Listen to SUBCON 17: A Hip Hop Tribute to Fighting Games

The only video game hip hop podcast. 

An hour long mega podcast featuring dozens of fighting game based hip hop and beats. Featuring music from Mega Ran, The Grammar Club, Marcus & Rome, Skyblew, and way more than I can continue listing! Video Game Based Lyrics Corner features Ludacris as Street Fighter II's Guile. I also dive deep into my love of fighting games by listing my favorite fighters of all time, as well as my personal top three fighting games ever. I also look back on the bygone arcade era and the legacy of Street Fighter II.

We kick off our first special episode of season 2 with the longest SUBCON I've ever done. This will be the episode you tell your friends about. Well, go tell 'em!

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Powder aka Casey Jones - 2-Up album release


If you are looking for some over the top game referencing rhymes on the mic, look no further than last years album by Powder aka Casey Jones. Mr. Jones spits fire over some Zelda, Killer Instinct, and especially Pokemon. If I could, I would just post all the Pokemon (Rap) Battle track right now. Don't forget the sick video game beats on display here as well.