Pizza and Chips 2: chiptune concert Thursday, February 18th in Rosemead, CA

At this point you may or may not have heard about GM4A's upcoming little chiptune show Pizza and Chips 2. Well now you have and we are all clear on the matter. In more detail, this is a free chiptunes and nerdcore concert taking place Thursday, February 18th, in Rosemead, California at Rose City Pizza. Full details are available on our Pizza and Chips 2 event page.

We have several awesome Los Angeles based video game inspired musicians in the likes of nerdcore rappers IllGill and Nameless, as well as Chiptune artists EvilWezil and WizWars.

Not only will we be having fantastic music from the above artists. We will also be raffling off a series of great prizes and one of a kind video game inspired artwork by incredible local artist Sasha Palacio! We'll also be giving out random smaller prizes no less!

Buying one or more of the raffle tickets will put you in the running to win one of the following prizes (of which you can see full pictures via the event page).


  • Classic DMG-01 Gameboy (Clear shell)
  • Nintendo 64 (Black) w/ 1 Controller, Super Mario 64 game
  • Super NES w/ 1 Controller, Super Mario World game
  • Nintendo Entertainment System w/ 2 controllers, Orange Zapper lightgun, Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 video games

2 Grand Prizes

  • 1 Custom NES artwork by Sasha Palacio
  • 1 Custom SNES artwork by Sasha Palacio

So to recap, great music, awesome prizes, delicious food, and more! Like I said, full info at the event page. Also, if you plan on coming out or want to help spread the word about this show. Tell us you are attending or let people know about the show via your preferred social networking site. Facebook or Myspace.

Pizza and Chips - Free chiptune show tomorrow 11/13 in Rosemead, CA

Tomorrow night, from 6-8, test your luck with a special Friday the 13th show with Los Angeles chiptune extraordinaires EvilWezil and VGM Remix DJ BeethovenBoy for an evening of Gameboy fueled rock and delicious pizza. The show is at Rose City Pizza and is free to enjoy, so come right on in, and chat with the artists, bring some friends to have a delicious pixelated dinner and just have a great time!

Hope to see some awesome local chiptune fans there!

November 13th
Rose City Pizza
3588 Rosemead Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770

PS. First few folks who come in with a printed (or even a picture of the) flyer from this site will get a free slice of pizza while it lasts! Also the flyer says WizWars is performing but unfortunately can't perform due to illness. Get well soon WizWars!

Gameboy pixelart by MassiveUntilMorning