B-Type - Words album release

So in all my inane ramblings that pop up around the internet, I have neglected you, my loyal readership. For that I apologize, and give you this as a gift. It's the latest album from good friend and better rapper, B-Type. Worded Words, and released for free or best offer over at his official bandcamp page.

There are songs about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. If you gave me this album when I was twelve, I would have thought this was the greatest series of songs ever. Well I am a bit older than ten now, but strangely, I still spend a lot of time thinking about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. Which means this album is still awesome. Right now.

As for the beats, It feels like you are trapped inside a giant eighties era arcade machine, the cabinet's demo droning catchy riffs with an abundance of bass. There's a good mix of original and remixed tunes, giving the album less restraint. B's lines maneuver through a variety of styles over those tracks, showing off a growing versatility in his rhyming arsenal.

To get a feel for the album, I would have to suggest Top Percentage, with the track's swaggering beat, and Pokemon themed rhymes. Don't listen to him about not evolving your Pokemon though. My reasoning for this can be saved for a very lengthy article on the topic some other day. Just remember to evolve ALL your Pokemon.

The other song I recommend is the nerd heavy Song of Time, although, skip over to the end of the album and check out the latter version, Song of Time (Projekt Zero Pre-Emptive Remix). Though both good tracks, with plenty of great bars from a who's who kind of list of nerdcore. Unfortunately, the original track suffers from having heard this song remixed too many times (Final Fantasy Syndrome I call it). Besides, the best version of Song of Time is already this one. Perhaps this is why ProjektZero, which I am sure he will explain later, chose to remix it into a lo-fi dungeon crawling epic.

So go grab a copy, and give it a listen, and if the economy has been good to you, perhaps shoot him change for a cup of coffee. Unless...you don't accept my apology that is...

ProjektZero selling $5 beats to pay medical bills

You can read the full letter from Projektero Through this link. A few of the main points are excerpted below. ProjektZero is a good friend and one of the hardest working guys I have ever met, so please read this and if possible and necessary definitely grab some beats!

Earlier this year, I found out that I had a rare genetic defect called Meckel's Diverticulum.

Wikipedia page for Meckel's Diverticulum

Typically, this defect is found in infancy, but somehow I managed to carry it for nearly 21 years without anyone ever noticing. Then again, I've been a pretty healthy guy, never had to have a CT scan or anything like that. But, when it hit me, it hit hard. I suffered from intestinal blockage and went into the emergency room, where they operated to remove the outgrowth from my intestines. I have since recovered and I'm absolutely fine and back to normal (even better, I suppose).

That said, I had to spend more than a week in the hospital, and racked up a very large amount of debt. My family, like many, is under insured, and I've been left with substantial debts.

So that is the basics of it. PZ continues on explaining just what the $5 will get you.

For five bucks, you can reasonably expect one or two hours of my time, and I will do the best that I can in the time that I am given. This is aimed primarily towards the mixtape crowd, and I assure you, I will do everything in my power to make you satisfied with what I produce. If you're trying to let people hear you for the first time, my beats will suffice. If you're trying to produce an album that you're going to push to record companies, I may not be your best choice. It's 5$, and you're going to get what you pay for, but I'll do everything I can not to disappoint you.

Once again, full message here. You can contact ProjektZero through the following means. On AIM at DJProjektZero, or on MSN at ProjektZero@live.com, you can also email at EMCentralAdmin@gmail.com.

Doubles' Dash 2 Compo Results

Just this past weekend musician extraordinaire Shael Riley, along with sgtrama and ThaSauce hosted a one of a kind event in the Doubles' Dash compo. The contest included Nerdcore and VG remixing's finest in Shael Riley, ProjektZero, injury, Jiggin Jon T, sgtrama, and Suzumebachi all breaking into teams of two and having only three hours to write an entire song together. You can grab the tracks for listening from the recent ThaSauce post about the compo. I will let Shael recount how the competition went down.

Holy shit! I just hosted the second teams-of-two three-hour pop song writing party/contest, and the results were absolutely impressive. I encourage you to check these three songs out.

DJ Projekt Zero as Team Super Sloppy Double Dare - Shael's Going to Fuck Me Up the Ass With No Lube and It's Going to Hurt

You have to hand it to DJ Projekt Zero, whose partner petered out halfway through the contest, leaving him with half the time and half the manpower to finish his song. Zero drew titular inspiration from a threat made following his partner's forfeiture midway through the contest, regarding what would happen were he to not finish his track.

Shael Riley and Jiggin Jon T as Team Taking a Year Off to Travel - Pros and Cons

Just like I said I would be, after wearing the producer hat last time, I'm in the lyricist/vocalist role on this collaboration with JJT, who produced an excellent instrumental. When I produced Injury, I wrote a melody for her to write words to, but Jon just gave me a chord structure, leaving me to write the melody too; that was cool, because it gave me some wiggle room with my lyrics. Drawing inspiration from a conversation I had with tracerbullet earlier in the day, I decided to write a song in-character, taking a tip from the Randy Newman school of songwriting.

Injury, Sgt Rama, and Suzumebachi as Team Bisquick - Percent Caret Open Parenthesis

These motherfuckers. Not only did they cheat, by secretly adding Doug "Sgt. Rama" Arely to their team, but they parodied Snow Love and Sludge, the undisputed worst song off of my first solo album. Fuck you, cocksuckers. You are not invited to my contests anymore.

Actually, they did a really good job. Starla's T-pain'd vox are stunningly hooky.

So there you have it! three new awesome songs brought to you in three hours by some awesome talent! Be sure to check out the songs and stay tuned for future ass kicking compo's out of these fine folks!