Bit Bandit
Alex Mauer
Animal Style
The Game Genies
The Kode
The Lost Levels
The Megas
The OneUps
Player Two
Push Start
Select Start
Spheres of Chaos
Super Barrio Brothers
Super Nintechno
Temp Sound Solutions
Two Playa Game
Videogame Orchestra
Year 200X

Now we are excited right? You know it!

New Band of the Month, Castlevania: PoR pre-order bonus update, West Coast Video Armageddon, Push Start shirts

New Band of the Month today, yes, you heard right. I have decided to push this feature from weekly to monthly so that each band can get more exposure and I can be able to update it on time. Anyway, the band of the month for November is good and loyal folks Push Start.
Quick update on the Castlevania pre-orders. Now the pre-order is a nice exclusive bundle which both EB/Gamestop as well as Gamecrazy are giving away. This pack now includes the game (of course), the aforementioned soundtrack, extendable stylus, game case, and double-sided poster. so if you were on the fence before, this may tip the scale towards a purchase.

After two amazing, and highly successful Video Armageddon shows on the east coast, that magic is coming over to the west coast this December 15th. Bands that are playing are Push Start, The Mario Opera, Quarter-Circle Jab, The Megas, 8-Bit Weapon, and ComputeHer. The concert is being held at CIA in Hollywood, Ca. more details as the date approaches.
There just seems to be no end to Push Start related news. This time it’s about new Push Start T-shirts (observe below). These fine shirts are $12 with $3 S&H, which comes to a reasonable 15 bucks. Though some people don’t have 15 bucks to spend since they are saving up for certain video game systems (that’s a free swag request Leo!)

PS - Sorry about the recent lack of updates, school is a force to be reckoned with, but with midterms over I can finally get back to what’s really important, getting that VG music news to the people! Oh yeah, and check out the forums!

The Megas, Push Start, The Kode, Play!, 1337 Geek Beat shows, Year 200X/8-bit Artist Collaboration

This Saturday The Megas and Push Start are performing in Los Angeles, so check that out. The Kode are traveling out to New York for two shows on the 29th and 30th in Syracuse and Rochester respectively. Play! A Videogame Symphony is playing up in Toronto, Canada on September 30th. Also on the 30th, Texas based group 1337 Geek Beat are playing in Dallas, TX.
Year 200X and 8-bit Artist have collaborated to release a song and art piece together. The collaboration? Zelda II Adventures of Link. Check out and download the song on Year 200X’s site, and check out the artwork below and on 8-bit Artist’s site.


Entertainment System has new shirts for sale, going for $15. You can order them from their site, or by going to

(Entertainment System shirt design)

Revy has a new song on his site, a remix of Player Two's track, Counter Couture, the song will also be featured on his upcoming EP "Outdoor Adventures EP" which will be released by Betamod.
The Flight Orchestra has recently finished his newest album. The Military of Fatima, it will consist of eleven tracks. Track listing is as follows.

fatimas march
i feel as if i am wearing the same clothes
how fast the fast fast with trepidation
bbbbauutifulll white flags
win one for the endless empire empire and the neverending day
the haunt

TFO also has a new website coming soon at
Push Start is interviewed on Game Music Radio. To listen in, head on over to and ”Listen Now” to the latest episode of The Next Level.
Also, remember to continue to check on the events section. We are constantly updating and adding new events.


So after a brief vacation we are all back. I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th here in the states. Lots of news to catch up on. Most importantly the Chipcache label has had to dissolve itself sadly, due to financial and legal problems. We wish the creators of chipcache all the luck in the world in their future endeavors, as well as all the bands residing on that label.


So much other stuff to get into as well. Let us get all the new songs out of the way first. Dolegay, Geek Beat King, pIENESS: THE HARD CORPS, and Tin Soldier Empire all have new songs up on their respective pages.Push Start covers some Super Mario Sunshine and a Super Mario medley while Super Nintechno ably covers The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Song of Storms. Temp Sound Solutions has a song from his last live show for your enjoyment. capitalSTEPS has 2 brand new remixes up. Finally, 2 new songs from the forthcoming album, March of Fatima, from The Flight Orchestra. Hope you enjoy all that good stuff.
San Antonio, Texas based Premium Games are hard at work on a free compilation CD and now have a myspace page dedicated to that fact. Their compilation includes bands and artists such as Spheres of Chaos, Tin Soldier Empire, XOC, Push Start, and The Minibosses. Check out their page for the full line up.
Just had to mention that Dataage has a new logo that I am definitely digging. Check it out.

