Arrange EP by Project Dolphin free to download

Rumored to exist

This group seems to have some sort of mystical shoot-em-up tinged style that I can't get enough of. I'm absolutely in love with the EP opening track Airship Stage. 

Project Dolphin is a personal favorite of mine, but I failed to write about this album closer to release, thanks to one of this site's many past crashes. Hopefully Squarespace doesn't put me in the same situation (fingers crossed). 

It’s free! Download it now and check out our other EP ‘Silvergun’
— Project Dolphin

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP release

Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP
Project Dolphin - Silvergun EP

I recently ran across an impressive UK based band by the name of Project Dolphin. They have recently released an album of original, but clearly VG influenced jazz rock. Their debut EP, Silvergun, is four tracks of spacey jazz fusion that brings back memories of classic music from Konami and Capcom, but with some impressive live instruments and skill.

The album is available on their bandcamp as both streaming, or to download for the small price of ₤3. This band was definitely a surprise to run across, and I am glad I did, since they are making some catchy tunes!