Outdoor Adventures, the new EP from Revy, has just been released, making this the 25th release coming to us from the fine folks at netlabel Betamod. Be sure to download this three song EP. Track listing is as follows.

1. synap
2. xlok
3. Counter-Couture (revy rmix)

1337 GEEK BEAT (formerly 1337 G33k B3at) has changed their name. Here’s the reason, straight from them.
“1337 g33k b347 is being changed slightly to..
1337 GEEK BEAT. Too many and too often, clubs, labels, fans, etc get our name wrong. We are NOT..
1337 speak geeks
1337 geek BEATS
1337 geek BEETS
LEEK geek beats

we are... 1337 GEEK BEAT.”
The newly christened 1337 GEEK BEAT also has a new remix on their site. Artist Bandit Train has a new song up as well, Pallet Town is the name. Also two songs letting themselves be known from Cicatriz, Seek and Destroy and Circle In My Square.
Two shows in New York this weekend. Armcannon in Buffalo, and a Priestcave, Anamanaguchi show in The Big Apple itself. Sunday night Horse The Band will be rocking Michigan. Finally, Monday, the 31st, Operation Mission will be entertaining the west coast in Portland, OR.