We have a new affiliate in 2 Player Productions. These guys are hard at work on a VGM documentary. They are great folks and you should definitely check out their site.
Radio Sega now has an all Sonic radio channel running all summer to celebrate Sonic’s 15th Anniversary
Lastly, 8 Bit Weapon has announced that he is working on new material as well as producing ComputeHer’s forthcoming album.

P.S. Gamewave Podcast has a third episode up so tune in!


It’s Sonic’s 15th Anniversary this year. a fact that I’m sure makes quite a few of us feel a bit over the hill. Anyway, for those of us who enjoy our Sonic, you can pick up an official papercraft PDF made by Sonic Team. It’s a Papercraft of the first stage of Sonic The Hedgehog, so have at it Sega fans. Also if anyone winds up making this thing I’d love to see a picture of it.

(right click the picture to download the PDF)

We’ve also got some more new artwork thanks to Leo from Push Start. Banners and wallpapers, it’s all new! If anyone else is bored and wants to whip up some artwork for us, please do so, we’ll definitely post it here!

(New artwork)

Finally in music news, more shirts coming your way thanks to Year 200X and This Place is Haunted. You can pick up the shirts at Year 200X’s site at $12 for all sizes except XX Large which is going for $14 plus $2.50 S&H. This Place is Haunted is selling off their shirts, Youth-XXL for $10. Just email with the subject “shirts” to

ln more This Place is Haunted news, head on over to their site to find three brand new songs from their upcoming album "Everything You Know is Wrong". They are all free downloads.


I wanted to point you folks to a podcast I highly recommend and is brought to us by the good folks at National Public Radio. This webcast is called Press Start and they are currently two episodes strong. In their second podcast they discuss the topic of video game music, so definitely listen in. In music, chiptune artist Lutin has recently released some new songs for download from his upcoming full length release on Chipcache, which will be dropping on October 6th.
In site news, We’ve finally got some footage up. All thanks to the great people from 2 Player Productions. They are working on a documentary currently titled Play A Video Game Music Documentary. We have some Youtube rough cuts right now but you can expect more footage and exclusive footage soon. They have their own page now in the media section, and we currently have three pieces of theirs up. Enjoy!
Also, good pal Leo from Push Start has hooked us up with some of this sweet artwork of his for us here at GM4A. This drawing is available for download as a wallpaper. Just click on the picture here, or go to the downloads section to snap it up!


No lack of news going into this weekend. Push Start is going to be getting some air time on Spread Radio Live this Sunday, June 25th. So definitely check that out!
In new releases we have Twilight Division who has a new EP release on Betamod. Also good friend The Flight Orchestra has a new song available for download, It’s the title theme to his forthcoming album Military of Fatima, and is entitled Fatima’s March. So head on over to his site.
Spike TV recently recorded a half hour television special about Video Games Live which will be airing midnight July 1st on Spike TV show Gamehead. The show will also be viewable streaming on the internet starting July 2nd on the Gamehead website.
Some great giveaways happening. San Antonio, Texas based video game store Premium Games is having an awesome little giveaway of Halo Preview Comics tomorrow over on their contest giveaway page, More info there and more upcoming giveaways from them on the way. Also be sure to check them out because they are working on a great, free VGM compilation including several very good bands. Another great giveaway going on is with Radio Sega whom are celebrating Sonic’s 15th birthday by playing all Sonic tunes and giving away lots of video games and t-shirts. So be sure to head on over there!


A few things to discuss in the VGM world today. Our site has a new alliance in Push Start, a band very local to us. They will be providing us with help in a few needed aspects. They were also recently interviewed on Game Music Radio and their interview as well as their songs will be airing all through the first half of July so be sure to tune in! Also our friends in Entertainment System are featured along with many other great artists in this weeks VGDJ podcast, which is reporting from 8 bit Genocide. In more 8 Bit Genocide news, 8-bit Artist may still have some paintings left over from the show to sell off, so check that out. One more thing, I updated the links page as well today.